Hey, I am quite sure you are looking for one way or the other to make money online. But then, do you know you can start a WhatsApp TV business and make up to 6 figures online monthly

Yea, it is possible. I have been there, and I am going to show you how to do just that. You must not be a blogger like me who pays for hosting, domain, SEO, and sometimes web management.

Meanwhile, you have me as a testimony who can boast of making 6 figures income monthly with my WhatsApp handle.

In today’s blog post you are going to learn the following

  • What is Whatapp TV
  • How do you start a Whatsapp TV business
  • How do WhatsApp TV make money
  • How to get more views on your WhatsApp TV
  • How to create a WhatsApp link
  • How WhatsApp TV earn money

So sit tight, get a cold drink, a book, and a pen because I am going to reveal everything you need to know so let us get started.

What is WhatsApp TV Business


Whatapp TV is nothing different from the well-known Whatapp or Whatapp business social media application. So that is to say there is no separate application called WhatsApp TV, it is still the same WhatsApp business or WhatsApp.

And the most amazing fact is that you have a whatapp installed on your phone, and you use whatapp on daily basis.

That means in one way or the other you must have come across contacts that gave themselves special names such as

  • Morjit films-TV
  • Naija boy Music TV
  • Mikes TV
  • Mitrobe Network

So if you are among those who love viewing your contacts status, just know that those of them running a whatapp tv makes a hell of money either from.

  • Advertising
  • Sponsored post.
  • Affiliate marketing and lots more.

How does it feel like, getting paid to update a post on your whatapp status? Oh, yummy. That the best feeling ever.

Don’t worry you will get there, but then you need to build a whatapp buyer list.

What is a Whatsapp buyer list?

A whatapp buyer list is a process of creating a list of followers who are in one way or the other interested in the kinds of stuff you put up.

Just like how email list deals with an email marketing
campaigns, that is how whatsapp buyers list deals with WhatsApp TV business.

Requirements needed to start a Whatsapp Television

Here is the list of resources you needed to start a whatapp TV and make money from it.

  • An android phone.
  • Working Gmail account.
  • Mobile data
  • Logo
  • Whatapp business (recommended)

An Android phone.

Well, you need a good working android phone with WhatsApp business installed.

Working Gmail account.

Yes, you will need to have a large number of subscribers list, and of course, your Simcard has a limit to the total number of contacts it can hold. So it is recommended you save your contact to your Gmail account that can carry unlimited contacts. And also should in case you have a breakdown or when you are updating your whatapp you won’t lose any of your contacts.

Mobile Data

Of course, you need a data connection to access whatsapp.


It is advisable to have a logo for your whatapp TV that signifies that you are into business and not just online for fun’s sake.

You can create a simple logo using canva.com for free.

Whatsapp Busines Account

I recommended you use whatapp business to run your whatapp TV rather than the normal whatapp application.

Just as the name implies WhatsApp business, which means it is specifically for business.

It comes with greater features that are not supported on the normal whatapp app.

Why Whatapp Busness is Best to Run whatapp TV.

You may be wondering why I said you should use WhatsApp business to create your WhatsApp TV instead of the normal whatapp.

Here are the reasons below.

Business profile setup

Whatapp business creates room for editing your profile as a business entity and not just a person.

  • It comes with the extra addons
  • Location on map
  • Your website (if you have any)
  • Your Gmail account
  • Your landline.

But on the normal whatapp, these features are void.

Message statistics

As a businessman, you should know the essence of record taking, on Whatapp business you have the avenue to record the number of messages you have sent and received overtime.

Automated Greetings and Away message

On whataapp business, you can set up an automated greeting or an away message for your whatapp tv either to inform your contact that you are away, or to salute new contacts with a custom message.

Grouping chats with labels

One of my favorite whatapp business features is the grouping of chats with labels such as

  • Customer
  • New customer.
  • New order
  • Pending payment
  • Paid
  • Order complete.

It helps me in locating old clients especially those who love to say. I WOULD GET BACK TO YOU. 😁

There are so many unmentioned features why WhatsApp business is better than the normal WhatsApp application when running a whatapp business, but with those few, I hope you have seen the benefits so far.

How WhatsApp TV works, and how to make money from it.

In short Whatapp TV just implies you having a large contact base who frequently views and follows your status from time to time.

Are you aware that there are some people who their whatapp status get more than 1,000 views within 24hours.

Yea I know of one of my boss that can boast of having over 1000 view on all is WhatsApp updates

And that kind of account is a goldmine because businesses can pay him to advertise for them, it is just similar to having an Instagram page with thousands of followers.

How to start WhatsApp TV and make 6 figure Income from it in 2020

Now, that you have gotten a hint of what WhatsApp TV is and the use of it, let boil down to how to create a whatapp TV that makes close to 7 figures or more monthly.

Note: This is what others pay N5,000 or more to buy ebooks that teach them How to start a WhatsApp TV business, and this is what you are about to read here for free, so make use of it and don’t forget to send me a testimonial on WhatsApp on +2349061741954.

To start a whatapp TV you must adhere to the following.

  • Pick your niche
  • Setup your whatapp TV account
  • Personal branding of your whatapp TV
  • Marketing orientation
  • Engagements

Pick your niche

Your niche is more of like the subject matter that you will focus on. Just as in blogging where we have a blog that focuses on news alone, health, digital marketing, and so on. That same niche is applied to whatpp TV.

It is so important to focus on a niche because it determines the proximity to how much income you can make from your whatapp TV business.

For instance, let assume you start a whatapp TV business on entertainment, which means your buyer’s list is looking forward to laughing out loud on viewing your status updates, and not having the intention to buy anything from you. So that means the kind of status you should put up will be more of a comedy skirt, memes to turn them on. And your income potential will be more of promoting upcoming comedians, sending traffic to entertainment blogs and ex-Cetra

Setup your WhatsApp TV account.

Now, that you have decided on the niche to focus on. It is time to set up your whatapp TV account.

Remember I recommended using whatapp business app to more features that will make it easier for you to skyrocket your whatapp TV business with ease.

So, what left is to download whatapp business application from play store or wherever you like, and then fill up your credentials. Make sure you save your new contact to your Gmail account just like I have explained the reason why above and not your Simcard.

Personal Branding of your whatapp TV

It time to put up your whatapp TV business logo, as I have stated above you can get one for free using canva.com.

After that, suggest a short catchy name for your whatapp TV. If you have a website good and fine you can make use of the domain name.

Fill the description of your whatapp TV purpose and make it easier for people to understand its niche by merely viewing your profile.

Marketing Orientation

Marketing is everybody’s business, no business succeeds without marketing.

So it is time to craft the best marketing orientation to increase your whatapp TV status views getting more potential contacts that will be dedicated to the kinds of stuff you post on your status and follow you up bumper to bumper.

Ways to market your Whatsapp TV for more views.

  • You can host a free whatapp class to get more contact.
  • You can do a giveaway to drive more contacts.

And during these events make sure you save their number on your Gmail account and ensure they save your number too so as they can view your status.


This is the last but not the least. Engaging your contact is one aspect that most people do fluffs.

  • You don’t overpost ( you bore them)
  • You don’t under post ( you starve them)
  • You keep it moderate.

If you don’t engage them then you can’t sell to them, or either way recommended something to them and they accept.

Most times you have to chat them up, a play or something to keep the tie strong, consistently you as putting up kinds of stuff they want to see and they never get tired of.

The moment you fail to engage them, you are out of business. So make it the utmost priority.

How to make money from your Whatsapp TV

We have come to the final session of how to start a whatapp TV business and make 6 figures income monthly.

Let assume now you have gotten a whatapp TV and then you are hitting 500 status views minimum.

How do you make money from your whatapp TV?

Simple like ABC. Below are the ways you can monetize your whatapp TV business.

  • Advertise
  • Pay to post
  • Sell people’s product
  • Sell your product


By running time-based adverts for people and getting paid to create awareness for their business or product.

Pay to post

Most people who want to create more awareness for their business can pay you up to N1000 per each post on your status. Well, it depends on your niche and the total number of views.

Sell people’s products.

This is kinda more of an affiliate marketing scheme. Maybe you see a product that got so much value and you are sure your contacts will love to get it. You can advertise it and get a commission for every sale from your end.

Sell your product

Last but not least you can sell your products, offer your expertise in exchange for money.


We have come to the final session on how to create a whatapp TV business and make money.

I am quite sure you got value, I will be so pleased if you put what you have leaned into practice because I can’t wait to celebrate your success.

P.S it would make me happy if you take your time to comment and share this article.

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