GTBank mobile banking is likely the best and most convenient way for GTBank customers to do banking. Obviously, a whole lot of hitches lie in the traditional banking method and one way to avert all this is to switch to mobile banking.

With GTBank mobile banking, you’re certain to enjoy seamless airtime purchase, fund transfer, bill payment and lots more.

The registration procedure for GTBank mobile banking can be quite tedious or awkward but rest assured that this article will guide you on how you can conveniently do the registration.

How to Register for GTBank Mobile Banking

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To register as a user of GTBank mobile banking, you first have to download and install the GTBank mobile app. To do so, click here for the Android version and here for the iOS version. Once the app has duly installed, launch it and comply with the steps below to do the registration:

  • On the login page you see after opening the app, scroll down to the “Sign Up” button and click it
  • On the emerging page, input your GTBank account number in the indicated field
  • Tap the “continue” button after inputting your account number
  • Doing the above will prompt GTBank to send a 6-digit PIN to the e-mail address or phone number connected to your GTBank account
  • The PIN is a one-time-password (OTP) and you have a one-hour deadline to confirm it after receiving it
  • Check that you have received the OTP in your phone’s inbox or your e-mail
  • Copy the OTP and then return to the app and paste it in the field tagged “OTP”
  • Input the pin number of your ATM card in the field tagged “Card pin”
  • Select the “continue” button to proceed
  • Now, you have to confirm that you wish to use GTBank mobile banking app on your device by selecting YES, AUTHORIZE THIS DEVICE
  • Then, select your preferred method of transaction authentication between token and PIN (while the use of token costs no less than #3000 and requires you to visit a GTBank branch for collection, PIN is easy to use and works faster)
  • Having preferred the PIN authentication method, select it and on the subsequent page, tap the “I agree” button to proceed
  • Provide your GTBank mobile banking details as requested on the next page
  • Input your PIN in the field tagged “enter transaction pin”
  • Input the PIN again as requested for confirmation (Note that the PIN has to be memorable because you’ll have to provide it for each transaction –such as bill payment, airtime purchase or fund transfer –that you’re executing with your mobile banking app)
  • On the next page, type the last 6 digits of your ATM card number in the field provided
  • Then, fill the expiry date of your ATM card in the field requesting it. On your ATM card, you should find something like 03/23. That’s the expiry date and in this case, 03 means the third month of the year while 23 means year 2023
  • Now, enter your card PIN which is the 4-digit number you normally input to make withdrawals while at ATM stands
  • With that done, tap the “continue” button you see
  • Doing so will prompt GTBank to send you another OTP
  • Check that you have received the OTP in your e-mail or your phone’s inbox
  • Copy the OTP. Then, paste it in the field requesting you to do so
  • Select the “continue” button and expect a congratulatory message
  • Upon receiving the message, login using the login details GTBank will forward to your e-mail (These will be your login details for the GTBank mobile app. Do well to change the password you’ll be sent to a 6-digit code you consider memorable)
  • The registration also requests that you sign into your account with your fingerprint sensor. Provided your phone has a fingerprint sensor, you can always login to your account with your fingerprint

Gtbank Gaps Online Nigeria

How To Initiate Payment Transactions via GAPS | GTBank

GTBank Automated Payment System (GAPS) is an online-based payment system for seamless fund transfers most especially for customers to carry out online-based corporate banking.

While the payment system avails GTBank customers the chance of real-time access to their accounts over the Internet, it also eases the task of transferring funds in batches either via a safe Internet connection or a dial-up link to GTBank.

This post guides you on how to use GAPS with the simple step-by-step procedures for logging into the payment system and transferring funds to both GTBank and non-GTBank accounts.

But before you’re able to start logging into GAPS, you have to first register for it by providing your details in the GAPS application form. Upon approval and completion of the GAPS registration, you’re free to begin using GAPS for your online-based corporate transactions.

Steps to Sign in to GTBank GAPS

  • Visit the link here to access GTBank’s platform for internet banking
  • After landing on the homepage, locate the GAPS tab –you’ll find it near the tab indicating “Internet Banking”
  • To initialize the sign-in process, select the “Login” button
  • After that, provide your details (access code, username and password) as indicated on the subsequent page
  • Once you have provided the appropriate details, a new page will emerge, requiring you to input your token code
  • To proceed with the sign-in attempt, tap the white button on your GTBank’s token device
  • Doing the above will prompt the display of some digits which you’ll have to input in the indicated field on the current page
  • With that done, select the “continue” button
  • To ascertain that you’ve logged into GAPS successfully, check that your details (including your name and your current balance) are clearly displayed

Steps to Transfer Funds via from GTBank GAPS

GTBank GAPS lets you conduct both in-bank and out-of-bank fund transfers. Put simply, you’re able to transfer funds to a different GTBank account or to bank accounts kept with other banks. So, follow the steps below to transfer funds from your GTBank GAPS to a GTBank account:

  • Whilst you’re logged into GTBank GAPS, select the option “Single Transactions” found on the left-hand side of your screen
  • Then, choose “Initiate GTB Transfer” from the emerging options
  • To transfer funds to a receiver who isn’t in your list of beneficiaries, you’ll have to tap the “Add New Beneficiary” option
  • Specify the account you wish to transfer the funds from as well as the receiver of the funds
  • Input the amount you wish to transfer from the account and then tap the “Add to Batch” option
  • To proceed with the transfer attempt, tap the white button on your GTBank token device
  • Input the emerging transaction code in the indicated field and tap “Approve Batch” to complete the transfer

If you however wish to transfer funds from GTBank GAPS to an account held with a different bank, you may follow the steps below:

  • Sign into your GTBank GAPS dashboard and select “Single Transactions” on the left-hand side of the dashboard
  • Choose the option “Initiate Instant Payment” and comply with the steps highlighted earlier to complete the transfer


We strongly believe that this post has exposed you to whatGTB Mobile and internet banking is all about, as  well as GTBank GAPS  and how you can go about using the GTB banking online payment system. Meanwhile, you’ll find the information above helpful particularly if you’re a GTBank customer willing to set up a corporate account.

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