Meet The Tribe Where A Man Kidnaps A Lady He Likes For Marriage And Later Informs Her Father


There is a tribe in Africa where consent is taken from the bride’s father after the groom kidnaps her. It is a norm that before a man marries his bride, he must seek the consent of her father but that is not the case in Latuka, South Sudan.

In Latuka, the man kidnaps the woman he wants to marry and then takes her to meet her father after he has kept her hostage for a while. The weird part of this is, the father will not beat up the man who kidnapped his daughter for marriage to show he has given his consent.

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As practiced in other parts of the world, an introduction ceremony is done where the man is introduced to his inlaws then a traditional wedding follows where she is officially handed over to her husband.

In Latuka, after the intended bride is kidnapped, the man who kidnapped her takes some family relatives and elders and asks her father for permission to marry his daughter. The father is left with a choice to either agree or disagree with the man’s proposal and it is usually done in separate ceremonies. If the girl’s father agrees to the proposal from this suitor, he beats up his future son in law to show he has given his consent for the marriage. Some sources claim that the beating shows that the man is giving himself to be beaten to show how much he is willing to sacrifice for his wife.

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Now if the father says “no”, the suitor has the power to either decide to return the kidnapped lady or still marry her without her father’s blessing.

This culture has caused a lot of conversation because the woman should have the right to choose the man she loves and wish to marry.

The Latuka tribe in South Sudan have practiced farming for so long. They have no ruler but some elders who guide them. They do not allow any form of cultural misappropriation, they follow their own law, culture on religion, and also marriage for many years now.

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