Dolphin shows are a great hit in different corners of the world now. One such place where dolphin show has become quite popular and a source of attracting different tourists is Dubai. Whether you are visiting Dubai for a vacation or for a business trip, visiting the Dubai Dolphinarium to enjoy the dolphin show is a great experience to have.

If you are planning your trip to Dubai and wish to explore the dolphin show, it is essential to know the basic details about the show and it is important to get the tickets for the show in advance.

Dubai is home to different tourists attractions such as various skyscrapers and other architectural beauties. The culture and hospitality of Dubai are other factors that have been attracting different tourists from various parts of the world. In addition to such tourist attractions, the dolphin show is another element that has been attracting not just the adults but also the kids.

If you are traveling with your family and kids, missing out on the dolphin show in Dubai is a big mistake that you will regret later on. The dolphinarium remains crowded most of the time. Hence, it is beneficial that you book tickets in advance and take care of special attention to enjoy the show in peace.

Why is Dolphin Show Dubai Famous?

While there are many dolphin show options available in different countries, the Dolphin Show Dubai is one of the most popular names available today. The bottlenose dolphins can be seen singing and dancing under the instruction of the trainers. Also, you can see dolphins and seals playing with balls and doing other tricky activities in the salty water pool.

If you have seen dolphins and seals just on television, it is a perfect moment to see them play and dance in front of you. Why just watch them? You can even spend extra time with them while swimming with the dolphins after you have enjoyed the 45 minutes dolphin show already.

Highlights of the Dolphin Show

Started by the Dubai Government, Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the best options to experience a live dolphin show due to a number of features:

  • 180-degree amphitheater seating so that audience can have a good view of the dolphin show
  • Air-conditioned theater to offer a comfortable seating
  • Latest quality of sound and light to coordinate with the activities performed by the dolphins and seals

Apart from the dolphin show, the Dubai Dolphinarium also has a number of other highlights too such as swimming with the dolphins, mirror gaze, and even watching several species of birds at the Creek Bird Park.

Dolphin Show Timings

If you are interested in watching the bottlenose dolphins and seals playing and dancing at the pool, you should know the dolphin show timings also in advance. The Dolphinarium is open from Monday to Saturday and the dolphin shows are available at specific slots of 11 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm.

Dolphin Show Tickets

In order to enjoy the dolphin show, you need to buy tickets and reach the theater on time. To have the best view of the activities, you need to get the tickets for the VIP seating. But if you are fine with any other location, you can get a ticket for the regular seating. Be sure to book the tickets in advance because the dolphinarium has around 1200 seats and it always remains crowded.

Tips for Dolphin Show

When you have finally decided to go to the dolphin show in Dubai, there are some tips that you should surely know to avoid problems later on.

  • Book your tickets in advance so that you get proper seating options.
  • If you have got tickets for regular seating, reach the theater 15 minutes earlier to select the best seats.
  • Tickets for children under 2 years are free, while children above 12 years have to pay a ticket price similar to that of the adults.
  • Food and drinks from outside are not allowed
  • The dolphin show is of 45 minutes.
  • You will have to pay extra for visiting the Creek Bird Park, so make sure that you have collected all the tickets earlier

While Dubai has been attracting several tourists due to its architectural masterpieces, the dolphin show is the latest attraction that is not an experience for adults but also for kids. So, if you are on a tour with your family, do not miss out on this thrilling experience with the dolphins.

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