Talking about anagrams, game Pigeon have added another game to their collections , game pigeon anagrams.

For those of you who know what Game Pigeon is, I’ll explain it briefly.

What is Game Pigeon


For those of you who don’t know, GamePigeon is a trending game/app that you can play with your friends through iMessages. It is an app you download, but it actually doesn’t appear on your home screen. Most of their games are only 2-players, and you just sent them back and fourth. The two games I’m first going to introduce are Anagrams and Word Hunt. They are the only two word games I believe.

Anagram is a 60 second game, where you are given 5 letters and you combine them to make words. You try to make as many words as you can and the more letter that word has, the more points you get. Word hunt is a 80-seconds.

The trick for both of these games is to just make any combinations that make sense. Especially for the anagrams, while I’m playing them, I don’t even think about if it’s a word or not, as long as it has a vowel, I try it.

Game pigeon is a game based on iOS devices, though we wrote on an alternative game pigeon set up for Android devices.

The games in game Pigeon cannot be seen in the home page, but it can be seen in the iMessage app.

Most times the game is played not just by one person but also his Friends, or whoever is interested in playing games with game Pigeon .

In this post we are going to be discussing game Pigeon anagrams.

What is Game Pigeon Anagrams:

This is a game in game Pigeon, which you can only access through the iMessage app.

What is the game about?

Well the game gives you letters that you need to re arrange to get a letter word that can be formed by the letters.

The game is really fun and educational, as you can learn new words simply by playing it.

Is there a Game Pigeon Anagrams cheat?

Everyone wants to win their friend or Buddy in a game.

Because of this many many game pigeon anagram users are, looking for a cheat for this game..

And I get it there was a cheat for tanks in game Pigeon, so people expect a cheat here too.

So the answer?

Yes there is a cheat for this game, but it’s built specifically by Me just for you.

We build a tool that can get Anagrams from given words so that you can win your friend.

How do use Game Pigeon Anagrams Cheat:

  • You will see a form there where you will have to type your in the letters there.
game pigeon anagrams

  • Type in the letters and click on Generate Button
  • This should generate  anagrams, go back to your game and try one of the Anagrams generated, especially the one that makes more sense as a “word”
game Pigeon Anagrams

So that’s how you use our tool for game Pigeon Anagrams cheat.


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