How to Start a Blog and Make Money in Nigeria ($1000 Monthly)


Blogging is undoubtedly one of the surest online alternatives for you to make money in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, getting started with blogging business doesn’t seem as difficult as you may have thought. Quite interestingly, you can start with little capital and still expect to fare well enough in the business sphere.

In this article, you’ll find out those requisites for starting a blog as well as two of the best options for converting your blog into a money-yielding venture.

1. Getting Started with Your Own Blog

  • Decide on Your Blog’s Name

Contemplating your blog’s name happens to be one of the preamble steps for starting your own blog. One way you can have a befitting name for your blog is to have first thought out the niche of your blog. Prettily, your blogging niche refers to your blog’s area of focus and in deciding it, you have to thoroughly consider what you enjoy doing or discussing. You must contemplate such sphere(s) of action that interests you before you’re able to choose a befitting name for your blog.

Blogs do have URLs with which they are identified on the web. In the same vein, the blog you wish to create requires a domain name which constitutes the branding of your blog. You can opt to have a generic or customizable domain name but importantly, you should go with a customizable domain name so that you can fortify the blog with the branding of your choice.

To activate your domain name and ultimately get your blog off the ground, it’s important that you secure a web host for the intended blog. Simply, a web host provides the avenue for storing your blog’s content (articles, images, videos, etc.) so that Internet visitors are able to access your blog.

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  • Decide on the Suitable Blogging Platform

A blogging platform happens to be another essential requisite for starting a blog. While there’s a handful of blogging platforms (inclusive of Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Blogger, etc.), Blogger and WordPress happen to be the most popular of them all. Notably, these blogging platforms all have their good sides and downsides but WordPress happens to be your best bet due to its excellent functionality, customizability and its host of free-to-use resources.

  • Kick-start Your Blog with Posts

As and when you have duly fulfilled all the requirements above, the next step is launching your blog with posts. This is referred to as publishing and you shouldn’t find it difficult if you’re making use of Blogger or WordPress. Given that WordPress is your choice of blogging platform, you’ll have to find out the procedure for installing it on your web host.

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Publishing your blog comes with the task of furnishing the blog with meaningful content. Since content will serve as the lifeblood of the blog, it’s essential that you consistently fashion out articles that befit your blog’s theme to make your blog rank well.

Additionally, you can also hire writers to assist you. There are lots of skilled writers out there who can get this sort of writing jobs done for you at a nominal fee. Sites to get quality writers are  Upwork, fiver, problogger job board and freelancer

  • Best Blogging Software for Easy Blog Management

Creating a new blog or business online can be hectic considering several constraints such as finance and resources/tools. If you re  planing on starting a new blog then you can’t really do without premium blogging softwares that automate the whole blogging process. Although some free blogging softwares are also good with excellent features.

What is blogging software?

Blogging softwares  ares program that allows online users to easily create, design and manage blogs. With a good blogging software, you can easily create and design a professional looking blog.

Until a few years ago, you were required to have a deep understanding of any of the complicated programming languages before you could even think about starting a blog.

Fortunately, time have changed. Don’t you  love ever-evolving technology?

Now, a blogging software provides both beginners and advanced developers the essential tools they can use to publish content online, with little or no programming experience. This software offers users a great range of customizable options to ensure they build good looking websites to showcase their ideas and content.

The use of this software makes it possible for users not to worry about any line of code messing their site layout so they can focus more of their energy on producing quality content for their readers.

Blogging software is being used by millions of webmasters to easily manage their online presence. So if you are thinking of establishing a strong online presence then these below software is among the things you must consider using.

Top Blogging Software for Beginners;

This software has two platforms, and These are the top rated blogging softwares and are widely used by most webmasters due to the powerful features each of them provides. is powering over 60 million websites worldwide but you have to host your website with a third party before you can be able to use it, unlike has an intuitive user interface and it’s very easy to use. You don’t need to be a developer or programmer before you can get around on it. The software comes pre-installed in most web hosting providers. It has thousands of free themes and plugins which you can use to add extra features on your site. on the other hand is free blogging software and it doesn’t require any third-party hosting. It’s suitable for both individual webmasters and professional publishers.

Most beginners who are eager to establish online presence mostly start with this one because it is free and easy to use. It allows you to create a blog and start publishing blog posts within a few minutes.

It’s a powerful SEO friendly software that doesn’t require much technical skills to get started. This software is also fully customizable and you can tweak it to get the kind of website you want.

This is Google’s own blogging software designed for individual bloggers, authors, and beginner publishers. It requires the users to only sign up with their Google account details. It’s completely free to use and easy to setup. You don’t need to have any programming skill before you can use it. Blogger has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

You can also use it to easily make money online because it’s hard wired with Google AdSense and analytics. One of the big disadvantages of this software is that you would not be able to sell the website or blog you built on it if you ever decide to do so.

Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging software used mostly by beginners. The software is powering over 220 million blogs and over 100 Billion blog posts. It was owned by David Karp but was recently sold to Google to the tune of $1.1 Billion. It is very easy to use with so many plugins and themes you can install to make your site look professional.

This software is more of a micro-blogging best suitable for people who are not looking for a long-term commitment into the world of the blogosphere. It allows users to sign up freely and start blogging.

Squarespace is standard blogging software that allows users to easily create professional blog and ecommerce Websites. You can use it to build an online store, showcase your products and services in a grand style.

The first year annual plan comes with a free domain name. The software has millions of stunning images, customized email address, beautiful logo and much more.

Quora is a popular question and answer website used by professional and knowledgeable writers who are already established with some amount of authority and expertise in their respective niche. If you’re planning on using Quora, just know that it doesn’t allow customization. It’s good for professionals who want to expose their brands to a huge number of online users. It’s not the best blogging software for personal blogging.

Medium is a blogging software best suitable for those who want to be sharing stories and ideas. It’s a pure social journalism platform and it doesn’t offer users many customizable options. It’s much like What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get with a wonderful web-based editor.

It’s mostly used by individual bloggers who want to get their post read by as many people as possible. It has no widgets or plugins to move things around so you are pretty much on your own. The medium has nice clean and minimalist interface with a great social community.
MovableType is a Content Management System for bloggers who want to build a good looking website. It makes publishing and managing of online business very easy, owing to the powerful features it provides.

MovableType has great many plugins and template editors that you can use to customize the look and feel of your Website/Blog. It’s written in PerI, a popular scripting language that runs on almost every operating system which uses a variety of database to store blog content.
TypePad is a paid blogging software but you can use it for free for a 14-day trial period. It’s very easy to use in blog promotion and making money online. TypePad has great features that will skyrocket your blog to a great height. It has a text editor and HTML editor you can use to easily write and publish articles.

TypePad also comes with a great statistic tracking tool which includes average views per day, total page views, and bounce rate. It allows full customization of Templates for users that are on the unlimited package. It also has a good number of templates and you can use it to create several blogs.

2.Monetizing Your Blog

Here are two of the most effective options for converting your blog into a money-yielding venture:

a. Google Adsense –this is a service that lets you make money from your blog by allowing Google to place relevant product or service adverts on your blog. As a revenue-distributing service, Google Adsense pays you some commission for displaying such adverts and when your blog’s visitors click the adverts.

⇒Here is a sample of few of my earnings from Google  Adsense;


However, displaying of earnings is highly prohibited by Google,so we are  extremely cautious when displaying earnings.

b.Sponsored Posts & Banner Ads –this blog monetization alternative is best suited for blogs with robust traffic. It works in the sense that companies interested in your blog will accept to sponsor your blog’s page or the entire blog and this fetches you revenue in the long run.

c. Offer special Services–Render special blogging and general services to your site visitors. Here you need a good deal of traffic to initiate this section. Ensure you’re well equipped knowledge wise in the subject area you intend offering special services to avoid negative feedback from prospective clients.


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We hope this article has exposed you to how you can start your own blog. More importantly, we strongly believe that if you’ve started off on the right feet and invested substantial effort in blogging, you’re very likely to succeed with the monetization alternatives discussed in this article.


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