Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tecno Spark 4 Air Review –Full Specifications and Prices

Tecno Spark 4 Air is undeniably another interesting device in the Spark family. Considered a budget smartphone, Spark 4 Air could be a nice smartphone substitute in the eyes of Tecno...

Tecno Spark 4 Prices in Nigeria –Complete Specifications and How to Buy

Tecno Spark 4 is yet another pleasant product within Tecno’s Spark family. Courtesy of its enhanced camera setup, Tecno Spark 4 promises to deliver a more impressive user experience than those...

Face App- Everything You Need To Know About Face App

The app uses neural networks to stimulate how a person will look like as he or she ages. It uses artificial intelligence and neural face transformation to  make faces look creepy, hilarious and even change gender. Over 150 million people use this app.

How to Change Twitter Cover/Profile Picture Using Twitter Lite Mobile App

Sometime ago, we posted how twitter users can change their profile photo and header photo without using a PC. The method shared back then required that the "desktop view" be enabled...

5 Tips to Help You Get The Best Out Of Pinterest (As a Publisher)

Pinterest is more of an advanced image search engine than a social network, and in this regard it remains a powerful tool for any publishers or advertisers out there to utilize,...

[Updated 2019] How to Remove Facebook Apps Permissions on a Mobile Phone

Updated on: August 19, 2019 | Initially Posted on: July 5, 2017 Over the past few months, Facebook have made it more thorough for users to access or modify the settings of...

Great Free Android Games You Might Not Have Heard Of

The Google Play Store sees possibly thousands of new games monthly. Of course, not all of those games are worth the space on your Android smartphone. Mobile games are also a...

How to Fix Message Not Sent on Android Phones (All Networks)

If you are using an Android phone, tablet or any Android device, and you are unable to send a text message but you can receive incoming text messages, then you have...

[Updated] HTC, Sony announced phones that will receive Android Pie update

Earlier this week Google officially announced Android 9.0 Pie and released it for its Pixel smartphones. The company also said it has been working with other OEMs to ensure timely update...

How to Use Your Android or iPhone as Mouse & Keyboard to Control Your...

One of the things you will learn to do with your smartphone today is how you can use it to control your computer, whether it be a laptop or a desktop....

5 Must Have Apps You Need To Install On Your Rooted Android Phone

Most people found it difficult to know the specific app needed for their specific needs after rooting their Android device. Root gives users the previledge to configure and make changes to...

How To Boost Your Android Battery Life: Rooted And Non Rooted Android Smartphone

One of the ugly things that android users normally faced is limited battery life. Unless your smartphone comes with a sufficient battery capacity there is no way you can avoid it. What...

How To Reduce Your Android Data Usage

Android is considered as one of the best mobile operating system platform when it comes to flexibility, accessibility, easy access of use, and user experience, but some people still found it...

How to Completely Block/Remove Ads On All Android Apps [Root]

If you are using a lot of "free" apps on your Android device, there is a high tendency that you have suffered ad intrusion at one point in time while using...

How to Remove Connected Apps/Sites on Google on Mobile Phone

Today, you will be learning how you can easily disconnect or remove apps and websites connected to your Google account from your mobile device. But why is it necessary you do...

How to Remove Apps Permissions on Twitter on Phone Browser without PC

Today, we will be showing Twitter users how they can revoke, disconnect or remove apps they linked with their Twitter account on any mobile browser without using PC. When we said...


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