Jamaica may be a small island nation, and distances between the massive tourist centers on the northern and western shores and therefore the capital Kingston — one among the prime ex-pat locations in Jamaica — are almost negligible.

With only a couple of hundred kilometres between Jamaica and therefore the southern USA, also as Central America, it’s easy to mount a world flight from one among Jamaica’s two main airports and visit Havana, the Bahamas, Panama, Miami, or maybe NY.

Finding Your New Home

If you’re new the country and unsure where to start, you would possibly want to rent a realtor to assist you discover an appropriate new home — inspect the accredited member databases on the websites of either the important tors Association Jamaica or the Real Estate Board of Jamaica.

Jamaica: Visa and Admin Issues

How to Enter Jamaica

Many ex-pats looking to travel on a fact-finding mission to Jamaica before relocating there, will not require a visa, because the country has abolished visa requirements for citizens from a variety of nations — inspect the Jamaican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade for a helpful overview.

If your country of origin means you would need a visa before entering Jamaica, or if you’d wish to stay for extended than the permitted duration of your visit (which ranges from a fortnight to 6 months, counting on your nationality), you’ve got to use for a visa at the closest Jamaican mission. If there’s none in your country, contact the closest one to seek out out whether other missions, most ordinarily British ones, handle visa matters for Jamaica in your area.

Please note that while a Jamaican entry visa is additionally sufficient for brief business trips, provided you’ve got a letter from your employer stating the aim of your visit, ex-pats who relocate to Jamaica and take up gainful employment need a piece permit also.

To obtain a visa, you always got to produce the following:

  • application form, a pdf of which may be found on the pages of the Jamaican High Commission:
  • a passport-sized photograph
  • your passport, valid for a minimum of six months after your application
  • your travel itinerary or a round-trip ticket
  • a recent statement as proof of funds
  • proof of accommodation arrangements
  • (for business purposes) a letter from your employer
  • application fees: these vary from one nationality to the opposite, see this list on the web site of the Jamaican mission in NY
    Processing times may range from a couple of business days to 2 or three weeks.

Retrieving Your working papers

As previously stated, obtaining a piece permit is crucial for any foreign national who would like to require up employment anywhere on the island — the only exception being if you’re married to a Jamaican national. Inspect our article on working in Jamaica for a better check out the appliance process.

Remember that you simply won’t be ready to enter Jamaica together with your working papers alone — you would need to apply for a piece visa also. The wants are very almost like those listed above for the entry visa. However, you generally got to include an ingenious letter from your future employer in Jamaica confirming the work offer, and your original working papers approval.

Becoming a Permanent Resident

Expats who have worked in Jamaica for an uninterrupted period of three or more years can apply for permanent residency within the country. An equivalent applies to spouses of Jamaican nationals or retirees with sufficient funds. Inspect the Jamaican Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) website for a helpful overview of the appliance process.

Whether you’re moving abroad for the primary time or relocated multiple times before, the method raises many questions.

Our complete guide to relocation will ease your doubts along the way, from the initial preparations to the way to negotiate a relocation package, we assist you GO!

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