There is a great dispute in the current economy to know which of the two forms of payment and monetary exchange is more reliable and profitable between the crypto market and traditional banking at .

The financial system we have is still anchored in a prospect developed in the last century, which has withstood the blows of time without using technological tools due to the lack of adaptation to digitization.

Over time, some changes in the behavior regulations of some common banking institutions have been followed and accepted. As a result, they have sought to open up important space in the cryptocurrency and blockchain environment.

They say they want to implement improvements in the bank network. However, the truth is that new cryptocurrencies have been created that, hand in hand with banking, try to access the traditional banking market.

Competition between traditional Banking and CRYPTOCURRENCIES has begun. The former wants to stand out more than cryptocurrencies. Still, they must start by making significant changes within their economic exchange structure.

This process that banks must go through is quite a challenge. We are uncertain, and it cannot be assured if they will achieve it or become just an old system without innovation for a generalized financial environment.

The crypto revolution

With the issuance of cryptocurrencies, a breakout phase has been ushered in in the financial landscape, generating many more profit possibilities for the user.

Through cryptocurrencies, third parties do not intervene in carrying out economic transactions. Moreover, the processes are instant and can be carried out from any mobile device, allowing inclusion in a global economy.

Cryptocurrencies provide a fundamental characteristic: the decentralization of the economy, followed by security thanks to BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology, immediacy when carrying out commercial transactions, which is all done online and from anywhere in the world.

Another great advantage of cryptocurrency operations is that the identity is kept safe.

The use of cryptocurrencies also offers significant advantages such as popularity for the businesses that use them, improvements in the sales of products and services of large and small companies, immediate payments, etc.

Traditional banking says goodbye.

Cryptocurrencies have been the cause of an imbalance in the foundations of a sector that was subject to traditional and obsolete ideas. Traditional banking should have updated its functions following the demands expressed by customers.

Banking institutions have set out to delay an unstoppable transformation process. However, even the most prestigious entities, such as the central ones, have not achieved the strategy to take this turn; for this reason, they only have to reinvent themselves, whereas cryptocurrencies are only the beginning of a successive change that has no reverse.

To cover all the expectations and demands of the clients, the large banking entities have to embrace a process digitization project, trying to offer the same services provided by cryptocurrencies to be on par with cryptographic technology, leaving, On the one hand, carrying out the processes manually and traditionally.

It is already seen how the most influential banks in the banking sector are starting to implement and invest in blockchain technology to advance and achieve a level with digital banking.


Both forms of payment and exchange are profitable in their way; the difference is that today technology has covered all processes, and the economic and financial field is one of the most closely related to it.

The economy has adapted a versatile model to carry out its transactions, services offered to users, and more, aspects that traditional banking cannot cover in the same way as it has not yet fully adopted the global systematization of processes.

Today and in the future, technology will revolutionize all areas that move humanity.

To the point that traditional financial entities have already begun to use the blockchain platform to secure their processes in a monitored and even centralized way.

Cryptocurrencies have generated an enormous return, which has left many speechless, but these have originated from timely investments; everything is a chain of actions; if you invest on time and enter the market at the right point, then the profits will be expected.

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