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Root is the pathway to freedom, but what comes next that most Android users tend to skip or ignored are changing the recovery, kernel and ROM. Today, we’ll be sharing a step-by-step guide on how Tecno Mobile users can flash custom recovery and backup their Android phone stock ROM.

You might ask, what are the benefit involved in backing up the stock recovery? Root does expose a device to future threat; but not having a warranty makes it a bigger threat, of course, once a phone is rooted it immediately lost its warranty and this makes it difficult to get it repaired or swapped at service centre, but changing its recovery makes it possible to fully backup and protect the stock ROM (manufacturer ROM) incase anything goes wrong, which can be flash back at anytime. Without custom recovery, changing the kernel and the ROM can be difficult, and that is why recovery is the most important of the three.

Stock ROM is the default ROM that comes with our Android device, it is very important not to carelessly lose it as it carries a unique signature directly from the manufacturer. After rooting, most Android users go on to tweak their Android system by changing its IMEI, or manipulating system files either to increase their phone performance, customize its interface, change fonts, or install additional codecs or programs, but this is wrong as most of these tweaks are not guaranteed of causing no harm. If the Android system file is mistakenly tampered with it can cause a hard brick and damage the phone. But if you have your ROM backup, you can easily bring your phone back to life.

There are two methods we’ll be sharing, one requires a PC while the other does not. This tutorial is meant for all Tecno Android phones. Tecno Android phones supported includes M3, F5, F7, H3, H7, Phantom Z (A7), Phantom Z Mini, L7, L5, L8, R5, R7, L3, Q1, M5, S7, P9, P3, N7, N3, A3, S3, D5, D3, Phantom Z, Droipad 7C, Droipad 8H, Camon C8, Camon C5, Boom J5, Boom J7, Boom J8, PhonePad 7 II, Phantom 5, Phantom 6, Phantom 6 Plus,  Camon CM, Camon CX, Camon CX Air, and so on. This guide can also be use for Infinix Android phones, InnJoo smartphones and other brands.

Note: Your phone must first be rooted before custom recovery can be install. Read this post on how to root tecno phones.

First, make sure you have your device recovery image placed already inside your phone memory card before applying the steps below. If it is in a zip file, extract the content, it should end with .img.

First Method (doesn’t requires PC)

  • Download flashify from here and install it.
  • Go to app drawer and tap its icon to launch
  • Accept disclaimer and grant permission for Superuser
  • Click on Flash tab -> Recovery image then browse to the location where you place your recovery.img file and select
  • A pop up menu will show for confirmation, select “YES” and the installation process will start
  • If all things go right, a flash dialog will appear with a successful message. Choose reboot to go straight to recovery or exit.

That’s all, now you have custom recovery installed.

Second Method (requires PC)

This method is useful for Tecno phone that is already dead, damaged or failed to turn on. This sometimes happen when an incompatible app is installed or the system is tampered with – the phone goes into bootloop. Method 1 won’t work here as you can’t install any apps because the phone does not boot in.

  • Make sure you have your phone driver already installed on your PC. If you don’t, download Universal ADB driver
  • Download and install Minimal ADB and Fastboot to your PC from here (learn more about Minimal ADB)
  • After installation, a folder will be created on your desktop which contains “fastboot.exe” and “adb.exe”. Copy/Paste your recovery image inside this folder
  • Turn off your phone and press the power and volume down buttons at the same time (simultaneously) to access the bootloader. Scroll up/down using the volume key and select fastboot by presing the power button
  • Plug in the phone via USB to your PC
  • Now, go to the generated ADB folder where you placed your recovery image, press the shift key on the keyboard and right click on an empty space inside the folder, select “open command” from the options presented (Make sure you have administrator privilege)
  • In the command window type fastboot and press the enter key. You will see a list of command, this is to confirm if indeed the computer detect your phone
  • Now, carefully type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img in the command window and press the enter key
  • The process will start. You should see a successful message when it is done

Note: Make sure you rename your recovery image to “recovery.img” before you place it inside the ADB folder.

After successfully installing the custom recovery you can now backup your stock ROM. Follow the procedures below to backup your Tecno phone stock ROM.

  1. Download and install ROM Manager to your Android device
  2. Launch it from the app drawer and grant it superuser access
  3. Select backup current ROM from the menu and give it a name
  4. Your phone will reboot into recovery, select backup user data and the process will start
  5. It will take awhile and you should see a successful message

The stock ROM will be backup to your SD card, which you can later access either through ROM manager or by using a file manager.

Here are few lists of custom recovery image with download links for Tecno phones provided by Hovatek.

Tecno P9 CWM Recovery
Tecno F5 CWM Recovery
Tecno N9 CWM Recovery
Tecno M5 CWM Recovery
Tecno S7 CWM Recovery
Tecno P3 CWM Recovery
Tecno Phantom A+ CWM Recovery
Tecno M9 (A3) CWM Recovery
Tecno L3 CWM Recovery



We have five new additions to Tecno phones custom recovery list, these includes Phantom 5 (provided by GurusWizard), Boom J7, Boom J5, Camon C8 and Camon C5. You can download it below.

Tecno Camon C8 TWRP custom recovery
Tecno Boom J7 custom recovery
Tecno Boom J5 custom recovery
Tecno Camon C5 custom recovery
Tecno Phantom 5 custom recovery

More! More!! More!!!

Tecno L6 CWM Recovery
Tecno L7 CWM Recovery
Tecno M6 CWM Recovery
Tecno R5 TWRP Recovery
Tecno R7 CWM Recovery
Tecno M9 CWM Recovery
Tecno Y6 CWM Recovery


Tecno Y2 TWRP Recovery

Courtesy of Hovatek

Tecno Camon C9 CWM Recovery

Tecno Camon C9 TWRP Recovery

More! More!! More!!! (Newest)

Tecno Camon CM TWRP Recovery
Tecno Camon CX (MediaTek MT6750) TWRP Recovery
Tecno Camon CX Air TWRP Recovery
Tecno Spark K7 TWRP Recovery
Tecno Spark Plus K9 TWRP Recovery
Tecno Phantom 6 (a.k.a Tecno A6) TWRP Recovery
Tecno Phantom 6 Plus (a.k.a Tecno A9) TWRP Recovery

If you find any of the links not working, please notify us by commenting on this page.

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