How Masturbation Turned My Life Upside Down

I was a little bit timid why growing up, I found out that things don’t usually work out well with me and the opposite gender, I always feel cheated and some kind of, so one day I was sitting alone and discovered that I was feeling some kind of Hot. To cut the long story short that was how the issue of masturbation en kindled me.

But I discovered something then I lived a very stagnant life, I hardly have any goal accomplished, I will pray to God, cry, beg and fast still nothing changed. Immediately those act came and I perform it, it will be as if they have taken my joy away, I will be unnecessarily unhappy, I couldn’t help myself then and I keep on repeating one particular goal. Life was just a messed up for me then that I even attempted suicide more than ten times.

Until I decided to listen to gospel giving myself wholly to God, I prayed to God to help me out as I couldn’t help myself, because people including my relation always mock and take me as someone that have nothing to contribute, even when important issue emerge I hardly come to mind, sometimes I will sat down to imagine how I have been working so hard with no result, I hardly keep money, I don’t even know sometimes how money use to vanish from my hand, in fact the whole thing may not be compiled in one note.

As I seek the face of God I prayed I refuse to allow those evil thought cross my mind, and the moment I started to abstain from it things started changing.

I can testify today that masturbation left me and I discovered who I am.

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