How to Change Twitter Header Photo on Mobile Browsers



How to Change Twitter Header Photo on Mobile Browsers

Twitter is one of the best social network platform favorited by many users worldwide, with over 313 Millions active users and 1 Billion visitors each month, there is no doubt how fascinating and useful this platform is to many people and companies. Twitter offers more flexibility than other social networks out there, but then, there are some limitation for mobile users.

Not everyone has a laptop or a desktop, most people are simply engaged to their mobile device; it could be Android, iPhone or even BlackBerry, but to be able to fully experience the all-in-all of Twitter is nearly impossible outside Twitter web platform.

One of the limitation is being unable to change the Header (or Cover) photo of Twitter on a mobile browser and that is what we will be providing a solution to this morning. Unlike the profile picture, the header photo is more larger in dimensions and it stays right at the top of a user profile picture. It show more details and the location is eye-catching. Though it is against Twitter policy to “directly” use the header photo as a billboard for showing advertisement, most firms use it to showcase their products.

Before we get started there are some things you need to know. First, to be able to change a Twitter header photo without a laptop or a desktop you must be using a smartphone, it should be running Android, iOS, BB10 or Ubuntu. Secondly, you must have one of these mobile browsers installed, Chrome, Mozilla, or Opera. Android built-in browser will do fine as well. If you don’t have any of these browsers on your mobile you can download Google Chrome from here.

You can also learn how to change twitter cover picture and profile picture using Twitter Lite mobile app by following these steps.

Now let’s proceed:

Step 1

Launch any of the browsers mentioned above and tick “Desktop View” under its settings. Sometimes, depending on the type of the browser it may be written as “Request Desktop Site” or “Show Desktop”, or “Desktop Mode”. Disabling “Speed Mode” in some browsers (i.e UC Mini) can also activate Desktop view.

Step 2

Go to this url, you will be asked to login, simply enter your login details. After signing in you will arrive to where is shown in the picture below.

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Step 3

Click the tiny avatar of your profile picture located at the top. A menu will show underneath, among the options listed select “View Profile”.


Step 4

You will be directed to your main Twitter profile page. Click the “Edit Profile” button at the opposite side of your profile image.


Step 5

Two camera icons will show up. The one at the left is for changing the profile picture, while the one at the top is for changing the header photo.


Step 6

Click the camera icon at the top to change the header photo. Two options will be presented, “Upload Photo” and “Remove”. If you already have a Twitter header photo, selecting “Remove” will remove the header photo and make it blank. Choosing “Upload Photo” will lead you straight to your phone storage where you can locate the picture you want to use as a Twitter header photo and select.


Step 7

The next page will show where you can perfectly align the uploaded picture to fit the header photo frame. When you are done, click the “Save” button.

Note: Failing to enable desktop view will redirect you to Twitter mobile site. Also, make sure you go to the exact url written in “Step 2”.


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