FG NPower Recruitment 2021/2022: Apply at NASIMS.gov.ng Portal

NPower is a scheme initiated by the Nigerian Government in 2016 with the aim of alleviating the drastic rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Basically, NPower aligns with the Nigerian Government’s vision that knowledge and skill constitute the drivers of social development and economic growth.

The recruitment process is currently on-going through the Npower Recruitment Portal. The official npower recruitment portal 2021 is npower.fmhds.gov.ng and nasims.gov.ng – open to only eligible Nigerians according to the guidelines given at the portal.

Therefore, NPower recruits a massive population of Nigerian youths (inclusive of graduates and non-graduates) in order to equip them with marketable work skills or encourage them to harness their academic knowledge in public departments or services where it is urgently needed.

Unarguably, NPower has a broad number of training programmes (for both graduates and non-graduates) and this substantiates the fact that the scheme is designed to accommodate numerous Nigerian youths with differing work-related preferences.

Reading this article further, you’ll find out the general requirements for NPower’s recruitment and how you can apply for 2021/2022 NPower recruitment.

Npower NASIMS Portal Login 2021/2022

Are you having issues with logging into the Npower NASIMS Portal? If yes then you are at the right place.

This article is for Npower Batch C applicants who wants to undergo their online assessment test and finds it difficult to login to the NASIM portal.

The official website for Npower NASIM portal is www.nasims.gov.ng.

www.nasims.gov.ng NASIM portal login

Like we have said earlier, the official website for nasim portal is www.nasims.gov.ng. Candidates can now login to their account and complete their assessment test.

The online portal is up and running. You should hurry and login before the site goes down. Npower Batch C candidates can login and update their profile before taking the online test.

The portal to sit for the online assessment test is www.onlinetest.nasims.gov.ng. After updating your profile, you can proceed to this link to take your test.

This portal is the current test portal for npower batch c candidates. Candidates can now check their results using this portal and the names of the shortlisted candidates.

So if you have issues with log in to the portal, we will give more information on how to login to your account. See details below.

How to Login to www.nasims.gov.ng NASIMS Portal 2021

The portal is a very simple website to use and operate and logging in to the portal is easy. Follow these step by step guide given on this website below to know how to login.

  • Must have a good internet connection that is fast (preferably a 3G or 4G Network).
  • Have a good working mobile phone or personal computer (PC)
  • On your Mobile phone or Personal Computer, go to chrome, firefox, opera mini or any of your preferred browser and input www.nasims.gov.ng on the tab to search.
  • Allow the page to load, once it’s open locate the login tab or you click on www.nasims.gov.ng/login.
  • A new page will open. Type in your Email/ Application ID and password
  • Click on Proceed.

Basic Requirements for NPower Recruitment

While specific requirements are applicable for recruitment into some of NPower’s categories, there are also a number of requirements which all NPower applicants must meet. These requirements are alternatively described as the basic conditions that qualify people for NPower’s recruitment.

Admittedly, you’re mandated to know and meet the minimum requisites for your preferred NPower programme. However if your desired NPower programme doesn’t necessitate fulfilling special conditions, you can expect your selection (for the recruitment) to be based only on the following basic/general requirements:

  • Readiness to get yourself beyond your comfort zone
  • Being a Nigerian citizen in the age bracket of 18-35 years
  • Showing the tendency to develop the required skills for bringing out the best in you
  • The ability to excel at the relevant tests
  • Display of sincere interest in your chosen area

How to Apply for Npower Recruitment

  • Click the link here to visit Npower’s application portal
  • On the application portal, specify your preferred Npower category by choosing from N-power Volunteer corps, N-power build and N-power Knowledge. After making a choice from the listed N-power categories, you’ll see a number of options (subcategories) to further choose from
  • Select your preferred option and click the Apply Now button that comes up
  • You’ll be presented with instructions and some blank forms to complete. Read the instructions thoroughly and complete the blank forms as appropriate
  • Then, upload the required documents namely your academic certificate, CV, passport photograph, etc.
  • Tap the provided Submit button after having completed the forms. With that done, you’ll subsequently get a number. This is your NPower Registration Number which is the login requirement for the NPower aptitude test. Endeavour to keep the number safe as you’ll further need it to keep yourself updated with your NPower recruitment status

What happens after you have submitted your application?

Notably, NPower will inform you about your registration through an email message you’ll get few days after the registration.

What about the aptitude test? When does it take place?

Your selected NPower category at the point of registration likely determines the date NPower will set for your aptitude test. Try to follow up your application and know the stipulated date for your aptitude test. Provided you’re able to take your aptitude test and excel in it, your chances of getting shortlisted (for NPower’s physical verification) will be boosted. Notably, there will be a scheduled date for the physical verification and it behoves you to appear at the physical verification centre on that date.

Note that NPower prohibits its applicants from submitting forged documents or presenting fake information during registration and/or application. This explains why NPower’s physical verification exercise is intended to filter out the applicants with falsified documents. Advisably, ensure you have genuine information in your various documents including your school leaving certificate, certificate of indigenous status, birth certificate, etc.


Npower Teach is a facet of the well-known FG-initiated Npower and its aim is to fill the loopholes in Nigeria’s basic education. It, therefore, recruits a substantial population of eligible Nigerian youths needed to enhance the country’s basic education subsector in terms of workable information assimilation.

As a youth-centred scheme, Npower Teach is available to Nigerian graduates within the age bracket of 18-35 years. Importantly, such graduates must be willing to teach/lecture and must have attained the required academic qualifications.

Basically, Npower Teach operates very similarly to other Npower programmes by generously providing its Volunteers with a two-year skill development process. Within the two-year process, such Volunteers will be equipped with computer devices and to help them develop their teaching skills, they will be further deployed to public schools to lend teaching support.

Npower Teach guarantees its Volunteers regular monthly stipends. Essentially, this is not only intended to make Npower Teach a beneficial scheme but also advance its Volunteers’ learning process and their smooth transition to economic jobs.

Just like every other Npower programme, Npower Teach is considered a great opportunity for a teeming number of unemployed Nigerian graduates to engage in something beneficial. To graduates who are passionate about lifelong careers in teaching/lecturing, Npower Teach should be worthy of consideration. Importantly, Npower Teach considers providing its Volunteers with permanent job placements after their two-year skill-development process.

The Basic Requirement for Npower Teach Application

Npower requires those applying for its (Npower) Teach programme to possess at least one of the following academic qualifications:

  1. RN
  2. JCHEW
  3. RM
  4. Sc
  5. Tech
  6. OND
  8. HND

List of Vacant Job Positions in Npower Teach

Npower Teach Volunteers can be placed into any of a number of job positions. Probably depending on their qualifications, they will be required to fill any of the following vacant job positions:

  • Education Services Manager
  • Professional Teaching
  • Project Supervisor
  • Social Services Analyst
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Education Consultant, Associate
  • Researcher, Senior Research Analyst, Research Associate
  • Project Manager

How to Apply for Npower Teach Recruitment

The application process for Npower Teach isn’t any different from that of the other Npower programmes. Below are the instructions to apply for Npower Teach:

  • Click the link here to visit the online portal of Npower Teach
  • On the recruitment portal, you’ll find essential information including job details, duration, selection preference and other specifics
  • After going through the information, you should click the Apply button attached
  • Provide your phone number and working email address for profile creation
  • Once you have completed the profile creation, sign in with your user id and your password
  • Input the required details in your on-screen Npower Health application form –ensure all the details are appropriately filled
  • Submit the completed form and print out an acknowledgement (slip) of your successful application


Requirements for Npower Agro Recruitment

For recruitment into the teaching segment of Npower Agro, it is incumbent upon applicants to possess certain academic certifications. Precisely, anybody willing to take up an Npower Agro job in the area of teaching must possess a B.Sc, HND or OND in any of the following disciplines:

  • Animal Science
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Nutrition
  • Food Science & Technology
  • Crop Science
  • Agronomy
  • Agricultural Sciences

How to Apply for Npower Agro Recruitment

  • Click the link here to visit the online portal of Npower Agro
  • On the recruitment portal, you’ll find information including job details, duration, selection preference and other specifics
  • After going through the information, you should tap the Apply button
  • Then, supply your phone number and working email address for profile creation
  • Following your successful profile creation, you should sign in with your user id and your password
  • Input all required details in your Npower Agro application form –ensure all the details are correctly filled
  • Submit the completed form and obtain a printout acknowledging the successful application

List of Vacant Job Positions in Npower Agro

Npower Agro offers a number of job positions that interested applicants can apply for. While these positions specifically pertain to agriculture and other relevant fields, below are the probable (vacant) job positions for applicants of Npower Agro.

  • Agro-entrepreneurship
  • Farm management
  • Consultancy in agricultural extension services
  • Agriculture-specific public sector jobs
  • Seed fertilization and other input aggregation
  • Management of farming cooperatives


While N-Power also seeks to equip non-graduates with the necessary technical and business skills that promote standards of living, the programme is basically divided into the 3 segments below:
1. N-Power Knowledge (25,000 non-graduates)
2. N-Power Build (75,000 non-graduates)
3. N-Power Teachers Corps (500,000 graduates)

N-Power’s Areas of Focus

N-Power applicants have to be aware of the areas the programme majorly prioritizes for the training of participants. These areas are considered the cornerstone of N-Power and they are as follows:
• Vocation
• Technology
• Agriculture
• Animation
• Post production
• Teaching
• Community Service
• Health

Eligibility Requirements

Although N-Power seeks to provide the majority of Nigerians with an avenue for acquiring developmental skills, not all Nigerians are currently eligible for the scheme. Therefore, eligible Nigerians for N-Power are those within the age bracket of 18-35 years and who have met the least requirements for their chosen programmes.

However in general, Nigerian youths are selected for N-Power based on the requirements below:
• Readiness of the applicants to progress beyond their comfort zones
• Indication of sincere interest in chosen areas of specialization
• Expression of interest in developing the required skills for becoming successful
• Excelling in the test related to your chosen programme

While the requirements spelt above are general eligibility prerequisites, N-Power applicants should note that there are fixed requirements such as the minimum academic qualification of Bachelor’s Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) for those interested in the programme’s Graduate segment.

Registration & Recruitment

To apply for N-Power, do well to follow the step-by-step guide below:
• Visit the official website of N-Power www.portal.npower.gov.ng
• Choose your preferred N-Power category and your choice programme under the category (you’ll find three categories namely N-Power Volunteer corps, N-Power Knowledge and N-Power Build)
• Click the “Apply now” button that you see after selecting your preferred category and programme
• Doing the above will take you to the application form page. You’ll have to fill the form with necessary details about you –you’ll find the details in this article as you read on
• The logo of N-Power will be sent to you to confirm that your registration has been successfully completed. N-Power will further send you an e-mail message for you to know your pre-selection status. The e-mail message will be sent few days after the registration
For you to be recruited into N-Power, you must have registered by supplying relevant information about yourself and following a certain recruitment procedure. Below are the details you have to provide in the course of N-Power registration:
1. Bank Verification Number (BVN)
2. Place of birth
3. Nationality
4. Qualification certificate
5. Passport data
6. Phone number –you’ll have to provide a functional one
7. CV
8. An accurate name record
9. An active e-mail address

N-Power Salary Structure

The table below shows the details of the monthly stipends attached to the various N-Power programmes.
N-Power Programmes
Monthly Stipends (#)
N-Power Community Education Programme 10,000 –30,000
N-Power Build Programme 27,000 –30,000
N-Power Health Programme 30,000 –40,000
N-Power Teach Programme 28,000 –30,000
N-Power Tech (Software) Programme 20,000 –40,000
N-Power Agro Programme 25,000 –30,000
N-Power Tech (Hardware) Programme 20,000 –40,000
N-Power Creative Programme 10,000 –30,000

This article, so far, has provided you genuine information on almost everything you need to know about N-Power including FG NPower Recruitment 2021/2022 as well as How to  Apply at NASIMS.gov.ng Portal . But if you wish to get more info about N-Power, do well to visit the official website of the programme.

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