These 5 Places Around The World Still Practice Cannibalism


Cannibalism is still practiced today in spite of being viewed as shocking by individuals.

Regardless of whether legitimate or something else, the training proceeds and here are the nine problem areas where cannibalism is still very well-practiced.

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1. India

The Aghori, an organization of Indian Monks, perform savage ceremonies for profound illumination. They gather and drink from human skull bowls and cover their body in ashes of human remaining parts. They use just groups of individuals who have already died.

2. Fiji

Fiji is acclaimed for its long-running history of cannibalism and was even named ‘Barbarian Island’. The practices have nearly vanished lately except for the Naihehe Caves, home to the keep going human-eating bunch on the island.

3. Liberia

Following the First Liberian Civil War, Doctors Without Borders discovered proof of barbarian practices that they sent over to Amnesty International. Instead of being explored the proof was concealed, with Liberia’s present Secretary-General saying: “how they manage the bodies after common freedoms infringement are submitted isn’t important for our order or concern.”

4. Rotenburg, Germany

Germany’s Armin Meiwes satisfied his fantasy about a burning-through human substance by putting a promotion for a willing volunteer.

Fortunately for him, he found willing 43-year-old, Bernd Brandes. The couple ate on Brandes’ private parts before Armin wounded him with a 12-inch blade.

He was later captured for homicide as cannibalism isn’t wrongdoing in Germany.

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5. Florida

A naked man was shot by police in Miami in 2012 as he would not quit eating his casualty’s face. Rudy Eugene ate up Ronald Poppo on a Florida road, leaving him with just one eye and serious facial wounds

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