Top 10 Law Schools in Nigeria, Courses Offered and their Locations

Wondering where the Nigerian Law schools are located in the country and what they are like?

The list below will intimate you with the latest information on the Law schools in Nigeria, their location, their school fees, how long law school takes, and everything you need to know about the Law schools in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Law School is an educational institution set up by the Government of Nigeria in the year 1962. The law school was set up to provide a Nigerian legal education to foreign-trained lawyers, and to provide practical training for aspiring Legal Practitioners in Nigeria.

Prior to the establishment of the school, legal practitioners in Nigeria had undergone the necessary training and had already been admitted to the British Bar.

In Nigeria, how many law school campuses are there?

Headquarters of the School of Law is located at Abuja the Federal Capital Territory

Today, Nigeria has six law school campuses. They can be found in:

  1. The law school campus in Lagos
  2. Campus of the Abuja Law School
  3. Campus of the Enugu Law School
  4. Campus of Bayelsa Law School
  5. Campus of Kano Law School
  6. Yola Law School.

Nigerian law schools and their locations:

1. School of Law, Lagos:

The Lagos Campus was established in 1969 and later relocated to its present location. In 1997, the headquarters were moved to Abuja. Over 70,000 students have graduated from the institution, many of which have gone on to become great lawyers, judges, and citizens.

School Of law Lagos division is one of Nigeria’s most respected law schools globally. It features a staff-student-faculty community united by a shared interest in law in practice and the singular goal of achieving greatness. Its goal is to prepare each student for the varied challenges, obligations, and rewards that come with working as a lawyer.

Its teaching environment encourages both individual and group innovative inquiry in practice. Aside from the institution’s academic achievements, its vibrant environment fosters each individual’s social and interactive abilities, especially because the community is made up of students from many ethnic origins.

Law School of Lagos Campus continues to live up to its illustrious reputation. It has produced and continues to generate leaders in a variety of fields who promote the rule of law as a tool for societal transformation.

Courses at the Lagos Law School

Litigation in Criminal Court

Litigation in Civil Cases

Law in Practice

Corporate Law Practice

Property Law Practice

Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, P.M.B. 12610, Lagos, Nigeria is the address of the school.

2. Abuja Legal School

Abuja School Of law is among Nigeria’s most prestigious law schools. Nigerian Law School, Bwari, P.M.B 170, Garki, Abuja; Nigerian Law School, Bwari, P.M.B 170, Garki, Abuja; Nigerian Law School, Bwari,


  • Criminal law
  • Property Law
  • Corporate law
  • Professional Ethincs
  • Library

3. Enugu School Of law is a law school in Enugu, Nigeria.

Enugu Law School is located on the campus of Enugu University, Agbani a town in Enugu State, Nigeria.


  • Criminal Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Corporate Law Practice
  • Law in Practice
  • Property Law Practice

4. Campus of Bayelsa Law School

The Nigerian Law School Yenagoa’s south-south campus is located in Agudama-Epie, on the outskirts of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.


  • Criminal Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Corporate Law Practice
  • Law in Practice
  • Property Law Practice

5. Kano Law School is number five on the list.

Kano Campus, Nigerian School Of law, Jos Highway, Kano, PMB 3568


  • Criminal Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Corporate Law Practice
  • Law in Practice
  • Property Law Practice

6. Yola Law School Campus

Located at Wuro Hausa, Yola, Nigeria


  • Criminal Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Corporate Law Practice
  • Law in Practice
  • Property Law Practice

Which Nigerian law school has the greatest campus?

Nigerian legal students are more likely to attend law schools in Lagos and Abuja. Nevertheless, this would not rule out the existence of other excellent legal schools in the country.

Because of the proximity of Lagos and Abuja law schools, most students decide to complete their one-year legal education in those cities. Enugu law school campus, Bayelsa law school campus, Kano law school campus, and Yola law school campus are some of the other legal institutions of Higher learning.

Below are answers to some of the most popular questions concerning law school in Nigeria:

In Nigeria, how long does law school last?

In Nigeria, school of law or law school usually takes a year to complete, given all other factors remaining constant.

After passing the NLS exams, all students will be summoned to the Bar. After that, they’ll have to serve in the National Youth Service Corps for one year.

In Nigeria, how much does law school cost?

The Nigerian Law School Fees Structure for All Programs is listed below

Note: This is for Fresh Students Only.

The amount given below is in Naira for Nigeria law students in the 2021/2022 sessions.

Cocktails                                              N8,000

Course Materials                             N20,000

Development Levy                         N20,000

E-Handbook (CD-ROM)              N3,000

Examination Bar Part II             N25,000

Facilities Maintenance                N33,000

Hostel Accommodation               N30,000

Hostel Caution Deposit                N10,000

Identity Card                                     N1,000

Insurance                                            N5,000

Library Development                   N30,000

Medical Registration                     N10,000

Postages by Courier                       N2,000

Quality Assurance                          N15,000

Security Services                             N15,000

Sports & Recreational Facilities     N5,000

Student Year Book                                N4,000

Term Dinners                                          N12,000

The Nigerian Law & Practice Journal N7,000

 Total Fees                                                N295,000

Tuition                                                       N10,000

V-Sat and Info Tech                             N30,000

What kind of legal degree does Nigerian law school award or confer?

A course in civil and criminal cases, property and commercial law, and philosophy are all available at the Law School. The Nigerian Law School has graduated almost 70,000 students.

Someone who holds a law graduate degree and wishes to work as a lawyer in Nigeria must enroll in the Nigerian School Of law. Students successfully complete the Bar Part II tests receive certificates from the Council of Legal Education, and that they are then summoned to the bar.

So far, i have disclosed the various campuses of law schools in Nigeria, number of years it takes to study law in Nigeria. Also, I have listed the courses studied by law students in each Nigerian law school. I believe this article has really answered the questions that might be bothering your mind.

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