Are you looking for an honest Efforce Review? Search no more because, in this article, we will be reviewing Efforce honestly, we will also explain how it works, its pros and cons, and everything you need to know about the platform.

What is Efforce | Efforce Review

According to Blockalive

The platform brings together those who want to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings or industrial processes with a pool of contributors interested in investing in energy projects. Investors (contributors) will be repaid in tokens representing the energy savings achieved thanks to efficiency improvement projects.

What is WOZX

WOZX is a native token in the Oxygen ecosystem.

WOZX is an ERC-20 token used by contributors on the Efforce platform as an Auctioning tool to fund energy saving development and receive tokenized energy credits

Market evaluation

How Efforce Works
Basically, they are three ways in which the Efforce systems works which are

Who is the CEO of Efforce ?

The owner of the Efforce coin company is known on the internet which is a good indication of the legitimacy of the website.

Because one of the conditions for a legit website is that it must contain the owner’s information so that someone can be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

Below is an image containing the list of the co-founders of Efforceco founders of Efforce

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Efforce Contact Information

Just in case you have any need to contact Efforce, you can do that using the email below.

You can also contact them using their social media handles below.

Efforce  Review | Is Efforce Legit or Safe?

At the time of writing this article, we can say that the Efforce coin is legit and Safe.

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