Have you just finished your bachelor’s degree in IT and now looking to opt for a suitable career? Then you’ve landed on the right spot as we have discussed some of the top trending careers in IT in our article.

To decide what to do next once you have your degree in your hands is the most challenging task. But these challenging tasks becomes quite easy when you have a nice number of options in front of you. The same is the case with IT, it’s has a vast variety of career fields to offer, so let’s have a look at some of them and decide which will suit you the best.

IT Consultant

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IT and Software Architecture services are one of the most in-demand jobs. IT consultants are needed worldwide by almost all the organization to find their way towards better solutions for information and technology problems. An IT consultant generally has the following responsibilities apart from giving consultancy:

  • Data Analyses
  • Data Organizing
  • Determining IT requirements
  • Documentation and report writing
  • IT staff training and many more

Computer Network Architect

Computer Network Architecture is included in the top 10 most thriving and flourishing careers in IT with an average net worth of $117,414 annually. Isn’t it amazing? A computer Network Architect basically designs and develops data networks and adds increased security protocols within them. The reason for opting for this career is that it has a high scalability rate and is estimated to grow by almost 12% on the salaries.

Software Developer

One can say that software is the core driving force, the heart of information and technology. The operating of a device, proper functioning of the features, and complete control over the networking is the responsibility of software systems. That’s the reason, software developers are always high in demand. So opting for a development career and then turning it into a big IT software development company is not a bad idea at all. The automation demand is increasing rapidly in every sector. Businesses are now looking for DevOps services – why not to micro target?

Computer System Managers

In this modern era of advancement, it has become nearly impossible for any organization to reach and achieve its operational goals without any proper and defined networks of computers. So it’s clear that every organization has to deal with a large network of computers daily which means they also need expert computer system managers to manage them. A compute manager has to fulfill these basic duties:

  • Setting up the computer networks
  • Repairing and maintaining of the networks
  • Network hardware installation
  • Taking care of security measures
  • Data organization and evaluation along with analyses etc.

Web Developer

E-commerce is the future of business. Almost all companies have started to transfer their business to online platforms. As more businesses are shifting to online platforms, therefore, the need for web developers is also rising. A web developer has to design and create the websites along with their layouts while also taking care of their functionalities with general performance.

Hardware Engineers

Another in-demand career option for IT students is hardware engineering. Though it’s not directly related to software development but it can be a good opportunity for the students of IT to enhance their skills. Hardware engineers deal with the physical parts of the computers such as chips, memory boards, routers, graphic cards, processors, etc.

IT Security Analyst

The more the internet is flourishing, the higher the risks are increasing of getting exposed to hackers and cyber-attacks. Therefore, companies require expert security analysts to identify the attacks and present them with suitable security solutions. So in these circumstances, IT students can opt for the expertise and skills of IT security analysis for their careers.

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