No to Whatsapp Addiction

Whatsapp is one of the top social network platform in the world. With over one billion monthly users and tens of billions of messages per month, it is undeniable that the chat app has taken over and it is now treated in place of traditional text messaging we were familiar with in some years back.

After what feels like decades of speculation, WhatsApp has officially rolled out “WhatsApp Dark Mode” to users. This latest addition is available on both iOS and Android, but it looks different a bit depending on which platform you use.

With data pack pricing getting cheaper and smartphones dominating the world of mobile, it is eventually clear that in few years to come text messaging may found itself buried in the dust of time.

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It is an improvement and the right step to many young folks, but to the people who treasure their privacy and choose to live their life outside the boundary of internet, it is not. But then, what choice do we have when many of our friends, family and relatives can be seamlessly conversate with and can even be video-chat in real time on this social network. This interest many and they in-turn choose to board the platform.

The problem is, as time pass by people found themselves getting addicted and unable to restrict themselves in visiting Whatsapp in a day, even in their busiest hour. Just a single notification and some people will run 100Mph to pick up their phone, which might even end up being a frown smilie (????) sent by a friend. Another example is when you receive no new messages from friends on Whatsapp and you feel depressed throughout that day. If you felt these way, then you are definitely 100% addicted to Whatsapp.

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It takes rare courage to reprieve oneself from the snare of addiction, courage and determination have alot to do with it. Today, we will be sharing how you can retrieve yourself from Whatsapping constantly and balance up to focus on more important areas of your life. Whatsapp and other social chat apps can take a lot of years from ones lifespan if care is not taken, and the silly part of it is only 10% out of 100% of time you invest chatting on Whatsapp may be fruitful, may yield positive result in one way or the other, but what about the other 90%?

Uninstalling may not be “fully” effective and may trigger something else if the addiction is on a concentrated level. We do not advice cutting off the ones you love in the hope of recovering from your addiction neither, Infact, it is good to communicate and to stay in touch with friends and other important people in our life. Instead, we will be showing you how you can take charge when using Whatsapp on your phone without uninstalling it. By following the five tips below heartedly, you will be able to reduce your Whatsapp addiction level and de-addict yourself.

1.) Stop using Whatsapp to “always” Communicate

Don’t depend on Whatsapp or make it your sole platform in reaching out to your friends and family. You can send a text message or make a call to that person. If you think it is important you see the person while communicating, use Google Duo.

2.) Change the Notification Alert of your Whatsapp

By changing your Whatsapp notification tone to differ from other notification tones on your phone, such as text and alarm, you will be able to prioritize how you respond to sudden incoming alert, especially the ones you’ve got addicted in listening to. It will also let you differentiate if the notification you receive is an alarm or a text message or it is indeed from Whatsapp, from there you can learn to ignore it.

To change Whatsapp tone alert, go to Whatsapp Settings -> Notifications -> Message Notification.

3.) Remove Whatsapp icon from your Home Screen

Remove its icon from your phone home screen and app launcher. If possible, remove it from the status bar. This is because if you find it difficult to locate the Whatsapp icon in time when your addictive hand is busy searching for it, you may loose interest in launching it at all. As day goes by and you begin to see less of “Whatsapp” on your phone, you’ll begin to shake it off bit by bit.

If your Android phone launcher does not support hiding icons on app launcher or homescreen, we suggest you download iTop launcher or Nova launcher.

4.) Disable Whatsapp background data

By disabling and restricting Whatsapp from running in the background when data is on, you will be unable to receive Whatsapp notifications on your phone until you manually launch/open the app. This let you concentrate on whatever you are doing and schedule yourself a time to peek in and reply. Besides being unable to receive notifications, you will also appear “Offline” even if your data connection is on.

To restrict Whatsapp background data on Android, simply go to Settings -> Data Usage. Search for Whatsapp from the list of apps that appears, click on it and “tick” restrict background data.

5.) Change your Whatsapp Status to Unavailable or Busy

When people see you are always available/online on Whatsapp, they will tag you to unhealthy discussions and “hey” you multiple times in a day with words unworthy of life value. Just plain gossip discussion will erupt. Changing your status to busy or unavailable will keep this in check. It will also filter the amount of crazy notifications you receive in a day and let people with real value to come closer.

By following the five tips above, you will be able to snap yourself out of Whatsapp addiction and once again take control of your life.

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