As we all know that in Quarantine everyone works from home. And if you are one of them who spend a lot of time working on a computer making important documents. There is a lot of time that this happens that we have an extra page in a document. And we all want to get rid of that page which is in power document.

How to delete a page on Google docs

We all know that whenever we use MS Word or Google documents then when we add some content and after that when we press the enter key we get to have a new extra piece created automatically. And many of the time we do not need that extra page. And we want to delete that extra page.

To do so we can do different things to get rid of it. there are different methods that have been mentioned here below follow each of them to do so.

How to delete a page on Google docs?

Here below we are going to discuss four different methods with the help of which you can delete a page on Google docs. Read each of these and use whichever you wish to use to delete a page from Google docs.

Deleting text method

If you want to delete a page from a Google Docs and you see that there are text that you do not want on your Google documents. And those pics are full In pieces then you can simply on the weight that page and which that you can get rid of the extra page. to do so you need to follow the steps that have been given below one by one.

  • First of all, you need to move the cursor to the area from where you want to remove the text.
  • Then you need to select all those texts that you want to remove by highlighting all of them.
  • Now you need to press on the delete button or the backspace key button which is available on the keyboard of your laptop.
  • And you are done.

Dragging the cursor

The very first method with the help of which school-going child can also delete a page from Google Docs is by dragging their cursor. If the page is ordinary and is editable then you can simply select all the things and drag the cursor to the additional page.

after doing so you need to drag it to the bottom of the page and select all the words that are available on that page. Then you need to click on the backspace button. And by doing this you can simply delete a page by dragging the cursor method.

Another method

Another method is that you must remember that you have to convert any of the Microsoft world document file into Google Docs page. And everyone knows that anyone cannot delete a page if it does not have a section break in it. Putting in simple words you need to.

convert the documents into files and then you need to remove the section breaks which are available in the word document file and then you have to convert the file into Google Docs again. This method is quite a bit heavier but remembers if you learn this you will do it very quickly.

Best Method

If following all the given methods that are mentioned above, you do not complete doing your work then you need to read this method and apply carefully to have your document very eye sighting and deleting the extra page.

after following all the steps and if you still face the problem and you think that page breaks are not causing the issue to delete the page then it might be possible that you have a problem from page margins that you have set.

And if you are getting this trouble then you need to fix this problem then follow the steps given below.

  • You need to click on the file button which is available on the left side of the Google docs toolbar on your laptop screen.
  • After that, you need to find the page setup button in the drop-down menu of the Google docs available there at the bottom of the dropdown menu.
  • Then in the popup box, you need to set the margins of a page by editing it to smaller space like one inch.
  • For your kind information, you should know that smaller the margin greater will be the chance of having a good document.
  • And this will automatically free up space in the document.
  • Also, you can change the size of the toolbar.

And with that, you can delete the extra page of the Google documents very easily.

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Here above we got to see how we can easily make our Google documents look very good and can delete the extra page which comes in the Google docs. There are a lot of different methods that we can use and all of them are mentioned above you can choose one of them to do so.

You can even change the size of the margin and size of each letter as mentioned above in the last method of deleting the page from Google docs. We hope that this may help you to know more about deleting the page from Google docs and this may ease your work.

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