This is a guide on how to get UBA Africard with ease in Nigeria, and also how to activate UBA Africard.

A lot of online small business owners, digital markers, freelance writers and bloggers are finding it difficult to accept and make payment online,

some also who managed to create a Paypal account that receives and sends dollar funds either through FNF (family and friends) and GNS (goods and services).

Also, find it difficult to withdraw their hard earn Paypal funds to their local bank account,


It is because the standard Nigeria prepaid cards (Master Card, Visa card, and Verve) are not widely accepted worldwide.

Allow me to introduce to you a Nigeria prepaid visa card called UBA Africard that is widely accepted worldwide, and it best for all your online transactions.

Let get started.

how to get uba africard

What is UBA Africard

The UBA Africard is a prepaid visa card that is generally accepted worldwide for all online transactions.

This UBA Africard is issued by a company known as Global Technology Partners (GTP Limited).

They are foreign-based, but they are have been in Nigeria for a long time now, you can take a look at their website on this external link

How the name UBA AFricard came about 

The GTP Limited has affiliated with United Bank for Africa (UBA) to enable Nigerians get this card no matter where you are living in Nigeria, as long as there is a UBA Bank in your area, you can get this card because GTP Limited has Agents in every UBA Bank in Nigeria.

Types of UBA Africard

There are two (2) types of UBA Africard, they are

  1. Personalized Africard
  2. Non – Personalized Africard

Personalized UBA Africard

This card has your name on the surface of the card, and it takes up to 4 working days from the day you apply to get it.

Non – Personalized UBA Africard

This card does not have your name or any other name on the surface whereas it is registered in your name,

and unlike the non-personalized Africard, the card is issued to you instantly on the day of application.

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Documents required getting UBA Africard

The documents that are required to get UBA Africard is as follow

  • An identity card (like National identity card, driver’s license, voter’s card, and International passport)
  • A nepa bill
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Hold up to like N2,000

How to get UBA Africard

After getting all the requirements stated above, just walk down into any UBA Bank close to you,

go straight, meet the customer care, and tell them that you want to get an Africard.

UBA does not require you to have an account with them for you to get the card.

But in some cases, they might try to persuade you to open an account with UBA Bank for you to get an Africard,

So all you have to do is to enlighten them, and make it known to them that you are aware that it is not a mandate for you to open an account with them to be eligitble to apply for the UBA Africard.

Still, you should know that every company wants to use any means to get customers.

Whereas you will be asked if it personalized or non-personalized, tell them the one you need, do not be surprise, both the personalized africard and non-personalized Africard works perfectly.

You will be given a form to fill, fill the form there and submit it to them, if you have chosen the non – personalized UBA Africard, you just wait for like 30 minutes or so for the card to be issued to you instantly,

but in the case that you chose personalized you will have to wait for like 4 working days before going back to collect your card.

How to Activate UBA Africard

Once you get your card, it time to ACTIVATE it, tell the ATM operator to help you activate, you just peel off the ATM PIN seal.

On the top area, you will get the ATM pin for withdrawal, just change it to activate it.

Then on the below, you will get the internet access pin,

all you need to do is after changing the ATM pin the ATM machine, you will need to create a username and change the pin for the internet access.

Just go to this external link below

Once it opens, you will see a form. enter your card number and the internet access pin,

once entered click the login button, after some seconds, you will be asked to choose a username and password for logging in to online card access,just follow the instructions on the page and change the login details.



All transactions on the card will show on your online card account statement and will be communicated to you via SMS alert,

So make sure you fill in your correct email address when filling the application form at the bank.

If you have any issue, you do not understand you can WhatsApp me on (+234) 08162534441, or JOIN MY WHATSAPP GROUP HERE or use the Contact section.

On the other hand, you can ask their customer service in some cases the customer care won’t give you the correct answer you so desire.

Bonus tips

If you want to make a payment on some website like Clickbank that does not have Nigeria in their billing system,

just Google for a Dubai address and use it in the place for your billing address, and you are set to make your payment successfully with the UBA Africard.

Have a nice day.

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