Leadway Assurance Company Profile- 5 Things You Need To Know About This Company


Getting insured against unforeseen circumstances and future occurrences are the best gift you can give to yourself, especially from Leadway Assurance company. Insurance allows you to play safe, have a backup, and in case any misfortune happens, you can have a pillar to lean on. 

There are several insurance companies online and offline, which will offer to be your confidant and insurer in case anything goes wrong. But as exciting and safe as getting insured by an insurance company sounds, one needs to be careful of the company to turn to.

If you are a regular seeker of safe and reliable insurance companies, you might have stumbled on Leadway Assurance Company. As the name implies, Leadway Assurance Company is the leading insurance company that gives you the assurance of safety you seek. The positive review, reputation, and endorsement that the company gets isn’t something that fell from the sky but a result of rigorous pursuit to satisfy the customers. 

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Ever since the coming to existence of Leadway Assurance company in 1970, it has since then continued to work up to its way to the peak it stands now. The immeasurable and incomparable services it renders to humanity isn’t overhyped but is evident in its customers’ relationship.

Top 5 things that you don’t know about Leadway Assurance company

There are several things you don’t know about Leadway, which is probably why you are still missing out on the insurance you deserve. Below are the top 5 things you should know; this will help you make your insurance decision. Are you ready to unveil the secrets?

  1. It serves as the best burden carrier and shock absorber.

Well, you might say, “all insurance companies are burden carriers; there’s nothing special about this.” Here is where you are missing it. Different insurance companies bear burdens for their clients differently, but no one does it better than Leadway Assurance company. 

This company offers insurance services for general businesses and life. Whenever an undocumented plan or unforeseen circumstances befall your business, you don’t have to be shocked or overly stressed. Leadway is always there to absorb the shock and bear the burden that might feel too heavy for you.

Leadway Assurance company has vowed and is committed to fulfilling the oath it had taken to bear the burden for its clients tirelessly. No matter the weather, the loss, or the weight of the load, the company will always be ready to bear them.

2. Offers the best savings plan for your future security.

The future is pregnant with uncertainty, and knowledgeable people will do whatever it takes to secure their future, even if it’s just a fragment of it. Having savings toward the future is wise, but selecting an insurance company like Leadway for it is smarter. Leadway Assurance company offers you the best savings plan you can ever get out there. 

This, it does by offering unsullied financial services such as shares, bonds, portfolio management, secured credit, and a host of others. You don’t have to worry or feel left out because of the industry you work for; this is because the company isn’t skeptical about your industry. It offers equal financial services to people across all sectors.

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3. It provides all kinds of insurance

Do you seek a company that can give you all-round insurance? Although many people believe it’s impossible to get a company that can bear the cost and gives you all-round insurance, here, the story is different. Leadway is financially capable and structurally ready to bear all costs for all-round insurance that you need.

Leadway Assurance Company is one of Nigeria’s most extensive, safest, and most reliable insurance companies that offer all-round insurance services. It provides property insurance, life, business, travel, financial and casualty insurance. You don’t have to worry about a thing as long as Leadway has your back.

4. Financially capable and structurally qualified.

Before an insurance company can be approved to be the best among the rest, it has to pass several tests. Some of such tests are strength tests, financial tests, and structural/physique tests. If any company misses this or fail, then it isn’t worth being an insurance company. 

Its financial capability measures the reputation and greatness of an insurance company. Leadway company passed the strength, financial, and structural test without missing the mark. Its financial ability makes it easy to be a burden carrier for thousands of people who seek future security and life insurance.

5. It can underwrite grave risks for heavy industries.

You must have heard or been told that most insurance companies shy away from bearing insurance responsibilities for heavy industries like oil and gas. This is primarily because of the hefty charges and financial weight it carries, which can adversely affect its financial status.

This is a bonus mark to Leadway and the core aspect where it takes the overall leading position. The company provides insurance for the oil and gas industries alone; it also provides essential financial services to other heavy industries.

If you seek life insurance with no worries about the uncertain future, you need to sign up with a Leadway company today!! Safe and secure your future.

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