Avalanche (AVAX) was one of the highest-grossing blockchains of 2021. Its smart contract ecosystem grew immensely and provided cryptocurrency enthusiasts with an alternative to the skyrocketing gas fees on Ethereum. And with ultra-popular crypto projects for DeFi 2.0 like Wonderland, we are bound to see AVAX continue to grow in the foreseeable future. 

In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about the AVAX cryptocurrency and its ecosystem. More importantly, we will provide you with an honest price prediction for this growing crypto. This should allow you to enter the market with sufficient knowledge about Avalanche’s fundamentals and possible future price action. 

Everything About Avalanche (AVAX)

Released in late 2020, Avalanche is a smart contract blockchain that aims to solve the ongoing blockchain trilemma by becoming scalable, secure, and decentralized at the same time. It’s an eco-friendly blockchain that requires very little computing power while simultaneously nearing 5,000 transactions per second. Avalanche’s low hardware threshold has allowed everyday users to become node validators, contributing greatly to the decentralization of its network. 

Because apps can be easily ported with the Solidity programming language, it also allows Ethereum developers to easily adapt existing decentralized apps and benefit from its instant transaction validation. This has drawn in hundreds of developers and there are now more than 400 apps running on Avalanche, which makes it one of the fastest-growing smart contract blockchains in history. Consequently, AVAX has become a major player in the growing decentralized finance ecosystem. 

History of Avalanche Cryptocurrency and Its Price

Avalanche entered the competitive cryptocurrency market in September 2020. At the time, AVAX traded for a modest $4 per token, and the price entered a steady decline until the end of December 2020. 

At the beginning of 2021, Avalanche started its journey at around $3 per token and soon entered its first consequential bull run. By the beginning of February 2021, AVAX was worth $55, a new all-time high for the new cryptocurrency. This 1,700% growth was followed by a stark price decline, and the crypto crash that occurred in the summer of 2021 didn’t help much. 

By the end of July 2021, AVAX traded under the $10 mark, registering more than 80% losses. However, history would prove that this would have been the perfect time for an Avax exchange. The second crypto rally that followed pushed prices higher than ever and AVAX reached a new all-time high of $134 in November 2021. The price has since retraced somewhat, and AVAX has been trading between $90 and $100 since the beginning of 2022. 

Avalanche Price Prediction 2022

To provide you with an AVAX price prediction for the upcoming year, we gathered some of the most noteworthy expert opinions from the internet. 

  • Walletinvestor is quite bullish on Avalanche for 2022. They predict a maximum price of $242. 
  • The Trading Beasts website is much less enthusiastic about AVAX. They predict a price between $71 and $131 during 2022. 
  • Priceprediction.net offers a maximum price of $150, setting itself somewhere in the middle. 

Following these predictions, an investor is bound to make at least 15% ROI by investing in Avalanche at the current price. 

Avalanche Price Prediction 2023

By 2023, we could see a bit of retracement in the crypto markets, as the current bullish cycle might have ended its course by then. That being said, most crypto analysts still remain quite bullish for this period on AVAX, providing the following predictions: 

  • CoinPriceForecast gives us a price of $335 per AVAX. 
  • Priceprediction.net is also quite bullish and places AVAX at around $250 for 2023. 
  • Trading Beasts remains the most conservative, with a prediction of up to $170 per token. 

So, in case these expert predictions materialize, Avalanche investments could bring over 150% returns on average in 2 years. 

How Much Will Avalanche Be Worth in 10 Years?

Giving an accurate price prediction for Avalanche for such a long timeframe would be speculative at best. There are too many factors that can have a heavy impact on AVAX before 2032, and some of them haven’t even surfaced yet. The DeFi space could either become heavily regulated by governments, or it could explode in popularity and replace our traditional financial system. 

In either case, the Avalanche price should grow in the future. Walletinvestor predicts the AVAX price to reach at least $850 in the next 5 years, which might as well be double that on the 10-year mark. Priceprediction.net is even more optimistic than that, placing AVAX at $4,000+ by 2031. 

To Conclude

Avalanche is a revolutionary blockchain that has managed to find a large public of users and developers. This incredible popularity and usefulness have allowed it to grow beyond expectations. Everything points to the fact that this trend should continue in the near future, as Avalanche is increasingly adopted in DeFi and beyond.  

The AVAX coin is now available on over 100 online exchanges, including Godex — an anonymous platform that offers a variety of crypto with no registration or limits. You can go to https://godex.io/ to start trading now.

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