Full List of Cheap Glo Data Plans 2020 And How To Subscribe To Them


Glo may not be the most reputable network provider but of course, the giant telecom company has garnered great repute by courtesy of its huge data offers. If you live in an area where Glo’s network coverage is reliable particularly for Internet connection, being a Glo subscriber is one great benefit you shouldn’t miss.

As Glo promises to continually offer mind-blowing data plans, you should be eager to find out some of the telecom company’s best offers out there.

Therefore, here are the top 10 Glo data plans and how to subscribe to them.

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Glo 8.8GB Monthly Data Plan

This is one of Glo’s huge data offers to its subscribers. If you require a considerable amount of data for your month-long browsing, this plan could be one of your best bets as a Glo subscriber.

With just #3000, this plan offers you whopping data worth 8.8GB which you can use unrestrictedly for a 30-day period. To subscribe to this data plan, dial *127*54#

Glo 7.2GB Monthly Data Plan

This plan is undeniably one of the offers with which Glo entices its subscribers. If you’re a smartphone user who requires lots of data for social media short video clips and certain other data usages, this plan might be the best choice for you.

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While this data plan charges you just #2500, it avails you the chance of browsing unrestrictedly for a 30-day period in which your data usage is capped at 7.2GB. Except you consider expending #2500 on data subscription a huge thing, this data plan is really a perfect fit for prolonged Internet experience coupled with a series of downloads on your smartphone. You can subscribe to this data plan by dialing *127*58#.

Glo 4.5GB Monthly Data Plan

Also in the lineup of moderately huge data offers is the 4.5GB monthly plan which lets you enjoy seamless browsing for a one-month long period. Considered one of the best Glo data plans for low-budget smartphone users, this plan is available at a cost of #2000.

While this plan guarantees subscribers unrestricted Internet access for a 30-day period, you can subscribe to it by dialing *127*55#

Glo 2GB Monthly Data Plan

If you can’t afford spending more than #1000 in order to have unrestricted Internet access for a period of 30 days, this Glo data plan is likely your preferable choice. Provided that you aren’t downloading files or streaming content online, you can be pretty sure of enjoying this plan’s 2GB for as long as one month.

To subscribe to this very data plan, do well to have at least #1000 worth of airtime before dialing *127*53#

Glo 3GB Weekend Plan

Glo has constantly proven that it is the “Grand Masters of Data” and without dubiety, this very plan maintains a place in Glo’s guild of enticing data offers.

With this plan, you can imagine having as massive as 3GB data with which you can browse the Internet and enjoy unrestricted access during the weekend.

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If weekends are the only periods you find comfortable for prolonged Internet surfing, this data plan could be the best offer Glo has got for you. With just #500, you’re at liberty of browsing unrestrictedly over the weekend with your data capped at nothing short of 3GB. To subscribe to this data plan, often called TGIF 500 Weekend Plan, dial *127*61#

Glo 262MB 5-Day Data Plan

This is one of Glo’s mini data offers considered best suited for average Internet users. With a validity period of 5 days, this data plan rewards you with the total of 262MB which you can use for any Internet-based task such as surfing, streaming and download. To subscribe to this data plan, you only need the airtime worth of #200 before dialing *127*56#

Glo 100MB 2-Day Data Plan

This has been considered the more beneficial version of the 100MB daily data plan offered by Glo. While this plan costs only #100, it’s really a pleasant offer under the Campus Data Booster category. Importantly, this plan has a validity period of 2 days and you can subscribe to it by dialing *777# and selecting it from the emerging on-screen menu of data plans.

Glo 1GB Night Plan

Validity period: 12am to 5am

Access limit: unrestricted Internet access

Plan price: #200

How to subscribe: dial *127*60#

Glo 27MB Daily Plan

Validity period: 24 hours

Access limit: unrestricted Internet access

Plan price: #50

How to subscribe: *127*14#

Glo 12MB Daily Plan

Validity period: 24 hours

Access limit: unrestricted Internet access

Plan price: #25


How to subscribe: *127*32#


We hope this post has drawn your attention to the top 10 data plans currently offered by Glo. Whereas there are several other data plans, the ones mentioned so far readily come at affordable prices for varying Glo subscribers.


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