How to Hack any ATM Machine in Nigeria Within 5 Seconds

Looking for a way to hack ATM machines in Nigeria? This article will guide you. I will be sharing how to hack ATM machines in Nigeria. Before showing you, I would like to state categorically that. This post is strictly for educational purposes. ATM simply refers to AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE.

Lets get down to the brass tacks.  Learning how to hack ATM machines in Nigeria is pretty rough, I must say. However, it is highly imperative to note that Banks are employing security measures to handle such scenarios and it is becoming more and more difficult for hackers to achieve this. To learn how to hack a bank account and get card details in Nigeria, check out this post.

How to Hack ATM Machines in Nigeria

First off, do not let anyone trick you into believing there is a way to use another person’s ATM card directly in the ATM machine without knowing the person’s password. It will never work unless you have the person’s password.atm-313958_640-e1590576232114-7160627

However, there is a way to use the Card details of another person to transfer funds to your account or make payment online. Most websites outside Nigeria let you pay for items in dollars or other currency, and most Banks have support for payment in foreign currency. And the best part about this is that the debit alert takes longer to process before being sent to the account holder.

One thing to avoid when using another person’s card is to avoid using your real name when making payment online otherwise they will be able to track your details and Trace the transaction back to you.

Like I’ve said earlier in my previous article on how to hack any bank account, We have covered lots of topics here, ranging from Fake bank account apps to Confirmed Ways to Create and Do Fake Bank Alerts In Nigeria and even fake check scams. All are strictly for educational purpose.

If you have a person’s card details you can as well use an app to perform cardless transactions in the ATM machine using an app developed by InterSwitch called Verve World App. To use the app, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Firstly, you have to download the Verve World App on your device first of all. The file size is 3.65 MB and it is free to download here.
  2. Register using the ATM card details of the account you got. Registration is just a two-step process that is easier than pie. You can sign up as a new user, add the details of the ATM card on to the Verve World App and proceed.
  3. After successful registration, you should get this notification and an accompanying email from the Verve International team with “Welcome to Verve eCash” in the subject line.
  4. Generate a Verve Paycode: After registration, there is a “PAYCODE” option in the drop-down menu of the Verve World App that lets you generate a Verve Paycode, click on it.
  5. You would be given the option of generating a unique one-time code valid for 24 hours, which can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM machine without a card.
  6. The Verve Paycode can now be used by the hacker to withdraw a pre-set amount of money from most ATMs in the country.
  7. You can also generate a POS PIN for payment at eateries and at the mall.




In 2020, the rate at which internet fraud is occurring is constantly on the rise and growing exponentially, and hacking tools are becoming cheap and easily available for anyone to use to conduct fraudulent activities. While technology is bringing forth Development, it is also posing a security threat to users’ information on the internet. Bank account hacking and fraudulent activities are common in Nigeria, although most people are now aware of the modus operandi of these hackers, some are still ignorant and fall victim to online scams.

Disclaimer: This post is strictly meant for educational purposes only. To help ignorant people not to fall victim to online scammers. However, if you choose to use the tips from this post for other activities, you’re solely responsible for the consequences.

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