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JSS One Computer studies/Information Technology Scheme of Work

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    Historical Development of Computer

    1. Early counting devices

    · Fingers

    · Stones

    · Sticks

    · Pebbles

    · Cowries

    2. Mechanical Counting Devices

    · Abacus

    · Slide rule

    3. Electro-Mechanical Counting Devices

    · Blaire Pascal

    · Joseph Jacquard’s Loom

    · Gottfried Leibnitz

    · Charles Babbage Analytical Machine

    · Philip Emeagwali

    4. Electronic Counting Devices and Modern Computer

    · Herman Hollerith punch card

    · John Vonn Neuman

    · ENIAC

    · UNIVAC

    · Modern Computers

    5. Generations of Computers

    · First generation

    · Second generation

    · Third generation

    · Fourth generation

    · Fifth generation

    Students should be able to:

    1. List early counting devices

    2. State the problems in counting large numbers with those devices

    3. Name mechanical counting devices

    4. Name electro-mechanical counting devices

    5. Compare electronic counting devices with modern computer

    6. State contributions of named IT inventors

    7. Identify the five generations of computers

    8. Describe features of each

    Fingers, Toes, Sticks, stone, Charts, etc

    Data Processing

    1. Data Processing Cycle

    · Data gathering/collection

    · Data collation

    · Input stage

    · Processing stage

    · Storage stage

    · Output stage

    2. Importance of the computer as a tool for data processing

    · Increased accuracy

    · Efficient storage facilities

    · Fast access to information

    · Handle repetitive task

    Students should be able to:

    1. Define data processing

    2. State the stages in data processing

    3. Describe what each stage entails

    4. State the features of a computer that makes it an excellent tool for data processing

    Pictures, charts, Computer system, Appropriate software

    Computer Ethics

    1. Computer Room management ethics

    · Appropriate ventilation

    · Appropriate lighting system

    · Setting computer

    2. Laboratory rules and regulations

    · Arrange the computers their peripherals in an orderly manner, etc

    Students should be able to:

    1. List ways of taking good care of a computer room/ laboratory

    2. State the rules and regulations of computer laboratory

    3. Observe computer room rules and regulations.

    School computer laboratory

    Applications of IT in Everyday Life

    1. Uses of IT

    · Communication

    · Information processing/ management

    · Timing and control

    2. IT and society

    Students should be able to:

    1. State the uses of ICT in daily activities

    2. Identify the impact of ICT in daily activities

    GSM, Computer Set, Pictures

    Information Transmission

    1. Meaning of information transmission

    2. Ancient methods of transmitting information

    · Oral

    · Beating drum

    · Fire lighting

    · Town crying

    · Whistling

    · Drawing diagrams

    · Making representation

    3. Modern methods of transmitting information

    · Prints

    · Telephone

    · Telex

    · Radio

    · Television

    · Fax

    · Satellite

    · Internet

    · GSM

    Students should be able to:

    1. Define information transmission

    2. List ancient methods of transmitting information

    3. Identify modern methods of transmitting information

    GSM, Computer Set, Pictures

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