Undeniably, football is one of the multi-million dollar businesses in the world. Besides bringing about a lasting feel of entertainment, football has remained a vital source of staggering revenue for many companies across the world.

If you’re an unstinting lover of football and believe you’re rich enough to own and run a football academy in Nigeria, this article could be the well-written startup guide that you need.

What are the steps for starting a football academy in Nigeria?

Select an Identity for Your Football Academy

Needless to say, your football academy will be identified with a specific name and that’s why it’s incumbent on you to brand the football academy using details (name, logo, etc.,) that clearly depict what you have in mind about the proposed academy.

Select Befitting Individuals for the Managerial Board

This clearly involves recruiting the appropriate persons into your academy’s administrative and technical teams. Indeed, this is a crucial step as any mistake made herein can have a long-lasting negative effect on your football academy.

Advisably, choose only the befitting individuals for important managerial roles such as head coach, technical director, player recruiter, etc. Rather than dwelling on your relationship with specific persons, select such individuals on the basis of their experience and achievements.

Register with the Nigeria Football Association

Registering a football club could come as a demanding task but considering that you’re starting with an academy, you may have to contact only the Nigeria Football Association to get registered. To ensure you’re running your football academy legally and to avoid heavy sanctioning, familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of any association you’re registering with.

Equip Your Football Academy with Supplies

The job of running a football academy necessitates some expenditure. At the preamble level, you should be ready to expend on the purchase of supplies such as boots, jerseys, etc.

Do well to liaise with a reliable manufacturer of jerseys so that you’re confident of procuring quality and well-designed kits for your academy players. Notably, some of the other essential supplies you should provide at this level must include first-aid kits.

Start Recruiting Players into Your Academy

This is really a crucial step which involves selecting the raw talents that will make up your football academy. For the most part, you’ll rely on the backbone of a competent technical crew in order to do this successfully. Advisably, ensure the recruiters aren’t selecting the players on the basis of nepotism or favouritism. In all sincerity, you need skilled young players who are passionate about making success out of football.

While you’re encouraged to select passionate and skilled young players, it’s also recommended that you allow the players to double up with other activities (away from football). This way, you may not have to bear the financial burden of paying them as full-time players. Instead, the players will be satisfied with getting little remuneration in addition to the earnings from their engagements outside of football.

In player recruiting, one important thing you should incorporate is a contractual agreement that will familiarize the players with the sort of commitment required of them. That contractual agreement may imply that they are not allowed to serve as players under another football academy without your approval.

Secure Necessary Insurance for Your Players

You’ll have to secure insurance for your entire football academy inclusive of the managerial board (technical and administrative teams) and the team of players. This is to ascertain that necessary provisions are available for your academy members in the event of injury, death, etc.

Secure a Space for Player Training

Securing a pitch (for conducting player training) will likely be your best bet considering that you may find it difficult to incur the cost of erecting a stadium at the startup level. Do well to secure a befitting pitch with requisite facilities as that pitch might serve as both your training ground and your home pitch (during football competitions).

Start Engaging in Local Competitions

Provided that you’ve satisfied all the aforementioned requisites for starting a football academy in Nigeria, you’re then eligible to put up your academy for local competitions. Of course, you’ll have to begin with football competitions at the grassroots level and by the time your team has progressed significantly, you can start dreaming of partaking in the country’s main league.


Setting up a football academy both in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world is quite demanding. Besides the handful of requirements you have to put in place, it’s important that you have adequate startup capital if you must successfully run the football academy. Therefore, you should get in touch with investors if you can’t afford bearing all the expenditure by yourself.

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