Here is a detailed guide on How To Create Cash App Account In Nigeria, Buy And Sell And Cash App Funds–Cash App is a Square, Inc.,-developed payment system which aids the peer-to-peer transfer of money via a mobile app.

With millions of active users as we speak, Cash App is fast becoming one of the most-used mobile payment services across the world.

Basically, Cash App works in such a way that its users are able to make fund transfers between one another through email or its mobile (Cash App) app. Moreover, Cash App comes with Cash Card, its dark (Visa) card with which users can withdraw the funds received in Cash App. Alternatively, users can decide to transfer the funds to their local bank accounts or simply withdraw them at ATM stands.

Using the Cash App mobile app, you’ll be required to drop a signature of your name and this (signature) will be engraved (in a printed format) into the Cash Card. As a Nigerian willing to run a verified Cash App account, you definitely need a US VPN with which you’re able to falsify your country of residence. You should know before now that Nigeria is not among the countries with Cash App access.

For you to beat the odds and get to open a verified Cash App account (despite being a Nigerian), you should be ready to download any common VPN (such as Cyberghost, ZPN, ExpressVPN, Nord, etc.) and comply with our step-by-step instructions for opening a verified Cash App account.

Steps for Opening a Verified Cash App Account in Nigeria

  • Download Cash App from the download store applicable to your smartphone
  • Launch the downloaded app, ensuring you tweak your VPN location to USA
  • Sign up for a Cash App account using either your email address or your phone number
  • Whichever of the two options (email address and phone number) you choose, Cash App will send you a 6-digit confirmation code
  • Provided you chose email, enter your email account to see the 6-digit confirmation code
  • Input the code in the required field and then tap continue
  • You’ll see United States as your current location on the subsequent page
  • You’ll be asked to input your debit card details. Note that the debit card (whose details you’re inputting) must be that of the United States. But again, you can simply tap the skip button provided that you don’t have a USA debit card
  • Provide your full name and tap the Next button
  • Now you’ll have to input your CashTag and following that, you should provide your ZIP code. Make sure it is a US Zip code such as 10001
  • With the above appropriately followed, your Cash App account should be up and running. So, you can begin using the account for transactions.

Verifying Your Cash App Account

It’s worthy of note that you can use your Cash App account without verifying it. However, there’ll be a restriction on the amount of money you can send/receive in every seven days. Precisely, you can’t receive more than £500 or send more than £250 in a period of 7 days if you’re using an unverified Cash App account.

If there’s any need for you to go beyond the stated limit for money transfer or reception, you’ll have to verify your account by providing the following details: your name (in full), your address, your date of birth, and the final four digits of your social security number.


We strongly believe that at this juncture, you have found this article helpful for opening a verified Cash App account and running the account without any hitch. However if the latter isn’t the case, you may specify your hitch in the comment section below and see how we can help you.


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