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There are lots of apps with different functions available for Android users to chose from, some are widely known while some are not even heard of, we are talking about over 600,000 Android apps and still increasing everyday.

Among these apps we found one that might interest Graphic Designers and Web Developer whose work mostly based on colors, it might interest those who like playing with colors too.

Color Grab is an Android app that let you recognize and capture colors on the go using your phone camera. It comes with a clean user interface and doesn’t requires internet connection to perform its duty. The app readily works on smartphone running Android 2.3+. It does not requires root as well.

What you will noticed when launching Color Grab for the first time is the tiny yellow circle that appears at the middle of the app screen which indicate colors as you move your phone camera, each color properties is showcase at the top of the capture screen. If color you want to snap is not near enough you can pinch the screen to zoom in and out. There’s also a flashlight button at the bottom left for indoor purpose.

To capture a color, simply press the camera icon button at the bottom of the screen or tap the capture screen. Colours captured are stored in colour palette for later use and can even be use as wallpaper.

Other Features Include:

● Augmented real-time color measurement.
● Color-to-name advanced detection algorithm.
● Generate color themes.
● Edit color – refine colors in any color model.
● Post-capture color diagnosis.
● “Instant Picking” – just touch the screen and the color is captured.

● Support all color models (RGB, HEX, HSV, Lab, …)
● Find matching colors.
● Export colors to Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
● Color conversions; supports all common color formats.
● Accessibility service: hear the color by pressing the volume buttons.
● Copy color to clipboard.
● Share colors with friends.

● Set your wallpaper background as a solid color.
● Turn flash light ON in low-light conditions.
● Smart color stabilizer.

● Motion-sensed auto-focus.
● Zoom control.
● White-balance control.
● Camera switching (use rear or front)

Color Grab for Android support multiple colour systems including RGB & Hex,
, Lab
, Greyscale, Web-Safe
, CIE XYZ and many more. It does not support Ads.

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Download Colour Grab for free on Google Play Store.

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