In this modern world, we all love to be in a dramatic mode as we all live in a world full of work and all. Watching movies stresses out the sadness and stress out of us.

If you do not know about websites from where you can download free movies with full safety and legally and you do love watching movies, here we have come with a list of top 33 websites which are free to download full HD movies absolutely for free.

Free Movie Download Websites

I also do love watching movies and all, and that is why I have an in-depth knowledge of websites from where we can download full HD movies.

Latest Movie Download Sites

We can download Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tollywood movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies, or any movie that we wish to download in HD quality.

That is why here we have come with 33 best free movie download websites from where you can safely and legally download latest Hollywood movies, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood dubbed movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Kannada movies and any other movies which you wish to watch absolutely for free.

Today, the site that we are going to share here is legal so that you can download the latest free movie without any hassle. On these sites, you will see ads, you can download your favourite movie by ignoring it.

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Site Names Link
Youtube View Site
Vimeo View Site
Netflix View Site
Prime Video View Site
P2Pguru View Site
FilmOnline4u View Site
Sony Crackle View Site
Popcorn Flix View Site
Tubi TV View Site
Fmovies View Site
Pluto TV View Site
Vudu View Site
SnagFilms View Site
The Internet Archive View Site
Yes Movies View Site
IO Movies View Site
Roku Channel View Site


Now we have shared more than 15 best free movie download sites with you all, which is 100% legal, meaning that you can easily download your movies from these sites or you can do live streaming. Now the time has come for us to share more than 33 best free movie download sites with you. Stay tuned

Best Free Movie Download Sites

We know that everyone likes watching movies, but because they do not have the time, they can not go to the theater many times, and they think that why do not we download the movie if your life is such then it is Post is essential for all of you. But today many have become Fake sites. Wherever you look only at ADS, today we are going to share with you the best movie download site.

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We have listed 33 Free Movie Download websites because if you have more sites to search in, then there are much more chances of finding the movie you wish to watch. You name it, and these websites have it. On these websites, there are some websites on which you can find Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi.



YouTube was created in February 2005 in San Bruno, California, making it an American Video sharing Website. But now, YouTube is operated under one of Google’s subsidiary. As the world is growing very rapidly and people do not want to waste their time watching ads. And YouTube offers 100+ complete feature-length films on its platform.

YouTube is entirely free for those who can’t afford Netflix, amazon prime, Zee5, and other websites which charge a lot of money for video streaming. As we all know, Netflix, Amazon, Zee5, and other sites do make their original films and web series. So, by 2020, YouTube is also planning something like that.

Yes, you heard it right. YouTube is planning to start making their web series and movies by 2020. We all have been watching YouTube since our childhood. Note for Indian users, and if you are living in India, you would not be the one who is eligible to use this service because it is only offered in the United States.



If you think YouTube is the first website which offered FREE video streaming them, you are wrong. Vimeo is providing free video viewing services as a competitor to YouTube. It is an ad-free open video platform which is headquartered in New York City.

Vimeo provides creators of videos to host, distribute, and monetize videos with tools and technology. Vimeo became the first video sharing site to support high-definition videos in 2007. Recently with the launch of Vimeo Stock in 2018, Vimeo has launched several products that enable quality video creation at a perfect scale.

Zayn Klein and Jake Lodwick founded it. It was launched in November 2004. Vimeo has announced the acquisition of Magisto, a video creation service with over 100 million users on, April 15, 2019. On Vimeo, you need to take membership of different plans so that you could watch movies and download them on your device.



Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph Netflix is now among one of the most popular and highest-paid videos streaming sites. It is an American media service provider headquartered in the United States of America as we said in the above lines also that Netflix is producing its web series and movies from the long run and that too is too excellent.

The ratings of every web series and movies produced by Netflix do always stand on the top. Not only that, the Hollywood or Bollywood movies that we watch on Netflix are too good. Netflix now streams new movies from anywhere and that also in High-Definition quality.

You can view and download movies of any place on Netflix. Netflix does have a different language option. So you get to see your favourite movie in your Favourite language. For streaming videos, Netflix does charge money according to the plan you choose. You can stream any video on 4K mode also.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is a website which was launched on September 7, 2007, to sell and buy products. Amazon Prime Video is also an American internet video-on-demand service that is owned by Amazon.

You need to take subscription do watch and download your favourite show. Prime Video offers a large amount of Amazon prime originals and tons of popular movies and TV shows which everyone loves to stream. Amazon prime video subscribers also get the option to download content and even watch it in 4K streaming.

If you take prime membership, you not only get to stream videos on Prime Video but also while purchasing something from Amazon you gets free delivery and too fast delivery. Something more, if you are a prime member, you will get the original price of some things which is low than the usual.



P2Pguru says that you can download any movie web series from their website. You name it, and they have it. You can download any movie, web series from here and watch it later. In case, any video or web series is not available here then you can also upload it and earn money.

Yes, you heard it right upload a movie or web series which is not available here and make money from here. If you are a game enthusiast but don’t have money to but it from play store then search the game which you wish to play and download it on your device absolutely for free.



If you are a movie enthusiast but don’t get time to go to the cinema hall to watch new movies, you have it. You can download latest Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Tamil movies, Punjabi Movies, Pakistani Movies, or any 18+ movies from here.

Yes, you can download 18+ movies from here too. The video quality is high in the definition so that you can watch any video here. You can watch new movies from Bollywood, Hollywood or any place here. Genres of films and TV-series like romance, drama, and more can be found on FilmOnline4U.


AZMovie.To is also a website where you can download movies. Note that you can download only movies here; you can not download web series here. Don’t be sad, because the quality of video that az movie provides is too good. After opening the website and clicking on the three-line button available on the top left corner, you will see the category option.

The first category is a genre, from which you can download the type of movie that you wish to watch like action, adventure, comedy, drama, bio, crime, family, fantasy, history, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction, thriller, war, etc.

Another category is year base. You can download the movie by the year in which it gets downloaded. Sometimes we do not remember the name of the film, but we do remember the year in which it got released, so in this way, it helps us to download that particular movie by going through the year of launch.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a charge-free live streaming service provider from the last ten years in the United States and Australia. Sony Crackle is free because it shows Ad while streaming the shows. It has changed its name from Grouper, then Crackle and now Sony Crackle.

If you don’t want to see the ad in between the live streaming, then take a subscription by paying some amount of money. The best thing about Sony Crackle is that you can stream movies and shows on a massive variety of devices. The other best thing about Sony Crackle is the interface which is easy to use and attractive too.

You will find featured films and shows on the front page of the website and mobile app. If you want to sort the list, then you can also sort by recently added, most popular, as well by genre or by alphabetical order if you don’t know how is the movie and want to see the trailer first then Sony Crackle has it for you.

Ads will often come on Sony Crackle depending upon the length of the movie you are watching. Usually, in every 10 minutes, there is an ad of 30 seconds and some shorter ads.

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix

Launched in the year 2011, Popcorn flix is also a free live streaming website which telecasts ads in between just like Sony Crackle. Screen Media Ventures own it.

Popcorn flix is known for streaming of Documentaries. Talking about the streaming of ads, this website features announcements on the home page and while streaming movies too. The age isn’t verified properly suppose if you click on the button that says you are 18 plus, then you will be navigated to 18 plus movies, documentaries, and web series.

It was founded in 1999. After a long run of almost two decades, Popcorn Flix has changed itself too much and made it user-friendly on a most. The ads do come after some interval of streaming of almost 10 minutes.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is also a free live streaming service so that you can watch thousands of movies and webs series on Tubi TV for free. Tubi TV is packed with thousands of TV shows and movies, all of which are entirely free to watch. Tubi TV is free because it streams ads in between the live streaming of movies and web series.

The viewers do love it because it is subscription-free, and then watch the ads too. But some people do not like it often. It was launched in 2014 in San Francisco, California. This was doing it an American streaming service.

You can stream your favourite show anywhere you like to stream like it is available for free on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation, etc. You can download the app for your iOS and Android device from app stores.



Fmovies was launched in 2016, and it is famous for pirated movie download. The interface of is quite impressive. You get to have three categories to select the kind movies you wish to watch.

First, you can choose the genre of the movie like action, adventure, animation, biopic, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, horror, music, mystery, romance, science fiction, thriller. Another category to select is movies trending, tv shows trending and all.

There is an option of VIP/PREMIUM, which enables you to do to download more videos and see fewer ads while lifestreaming your favourite movie or web series. You can log in with a username and a password. You can also rate the movies after watching them.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

It’s a live streaming TV. Pluto TV is free to use. You can watch hundreds of channels for free. You can watch movies, TV shows and all on Pluto TV. The interface of pluto TV is very much impressive, and it is almost like the Netflix user interface.

The Pluto TV is available on Google play store. It is available on a lot of devices and that too for free. It is available on Google play store, making it legal to use. The company was founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, California. It is available on all devices you have like Android, iOS, Ruko, Amazon fire stick, and all. So download Pluto TV to watch your favorite movies and TV shows absolutely for free.



Vudu is also a website where we can enjoy movies and all. It offers a way to rent digital TV and movies from home. By 2016 Vudu started streaming ads to make it free for the user just like Crackle.

The average ad by Vudu in a 2-hour movie is from 2 to 3 ads. From my experience, Vudu shows the least amount of ads while streaming movies. It is entirely free to use Vudu. You don’t need to sign up and log in to the website to use it.

The movie rental on Vudu typically costs from 0.99 dollars to 5.99 dollars depending upon the quality of video and movie. You can stream Vudu on smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming devices, web browsers. You can even download the Vudu app to watch the film.



You can download the app of Snagfilms from google play store to stream movies on the application. While opening in a browser, you will see the interface entirely be interested.

The header will have a trailer box where the trailers of movies to be watched can be streamed and then you can watch the movies. You can search your favourite show or movie in the search box available on the top right corner, and you can click on the 3 line button on the left corner to login to the Snag films and to select the category like movies or shows.

It was founded in July 2008 in New York, United States. It offers free streaming of movies and shows. Stream free video content on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, Smart TV, etc. It does have movie Categories, including action, adventure, drama, horror, sci-fi, comedy, thrillers, erotic thrillers, and romance. So go and stream your favorite show on snag films.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive

Here on the internet archive, you can not only watch movies and TV shows, but you can also read books. Yes, The Internet Archive offers books to read. And for all of this, it does not cost anything from you. It is free. It is established in San Francisco, California, United States.

It is a not profit library as it holds many books and that too for free. So go on The Internet Archive and watch movies and shows and after that, read the text you wish to read. All this absolutely for free of cost.

Yes Movies

Yes Movies

If you love a lot of movies then after going to Yes movies website you will cheer up by saying yes. Yes, Yes movies have too many movies to stream, the number of the film more than 9000. Plus it also streams web series, documentaries and all.

When you open the website, in the header you will see trending movies on Yes movies swiping automatically. You can sign up and log in to the site. The sign-up button is on left top. Then there is a suggestion button which holds three categories under itself, which are cinema movies, top IMDb and Featured series.

The top IMDB option enables users who love watching movies after seeing the rating of the movie. There is a search button on the top where you can search your favorite movie or series to stream or download. Suppose you want to download john wick three then click on the poster.

Then another page will open, over there will be two buttons one if online streaming and another of download in HD. Click on Download in HD button and wait till download starts. After downloading, enjoy the movie with your friends. As it is free, so ads do stream while playing a video and on the interface too.

IO Movies

IO Movies

Ads on IO movies website streams on the top as it is also a free website to stream movies. There is a movie search button on the top right. And there is a 3 line button on the left, after clicking on it, it shows category option, meaning which type of movie do you like to watch.

There is an option of country base origin, from where we can find the movie of different country origin. If you like a film then click on it, then another page will show the name of people who created it and the star cast. It will show the time duration and the quality of video that whether it is in HD or not. There you can stream the video after a small ad.

Roku Channel

Roku Channel

You can sign in to Roku Channel after creating an account on it. After clicking on the three-lined button on the top right, it will show you the sign-in option.

It is not a free movie and web series streaming website. It is a paid movie watching site with the 30-day trial pack like Netflix. It does have its product like Television, pen drive, Ruko player, Ruko speakers and all. You can see the ads of them on the website.

The movies are shown on the header. Under Ruko, you can stream videos from Netflix, Yup TV, TV player, iTV, YouTube, and more. Ruko works on their products. That makes it worse to be used by us

Yahoo view.

Yahoo view.

Like Netflix, Zee5, and HotStar, Yahoo is also producing their show. You cannot find anything on Yahoo view now as, after four years of work, they have come to an end.

Yahoo View is available now on the desktop with mobile web and mobile apps for iOS and Android shortly. Like Netflix, to watch shows on Yahoo view, you need to sign up and then sign in to play videos.

The quality of movies and web series that you can stream is too good. The video quality can be from high definition to 4K. Talking about audio quality, Yahoo view is the best.

Retrovision Classic movies

Retrovision Classic movies

Like my name, it is clear that Retrovision classic movies stream very classic movies. You can stream or download any movies like “Wallace and Gromit” which is a British clay animation comedy movie which is created by Nick Parks of Aardman series.

I have watched it after being a clay animation, and I can’t even find a single mistake in the video as well as audio. I enjoyed it and laughed. Go to the website and enjoy the movies and web series.



Movie Night is a free website where you can enjoy the latest movies and web series too. Movie Night shows us the video that we wish to watch in high definition quality. You can search the movie by naming it in the search box.

Also if you want to read the rating and then watch the movie, you can do that too. You can search the web series, documentary, and movies by category also. Go to the movie night and enjoy your weekend night by watching your favorite web series you wish to watch.

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

It makes money with ads, and that is why it doesn’t charge you if you wish to download or stream a movie online at Classic cinema. Click on the movie poster scrolling on the website then click on plus the view to stream the movie online.

You can see the IMDb link and the review in the comment section box. Not online that after signing in, you can also review the movie in the comment section. You can even share the link of the movie on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and all. This is the website where you can comment, rate, and shares the movie at the same time.

Open culture

Open culture

Open culture is also a website which streams only movies in the online medium. On this website, you can watch 1150 plus movies online without spending a single penny. The collection of movies on this website is divided into four categories.

First one is comedy and drama. Horror is the second category. Many movies with John Wayne is under the western category. And the last group is animation, which is the favorite of children.

You can also watch a YouTube series on this website too. The site holds the record of all the movies that it streams. It tells you about the year in which it was released, the cast, the name of directors. So, watch your video on open culture.

Movies Found Online.


The movie found online is also an online video streaming website. But you can say it is a website where you can found eighteen plus movies almost. There is a three-line button on the middle right side where you can click and search by category and even search it by the direct search button.

The web series, biopic, or the movies which you can stream here will be in high definition quality. By the name, it is clear that on these websites we can find any movie. You can find Bollywood, Hollywood movies by category list.

Public Domain, Torrents.


It is a free live streaming website with lots of ads streaming on it. On the left side, there is a category option. The website on the phone opens as it opens on a computer desk. It makes it tough to use, but once you are familiar with the site, you can use it very quickly.

The type of ad public domain Torrent publish is computer-based like about bitcoin and all. They also are the wen series from small apps like ullu and all.



Nowadays, there are too many ways to watch live TV without cable. Hulu Live is now an excellent option for watching new series and TV shows. There is a lot of interesting thing about watching web series and live TV on Hulu.

Viewers wonder about the Hulu Live TV channel list. They want to ensure that they can watch all their favorite shows and sports on Hulu live. So, now they don’t need TV to watch their favorite channels and shows.

You need to sign up and pay some money for streaming videos on Hulu live app. The list for channels on Hulu live app is quite exciting and expensive too. In addition to the 60 plus channels, you’ll get for live streaming of matches and all.

People also ask [FAQ]

Is cinema HD illegal?

We all must know that watching content without proper licenses in western countries is illegal. And Cinema APK is also one of the illegal streaming apps. Cinema HD functions as a source for all other streaming shots like Netflix, Hotstar and all.

As far as my knowledge, to bring the content from different sources and to provide it to the other users is not illegal. There is no legal case filed under this app.

If you feel watching content on it is risky then I recommend you to use legitimate apps such as Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and more on which you wish to watch the movie or web series.

Is Putlocker legal to use?

Putlocker is legal to use. But people do often say that it is illegal to use. As long as you are not distributing the copyrighted video or show to anyone, it is safe to use. And here you are just watching it, so putlocker is legal to use.

It provides links to content hosted on some other third-party servers. It depends on the owner of third party servers that it is legal to use or not. But after all this, I will suggest you view the website carefully and use it.

Can I watch TV online for Free?

Yes, you can watch online TV and that too for Free. There is a lot of website and apps which allow you to stream live TV for free.

Apps live ThopTV, and other sites do run live TV show and that too for free. These applications flow wall ads, and that is how they earn money and show you the live streaming.

What is the best live streaming service?

Then I will tell you ThopTV is the best live streaming service if you install it and click on the tv button you will be taken to the channel list names. The channel list names will be shown there which also include HD+ channel list names.

Click on the channel you wish to watch and catch the live streaming of channel even in HD+ quality. So you can install thopTV and watch the live channels on your device.

Is Hulu Free?

The Hulu app is not free on the iOS device you need to pay some money to get into it. Hulu is a joint venture of Disney, 21st Century Fox, and NBC Universal.

The Hulu plus membership will cost you 7.99 dollars. Hulu has put strict walls around where it lets viewers watch TV shows and movies. So Hulu plus is not free to use.


All the websites and apps that we have talked about in the above section are unique in their very own kind. You can visit them and experience a different type of interface and ad streaming. Today we have shared the free movie download site on this site. These sites are 100% legal, and every new movie is available on these sites, so now you can visit these sites and download your favourite movies.

And in the last, we are all requesting you to share this post with all your friends so that they can get information about these sites and also download free movies. If you think that the website does not work, then you can comment in the comment box below, and if you have a site which is downloading a latest free movie, then you can add it to the comment box below.

Thank You

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