Reddit is more than just a social networking platform,  it’s a place for communities to get together, a place to discover amusing videos and pictures, a place to get advice or discuss issues, or just a place to vent. If you use Reddit to watch videos in subreddits you follow, you may wish to save the videos so you can watch them later.

Although downloading videos from Reddit is more difficult than downloading videos from other websites, it is still doable (if you have the right tools). This is what you’ll need to do if you want to download Reddit movies to your PC or Mac.

How to Get a Reddit Video Link and Copy It

Before you may download a Reddit video, you must first copy the video’s URL. When you submit a video to Reddit, it is saved and played back using Reddit’s proprietary video player, which makes it simple to stream and watch video content on the Reddit website and mobile app.

You may then download the video as a file and play it separately in applications like VLC once you have the URL. Before you use any of the ways mentioned below to download the movie, you must first complete these steps.

To copy a Reddit link on a PC or Mac, go to the Reddit website and search for the video in the subreddit of your choice using the new Reddit interface. Select Share > Copy Link once you’ve opened a post with a video.

Open the Reddit app on your mobile device and select the video you wish to save to copy a Reddit link. Select Sharing once you’ve discovered it, and then choose to copy the link using your device’s share settings.

The URL in your clipboard is a link to the article that contains the video, not to the video itself. You may then use a program to download Reddit videos (described below) to download the video straight to your device using this URL.

How to Download Videos from Reddit on a PC or Mac

Because there are no official tools for downloading Reddit videos, you’ll have to rely on third-party solutions. YouTube-DL, which, despite its name, is a video downloading application for Windows, Linux, and Mac users that supports Reddit videos, is one of the finest programs available (along with other platforms).

You’ll need to utilize the Linux or Mac terminal or Windows PowerShell to use this open-source, terminal-based application. You’ll also need the video-sharing URL for the video you want to download, which you can get by following the instructions in the previous section.

To get started, make sure you have the most recent version of YouTube-DL for your platform. Users on Linux and Mac should use the terminal program and follow the instructions, while Windows users may download the newest version of YouTube-DL as an executable file.

If you’re using Windows, right-click the Start menu and choose Windows PowerShell to start a new PowerShell window after installation (Admin).

Type youtube-dl URL in your open terminal program (on Mac or Linux) or PowerShell window (on Windows), replace URL with the Reddit share link and then press Enter to start the download.

If the link is valid, the download should start right away, storing the movie in its original format to your PC or Mac. The parameters provided in the YouTube-DL documentation may be used to further customize this tool (for example, selecting a custom video format or storing extra video metadata).

How to Save Reddit Videos to Your Computer

If you’d rather utilize a web-based service to download Reddit videos for offline viewing, there are many options available, which you can easily discover via a Google search (e.g. Reddit video downloader).

RedditSave, for example, is a simple web-based application and Google Chrome extension that allows you to download movies from Reddit from any web browser on any device.

To begin, go to the RedditSave website and enter the Reddit video-sharing URL into the supplied box, then click Download.

Depending on the source video, the choices on the following page will differ. Select Download to save the video in the highest quality possible. Download the HD version for the best quali or SD Versions for a lower-quality version resolution (480p and below).

After you’ve downloaded the movie, you may watch it on any video player you choose.

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