Since its launch in 2011, Dota 2 has added plenty of new features, heroes, updates, and skins, among others. All these new items make the video game more entertaining and fun. As for today, we want to cover the 5 top masks of Dota 2. In short, they are purely cosmetic elements that do not affect the abilities or powers of characters.

With this new addition, the game has become not only more fun, but also more diverse in terms of betting. There is a huge variety of different bet types to choose from. At, you can see what we mean by that. However, before placing bets on this discipline, you need to know more about cosmetic elements that change animations and attacks on heroes. Below, you can familiarize yourself with this in more detail.

What Makes Dota 2 Skins Special?

What Makes Dota 2 Skins Special?

There are many skins that we find within Dota 2. Most of them can be purchased directly from the Steam Market. However, there are some that could only be obtained at certain points in history and that have never. been available again. So, they are considered Dota 2’s most valuable cosmetic items.

Have you ever wondered why there are people who have masks in the game that you have never seen before? For example, Desert Sands Baby Roshan or Dark Moon Baby Roshan, among many others. Well, although these aspects are already impossible to achieve, there are people who decide to sell their accounts with these masks that today are more than expensive.

Normally, items that you buy at the official Steam market can only be resold after a week of purchase. Real money is first used to purchase skins. Then, whenever you earn more money on the platform, you can use it to buy other items. Rarity classifies each aspect into Dota2, and the rarer it is, the more valuable it is. They are classified as seen below:

  • common;
  • unusual;
  • rare;
  • mythical;
  • legendary;
  • immortal;
  • arcane;
  • ancient.

Getting into the game is much better if you look closely. With the right masks, you can make it look good despite winning or losing. Furthermore, when it comes to the quality of an item or a skin, there are four categories into which they can fall. These are inscribed, heroic, genuine and normal, and the nobles can change the quality of the items. Although the masks do not guarantee victory, they make the game more pleasing to the eye.

The 5 Most Popular Masks

Dota 2 have seen several teams compete in unique aspects while competing for victory. Among these, certain aspects are considered the best options of Dota 2 according to their popularity. The five best masks in this category are:

1. Crown of the Grim Retribution

This aspect can be placed in the weapon slot of the Drow Ranger. Launched in May 2019, it is classified in the immortal rarity and originated in the immortal treasure. The initial price of Reaper’s retribution is $7.25 and can be found in the Steam market. The skin can also be obtained on reaching a certain level of the game.

2. Great Sage’s Reckoning

This mask was made for the head of Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King. It has several styles that can be changed during the game, allowing players to implement some of the tests that Sun went through. Released in December 2016, it is classified under arcane rarity and is available on the Steam market with an initial price of $17.50.

3. Just Lightning

This is an impressive aspect of immortal rarity to help Zeus defeat his enemies in style. The mask was firstly released in July 2015 and can be purchased on the Steam Market with an initial price of $10.65. Also, Just Lightning can be placed in the slot of the weapon and comes from the immortal treasures 3.

4. First of the Flood

The first rarity of First of the Flood adorns Slardar, known for protecting treasures and cities underwater. The item is similar to Crimson First of the Flood, but differs in color and texture. It can be equipped in the rear slot and was launched in August, 2019. It can also be found in the Steam market with an initial price of $3.27 and comes from the immortal treasure 3.

5. Frost Avalanche

Frost Avalanche is the first item in Rylai’s collection with a pet. It contains a gem that can unlock an extra style. The mask firstly appeared in February, 2015. It is out of the arcane rarity and can be placed in the rear slot of Crystal Maiden. With a starting price of $21.50, it can be found in the Steam store.

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