GlobalMeet Collaboration is an audio, video and web conferencing tool developed by Premiere Global Services Inc. (PGi) for business partners to establish boundless communication with each other.

The conferencing tool is suitable for both small and large organizations and it’s been considered an ultra-reliable option for the conferencing needs of individuals on a flexible work mode.

Both on the go and while in your comfort zone, GlobalMeet Collaboration lets you have a glitch-free conferencing experience. Regardless of your location, the conferencing solution lets you host and join web meetings without any hassle.

How GlobalMeet Collaboration Works

GlobalMeet Collaboration works as a seamless avenue for businesses to connect with each other regardless of location. With GlobalMeet Collaboration, your conferencing needs are right at your fingertips. This is because the audio/video/web conferencing software is available in both desktop and mobile versions which let you have a hassle-free experience. Interestingly, both versions are packed with a pretty array of connection options which readily fit into your location, workday schedule and just any other aspect of your business.

Generally, GlobalMeet Collaboration is PGi’s flagship conferencing software which gives you an amazing conferencing experience, thanks to its truckload of great features including mobile calling, internet calling and top-notch audio quality. Lots of business professionals have found GlobalMeet Collaboration the lasting solution to their audio conferencing glitches. Also, the conferencing software has been described as a suitable product for VoIP and conventional phone systems.


The Amazing Capabilities of GlobalMeet Collaboration


Ease of Conducting Productive Meetings

GlobalMeet Collaboration gives you a real shot at hosting and conducting productive meetings. This, on the one hand, is because the software guarantees top-notch audio quality and on the other hand, it combines seamlessly with commonly used collaboration tools.

Besides boasting user-friendly visual controls, GlobalMeet Collaboration delivers seamless audio capabilities that you can always leverage for highly productive teleconferences.


Quick Access to Conferencing

GlobalMeet Collaboration is just the perfect conferencing software for professionals who have always craved quick access to meetings. Courtesy of its toll-free, dial-out, VoIP and dial-in options, GlobalMeet lets you join meetings without any hassle. With GlobalMeet Collaboration, your access to meetings is definitely only a click away.

Ease of Connecting with Multiple Participants

With GlobalMeet, it becomes a lot easy to host a meeting with business partners from over 60 countries of the world. In addition, the conferencing service lets you connect with as many as 125 participants.


Quick Rundown of Global Meet Collaboration Features

  1. Mobile access
  2. Video conferencing
  3. Screen sharing
  4. International calling
  5. Calendar management
  6. Two-way video and audio
  7. Real-time chat
  8. File sharing


The Mobile App of GlobalMeet Collaboration

The GlobalMeet Collaboration app is a well-built tool with a decent array of menu options for you to seamlessly host, join and conduct meetings on your mobile device. Not only does the app incorporate ease into every aspect of your conferencing, it also works well on multiple device platforms including Blackberry, iOS and Android.

Moreover, the app is such an intuitive tool for seamless conferencing while on the go. Put simply, you needn’t keep your passcodes or dial-in with you or rack your brains before you can join a meeting. Whether it’s a web meeting with internal co-partners or external business associates, GlobalMeet Collaboration lets you catch up with the meeting via a single click.

With its well-built screen share option and amazing audio quality, GlobalMeet Collaboration is just what you need to bring alive your desired conferencing experience.


What the Pricing Model of GlobalMeet Collaboration Seems Like

GlobalMeet Collaboration isn’t a free-to-use conferencing solution but it offers the option of free trial.

The pricing model of GlobalMeet Collaboration incorporates the monthly fee of $12 (for the standard package) and the monthly fee of $24 (for the premium package). In terms of offering, the standard and the premium packages vary considerably.

The standard package, which costs $12 per user, lets you enjoy unlimited meeting hosting but you cannot have more than 125 participants in each meeting. Basically, the package provides you with several features which are as follows: logo branding, remote desktop control, administration portal and file presentation & storage.

On the other hand, the premium package lets you access all of the aforesaid basic features and as a plus, it comes with extra features including 20 Int’l Markets for toll fee & dial-out.


Top 6 Commonly Asked Questions about GlobalMeet Collaboration


  1. Does GlobalMeet Collaboration Allow Me to Record Meetings?

You can easily record the conference calls you’re hosting on GlobalMeet Collaboration. The conferencing service supports both cloud storage and seamless recording.

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Use GlobalMeet Collaboration?

GlobalMeet Collaboration is a paid-for service with two major packages –the standard package and the premium package. The standard package costs the monthly fee of $12 per user while the premium package costs $24 per user every month.

  1. Is Screen Sharing Supported on GlobalMeet Collaboration?

Within GlobalMeet Collaboration, there’s a screen share feature which lets you share your entire screen or specific program with others.

  1. What’s the Maximum Number of People I Can Add to My Meeting?

You can add as many as 125 participants (in the standard package) to your conference call on GlobalMeet

  1. How Do I Activate GlobalMeet’s Video Conferencing?

You can establish face-to-face contact with others during a GlobalMeet meeting. To do this, you only need to click the video button in GlobalMeet Collaboration. That button will toggle on your webcam and this way, you’re able to initiate a video conference.

  1. What Is the Maximum Number of Meetings I Can Host on GlobalMeet?

There’s no limit to the number of meetings you can host on GlobalMeet Collaboration.



GlobalMeet has, over time, offered a high degree of security and proven to be an ultra-reliable conferencing solution.

Again and again, GlobalMeet has proven to be a tested and trusted conferencing platform, making it the go-to destination for the conferencing needs of many organizations. Meanwhile, records show that GlobalMeet is used by over 70% of the Fortune 100 Companies.

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