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Sharing large files may not be easy especially if you are using a low-end Android phone.  Sharing large files via Bluetooth usually consumes battery and takes a lot of time, but there is an app you can always rely on that is stress free and will let you transfer your files at lightning speed. Almost all Android phones support Wi-Fi Hotspot, and that’s a good news because the app we are about to introduce can make use of it in transferring your files.

ES File Explorer is a file managing app that enable users access all files stored on their phones and external storage, including files stored in the Cloud. It works on all versions of Android starting from Android 2.1 Esclair to Android 9.0 Pie. ES does not only act as a file manager, but it also comprised of many other tools, among which are auto installing and uninstalling of user apps and system apps (root needed). Bluetooth FTP menu within its interface also let users access other peoples files on their phones and transfer these files via bluetooth connection.

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ES File Explorer comes with a WiFi Net Manager that makes use of the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot in sharing files to and from another Wi-Fi enabled Android device. This is particularly useful if you want to share large files to another Android phone and you do not want to use third-party file transfer apps out there. The rate at which ES Net WiFi transfer files is high, at around 1.2-2.0Mbs depending on the device. This work on both rooted and non-rooted Android phones.

Another great feature the app offers is the ability to auto backup installed apps before uninstalling them. The latest version now includes recycle bin that store deleted files and let you restore them anytime you want, which is a great thing for a file manager to have because you might mistakenly delete a file from your phone. There’s also Gesture control onboard that users can access to activate different features within the app window with a swipe of a finger.
ES File Explorer is a must app for every Android phones.

You can download the latest version of ES File Explorer from HERE.


You can download the old version (no ads) used in most of our tutorials from HERE.

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