How to study without losing concentration: This is the question most reader will ask one time or the other in their life.

If you lose concentration while studying, then this article is the perfect article you need to read.

How to study for long hours with oncentration

You pick up the book to study and after few minutes, you realize you were just staring at the book! Or possibly you find yourself doing something else out of studying either consciously or not.

You just lost concentration while studying. This is a very common event which you really want to eliminate today.

As an avid reader, I used to be a victim of this before. After careful observation of other readers and myself that lose concentration while studying.

I have come up with tips that will help you last forever while reading without losing concentration.

In this article, I am going to answer these questions:

  • How to study with concentration for long hours
  • How to concentration on studies
  • How to study with concentration for exams
  • How to study for long hours with concentration
  • How to study effectively without losing concentration

Without beating too much around the bush, I am going to take you through the topic, “How to study without losing concentration”.



If you want to study without losing concentration, the environment is one thing you must consider.

No matter how committed you are to studying, you can always lose concentration in the wrong environment.

The question you should ask me is, “What is the best environment to study without losing concentration?” Well, the answer depends on you.

While some people can only read in a totally silent environment, others can cope in places with background sound.

The best study environment is the one that works for you. However, the recommended one is that which is free from noise.

If you have made a decision on the niche that works for you, then let’s move on to the next point.



When you finally enter the land of study, distractions are very likely to take you out. The first thing is to find what distracts you and then try to remove them.

Before you start reading at all, you need to take out anything that may distract you in the course of reading. Distractions can come in different forms.

Some people get distracted when people are talking close to them while studying. In this case, you just have to find a silent place to study alone.

Most people get distracted by the Mobile phones. If you are in this category, you need to look for ways to stop your phone from distracting you.

Some of the suggestions I will give include:

  • Don’t take your phone along with you when you want to study
  • Lock your Apps so that you don’t have access to your browser and social network apps until you complete your study. Wondering how to do that? Search for “Lock me out android app“. It changes your phone password to an unknown code for a time specified by you so that you don’t have access. After the time, it changes the password back to the one you know and you can then use your mobile phone.



What is your purpose of reading? This is another question you need to find answer to.

If you are studying without a purpose, you are likely to lose focus even before stating.

Why am I even studying? Do I really need this? Should I just read this later?

Those are the questions that will keep ringing in your head when you don’t have a purpose.

The next time you want to read, find a purpose!

Is it because you want to pass your upcoming examination, is it become you want to know more? Is it because you want to improve yourself?

Whatever it is, find it and let it keep ringing in your head whenever you want to give up on reading.



Now that you have successfully found your purpose of reading, you need to state your study goals clearly.

What do you want to achieve at the end of each study session? How many chapters do you want to complete? What do you want to learn at the end of your study session?

These are some of the questions you need to answer.

When you find yourself losing focus, these goals should keep you back on track.

However, don’t forget to set SMART goals i.e Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound study goals.

 smart study



If you want to study for hours without losing concentration, you need to use breaks.

Your body is not a machine and your brain is not an engine but a biological organ.

Even machines develop fault and need repair. That is why you need to take short and effective breaks while studying.

After reading for an hour or two, your body system start to give you a warning signal. When this happen, don’t force things!

You may decide to go on a walk, you may want to play game on your phone or check out your social media account. Whatever works for you, make sure it is short and effective.



Being active while studying has been proven to help concentrate while studying.

Trust me, you will read for longer hours without losing focus when you engage in active study.

Some of the different ways to involve in active study include:

  • Reading out loud some important points
  • Explaining to yourself in the way you understand
  • Highlighting important points with your pen/pencil/highlighter
  • Summarizing what you read in another book

These and many other ways are active-study techniques that actually works.

When you just stare at books without being actively involved in them, you tend to lose focus easily.



 If you lose concentration while discussing with friends, you need to see your Pastor/Imam(lol).

Just joking, but that is very close to the truth. Group study is one of the most effective ways to study without losing concentration.

Unless the subject/course being discussed is one you don’t find interest in, then I see no reason why group study will not work for you.



What reward do you get after achieving your study goals? This is another thing you need to consider.

Just like you always like to get something after a job well-done, your brain will like to get something too.

The truth is, “It will help you the next time you want to read“. Setting your eyes on the price will help to keep you motivated.

This, which I still do has been very effective for me and I believe it will be for you too.

Today, this is where I will stop on the article titled, “How to concentrate on study for long hours“.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Feel free to use the comment section below!

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  3. Thanks for this info, but i do read with music and it doesn’t distract me at all. Thanks again for dis information.

    • Yes, I have friends that read with music. It works for me sometimes too especially when I’m studying Physics or Mathematics.

      However, for some subjects that can be boring, I prefer not to remove my earpiece.

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