PUBG, fully pronounced as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a widely-played online game with great multiplayer support. Besides being a greatly cherished option among gamers, PUBG wins the hearts of many game addicts courtesy of its multi-platform support. Put simply, the game is available to users of various device platforms including iOS, XBox and Android. 

In terms of gameplay, PUBG features a battleground scene between multiple characters stuck in an aircraft. They have to descend from the aircraft empty-handed with a flying apparatus (in the form of a parachute) on an island. Meanwhile, the characters are faced with the task of collecting arms (such as pans, grenades, guns and so on) unaided and eventually come up against each other. 

As the characters must fight with each other, it is only the character who evades being killed that will emerge as the winner. Notably, there are about 100 characters coming up against each other and only one character will win and become the receiver of a virtual dinner. 

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It’s noteworthy that PUBG can be played on both PC and mobile phones and in this post, you’ll find out how to download both the PC and mobile versions of the exciting multiplayer game. 

Steps for the Download of PUBG on PC

  • PUBG is available on the Stream store site. To download it from this site, you’ll be charged $29.99
  • To download the game, go to the official Stream store website and create a Stream store account. You can sign into your account directly provided you already have an account
  • Once you’ve successfully signed into your Stream store account, you’re free to include PUBG in your cart and pay for the game afterwards
  • You’ll come across a new screen seeking to know whether you’re purchasing PUBG for yourself or as a gift for somebody
  • If you’d like to buy the game for yourself, tap the “Purchase for myself” button and provide your credit card details as requested
  • However if it’s the other way round (i.e., you intend to buy PUBG for somebody), tap the “Purchase as a gift” button, specify the person you’re gifting PUBG to and then make the necessary payment
  • The person to whom you’re gifting PUBG will receive an email message notifying them that they have received a gift (in the form of PUBG) –your PUBG beneficiary will require a Steam account in order to access the game

How to Download and Play PUBG Mobile on PC

You can always play the mobile version of PUBG on your PC provided you can’t afford paying for the game’s PC version. To get PUBG mobile version and easily play it on your PC, you should comply with the steps below:

  • Tap the link here to download Tencent Gaming Buddy –the official PUBG emulator file
  • Follow the provided instructions for Steam’s account registration
  • Launch the gaming buddy emulator and sign in by providing your Steam account details
  • With the above done, PUBG mobile should be ready to play on your PC the same way it starts playing on a mobile phone –you should exercise enough patience for the game to load completely


We hope this post has shed enough light on how you can download PUBG on your PC and play it. While PUBC PC version happens to be the variant one would normally wish to play on a PC, people who can’t bear the monetary requirement of this should still make do with the mobile version. If you’ve grown keenly attached to PUBG mobile, you may want to still download and enjoy it on your PC. 

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