Do you also play PUBG? If yes, then this trick is going to be very useful for you. So welcome all of you again on Technoquack. Today we have brought one more mod apk as usual for you all named PUBG mod apk. If you play PUBG, this app can prove to be a jackpot for you all.

Now everyone knows what the mod apk is, and if you don’t know then we have shared it below, you can read from it. PUBG is a game that has made a record of 100 million downloads in just one year so that you can understand its popularity.

Nowadays everyone is very fond of this game. Many people do not want to do the right thing, and they always try something. So today you have come here to download PUBG mod apk, before that you can select the best PUBG names from it so that your PUBG profile will look even more unique.

Before downloading the PUBG mod apk, you all should know about it first and what it works below. We have shared every information about the PUBG mod, and we have also shared its download link.


Everyone knows what PUBG Mobile is but some people do not understand what PUBG MOD APK is, then we will fully expand it, what is it? Otherwise, when their account is banned later, we will be blamed. If you do not know what a MOD APK is then read carefully. You will all understand. Because this is an illegal job,you all need to know.

The PUBG MOD APK has been modified by some developers to know that a bug of PUBG causes it and then when the pubg comes to know that someone has misused their bug then they bring new updates. And fix the bug in it, which causes the hackers’ accounts to be banned.

Now you must have understood what PUBG MOD APK is, and we will never give you an opinion that you can use it. Because it is illegal work, your account can also be banned, so you should download this app on your responsibility. If your account is banned, we will not be responsible for it.

Download PUBG MOD APK [October 2020]

Before downloading the PUBG MOD APK, you should uninstall the previous app of your phone, or you can use any app of dual space.

PUBG MOD APK Download Link We have shared below, along with the APK you will have to download the obb data file as well. The complete procedure of how to do it has shared in both text and video. Now you can download the PUBG MOD APK immediately by clicking on the button below.

PUBG Mobile icon

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App Details
Size 2.2Gb
Version 1.1.0 [Latest]
Downloads 100Million+
Last Update Today
Category Games
Offered By Tencent
Get It On


Finally, you have downloaded the PUBG MOD APK, so now how to install it, what are its features and how to use it, we have all told below. So let’s see what is there in this mod apk that makes it different from everyone else

PUBG Mobile Mod APK Features

There are many features in PUBG MOD APK that you cannot find in the general PUBG apk, but in this, you will have to take a bit of risk, maybe your ID is also created. But this app is anti-ban, yet we tell our users that this app has a feature which we have said below.

Unlimited UC


Nowadays the trend of PUBG mobile has remained everywhere, and almost everyone is playing PUBG mobile game in the present time.

Due to this popularity, PUBG Mobile always brings new outfits so that users use UC to buy that outfits, but there is no Bill Gates who will bring that much money for good games in a game so you can download this MOD apk After you can get unlimited uc for free, you can also buy good outfits for free.

No Recoil

no recoil

Whenever you play PUBG mobile game, you will have a lot of trouble in killing the enemy because the guns have a lot of recoils, you have to learn to control it, it is not easy. But it’s not impossible too, after downloading this mod apk your recoil will be 0% so that you can easily kill your enemy.


anti ban

Whenever someone plays pubg mobile with hacked, then his account gets banned immediately. Because it is against the policy of PUBG Mobile, today here, we have shared the PUBG Mobile mod apk with all of you, this is anti-ban so that your account will not be banned, you can play this game without worrying, but never play hacked games with your real ID.

No Time Limit


Nowadays, people have become addicted to PUBG mobile, and they do not know how much they play, when they report some people, PUBG Mobile had put a rule that you can play PUBG mobile game in 6 hours at a time. After that you will be banned, then you will be able to play after 24 hours, but with the help of this mod apk, you can play as long as you want to play.

How To Install PUBG MOD APK

You may have some difficulty in installing PUBG mod apk because in this you have to add both the APK file and obb data of this game, if you know how it happens then you will easily do it But if you do not know how to do this, follow the procedure given below. Otherwise, PUBG mod apk will not be able to run in your phone due to one mistake.

  • First of all, you have to download both this mod apk and its data file, whose link we have given above.
  • If it is 2 GB, then it will take some time. Once downloaded, you can install PUBG APk. If there is any problem in installing, then tick and save Jake on Unknown Source and then install your app. Be alive
  • After installing, this app will not run because you have just installed its apk, the data is remaining, so now you can download its data, whose download link is given above.
  • After downloading, go to your file manager, then you have to go to Android folder, where you will find a folder named ob, click on it.
  • Now you will have a folder named Tencent in front of you, where you have to paste your ob data, and you restart the game again your game will start.

After following all these steps well, you can easily install pubg mod apk in your phone. Now you will not have any problem. If you are still not installing pubg apk, then you can watch our video

Faq – People Also Ask

If you have any question or dought for PUBG MOD APK, then you can ask us here in the comment box, by the way, we have answered many questions if you do not have an answer to this question, then only we asked your question.

Can PUBG mobile be hacked?

Yes pubg mobile can be hacked, and many people hack, you can also easily hack this game, but when pubg brings new updates, then ban hackers account Because many users keep reporting to hackers

What is UC in PUBG?

UC stands for Unknown Cash. UC is a game currency for Pubg mobile game irrespective of the geographical area of the player. With which you can buy any premium item in PUBG. Sadly there is no way to get UC for free other than giveaways and offers in the game. The price of 60 UC is 0.99$ which is quite expansive.

Can PUBG be played alone?

Yes, you can also play solo in PUBG mobile, for that you have to select solo, after that you can play PUBG mobile alone and if you want to play duo, then that option is given, you can also play duo.

Can you play PUBG offline?

no, you can never play PUBG mobile in offline mode as it is an online multiplayer game whereby all players are real, 20% of the bots are there, so you cannot play this game offline.

Final Touch

Today we have shared the PUBG mod apk with all of you, with the help of this you can easily hack this game and play it for a long time because it is anti-ban, you will have to update this game in every update, then you Never update from Google Play Store, otherwise, your account can be banned,

you can upgrade from this site here and you can join Telegram to stay updated. If you liked our PUBG mod apk, then you must share it among your friends via social media so that they can also hack this game and easily play PUBG Mobile Hacked apk.

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