Pardon the pun, but poker is hands-down one of the most iconic casino games of all time. Conceived over two hundred years ago, poker has proven a lasting favourite for both casual and advanced players across the world. So much so, that the pastime has evolved over the years and branched into the realm of video poker Once enjoyed in-person, poker can now be played anywhere and anywhere.

The appeal of poker has to do with its complexity, and in order to understand it, we have to unpack the video poker basics. While video poker is easy to pick up, the game promises a great deal of strategy when played at more advanced levels (which is where you will one day be with this beginner’s guide). 😆 

With video poker being more accessible than ever, thousands of players now have 24-hour access to the game, with professional players earning high payouts when they throw down their digital cards and take them to the table.

Here at Bitcasino, in particular, we have so many incredible all-time favorite poker games, including video poker for beginners. Our players just love returning time and again to try their hand against the dealer.

Below is the ultimate guide to video poker for beginners.  We’ll start with the video poker basics and move into more advanced strategies as we go. Keep reading to get the competitive edge and make sure you always carry an ace up your sleeve when the cards start to fall.

Video poker basics

In a typical poker game, players are dealt several cards from a 52-card deck. Players will make bets based on how strong they think their hand is relative to the other players. As the game continues, the players who think they have the strongest hand will continue to bet. At the end of the game, the person with the best hand wins the pot.

Before we jump into the different game types, have you tried out High Hand Holdem Poker?

Types of Video Poker Games

Before diving in, it’s important to note that the same poker variations are now available online as they are in live casinos. At Bitcasino you can enjoy any of the games you read about below, from the comfort of your home and at the click of a button.

This wouldn’t be a beginner’s guide to video poker online if we didn’t explore the game’s most popular iterations. Although the basics of video poker remain mostly the same, several variations have developed, each with their own take on a tried and tested formula.

Texas Hold’em 

One of the most popular versions of poker. In Texas Hold’em, players are dealt two “hole” cards (visible only to the individual player), while five “community” cards are dealt in the centre of the table.

The objective is to make the best possible hand using the community cards. Out of the community cards, three will face up (the flop) and the other two will face down (the return and the river).

Players will bet both before and after the flop and then following the return and the river. Curious why it’s so popular? Check it out for yourself with our very own Bitcoin Texas Hold’em, the perfect video poker for beginners and advanced players alike.

Five-card Draw 

The name of this game refers to the five cards each player receives in their hand. Players are given the option of replacing those cards to improve their hand. A “draw” is made and unwanted cards are thrown out of the hand,  to be replaced with new cards from the deck. Bets are placed both before and after the draw, with a two-person showdown taking place for the final pot.

Seven-card Stud 

Here the player is dealt seven cards, some of which will be face up and the others face down. The player must assemble the best five-card hand they can from that initial seven-card hand.

Although similar to Texas hold’em, seven-card stud differs in that the cards are not shared by the table and belong to the individual.

Jacks or Better

Also known as “draw poker,” this is one of the most popular types of video poker on the market today. Here, payouts begin when you hold a hand of jacks or better, meaning players are more likely to receive a payout. Players are dealt five cards, which they may keep or discard in search of a better hand, with payouts starting from a pair of jacks.

All-American Video Poker

Similar to “Jacks or Better,” this version pays out better for flushes, straights and straight flushes. The only downside is that payouts are lower for full houses or pairs, so make sure you’re aware of this before you start.

Joker’s Wild

In this version, the joker is a wild symbol that substitutes for other symbols to make better hands. This fresh take on the traditional rules brings a new dynamic to the game.

If you think you’re ready to light up the table, there’s no better place to start than with a game of Joker Poker, especially once you’ve come to terms with the video poker basics.

Video Poker Hands

Now that you understand the types of games, you’re on track to understanding the video poker basics. Next up? Common online poker hands. A player’s hand refers to the cards they hold that were dealt to them by the dealer. Your hand begins when you receive the cards and ends when the round is won or you fold. The aim of the game is to have the strongest possible hand.

Royal flush

Consisting of a ten, jack, queen, king and ace all belonging to the same suit. This is not only an incredibly rare hand, but the best you can get, and is capable of beating all the others.

Straight flush

The second-best hand, a straight flush includes cards all from the same suit. For example, 5 to 9 of hearts would be a straight flush.

Four of a kind

A hand made up of four of the same cards from any suit and completed with the highest possible community card on the table.

Full house

A three of a kind with a pair thrown in.


Five cards of the same suit in no specific order. If two players have a flush, the player with the highest card in the flush wins.


Five cards that follow each other in ascending order but not necessarily of the same suit.

Three of a kind

A three-card hand completed with the two highest cards on the table.

Two pairs

A hand with two different pairs of the same suit and completed with the highest community card available.


A hand with two cards of the same kind, completed with three of the highest community cards.

High card

A hand in which the player has only a single high card.

Tips and Strategies for online video poker

This wouldn’t be video poker for beginners if we didn’t address what to do if you’ve found yourself on the losing end of a bad hand. Often, this is down to luck and completely beyond your control. However, there are some video poker basics and tips to consider that can ensure you are able to make the best out of the hands you are dealt.

Here are tips for mastering video poker. Once you’ve got the below video poker basic strategy in place, take on a hand of High Hand Hold’em and ace what you’ve learned!! ♣️♦️♠️♥️ For more video poker casino games, visit Bitcasino.

Avoid playing bad hands

The top tip for a winning video poker strategy. If you’re starting with a less-than-stellar hand, it’s more than likely you will see a poor result. Make sure you can always justify why you are entering into a hand and playing a given round. Being honest with yourself will allow you to nip bad hands in the bud rather than letting them continue to generate low returns.

Evaluate the size of the pot

When playing poker online, you have the full value of the pot readily available. Take advantage of this by figuring out the best amount to bet in a given hand. This will help you avoid losses. After all, there’s no point losing more money than the pot is actually worth.

Don’t undersell your hand

If you think you have an amazing hand, start making stronger bets. Needlessly bluffing with small amounts helps your opponent increase their pot. Don’t undersell yourself with small bets if you know you have a winning hand.

Understand different playing styles

Video poker beginners often fail to consider their own playing style or that of their opponents’ when making decisions, especially with the added factor of playing online. For example, if your opponent usually likes to play very tightly and make smaller bets, take note of this. This will help you get a better overall read of the table and avoid betting big when you don’t need to. Similarly, you should try and develop an awareness of your own playing style. If you don’t, you might become too easily read by other players.

Watch the table carefully

New players often get so caught up in their own hands and the size of the pot that they forget to consider the table at all. To avoid this, be aware of what’s going on at the table. Who’s betting? When are they betting? How are they betting? These are all important things to consider and will help you make better-informed wagers.

Practice self-control 

One of the biggest issues facing players of all levels, but particularly video poker newbies, is self-control. Without self-control, even the most seasoned veteran can turn a winning hand into a loss.

Much of this is rooted in a lack of confidence in one’s own judgement. With that said, developing discipline when wagering can be the difference between breaking even and suffering a hefty loss. Of all the points to take from these video poker basics, let this be the one that you bear in mind most often.

For some, self-control will come over time as you gain more experience in online video poker, so practice as often as you can right here at Bitcasino. This will give you a better sense of when it’s time to fold and when it’s time to claim the table.

Playing more games will allow you to build up the experience and gain greater confidence in your playing decisions, naturally leading to better self-control and informed decisions. As part of this learning experience, take the opportunity to reflect on a bad hand and analyse whether your decision was the right one.

Lastly, here are some more basic tips to keep you focused during a game.

  • Turn your phone on silent
  • Take notes on a piece of paper
  • Analyse your hand
  • Choose a player to focus on and study their playing style

Get started with online poker at Bitcasino

If this beginner’s guide to video poker and video poker basics has piqued your interest and you feel that you are ready to start building up your bankroll, simply sign up for a Bitcasino account and start practicing with some live games. Setting up an account is completely free and only takes a second. Sign up today and unlock a world of video poker options.

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