Imagine a world without standing in lines for offices in public institutions. Imagine a public sector working fast and efficiently. In a world like that, every citizen would be pleased with a high level of public services. Moreover, officials would be pleased with their work without pressure, in an innovative environment. Is that utopia? Not at all! It is absolutely possible!

Introduction to digital government

Have you ever heard about digital solutions for governments? If not, you have to check website. You can find all information there. However, we will make a short introduction to the topic too. It is needed to explain our great vision of productive public administration.

There are a lot of solutions that can make public sector institutions work much better than now. They are provided by TrustGrid. What’s more, already there are institutions (such as offices, hospitals, and schools), that are using them. But still, it needs to be spread and improved.

Digital government is a real deal, and it’s definitely worth a closer look. Let’s focus on solutions provided by TrustGrid. Thanks to them, it will be possible to do all formalities online, without leaving home. For officials that means more time to do other work than just receiving clients. So, what kind of solutions are available?

Best digital solutions for governments

To provide digital solutions both for government and citizens, there is a platform that allows to enter and check data. A platform works with simple to use applications. So, in practice, every citizen can use these solutions on his phone. Another thing is the protection of data, which is also guaranteed by the provider.

Digitalization for governments consists of digital credentials, digital citizen identity, and digital birth certificates. So there is a whole digital identity service for citizens. Also, people can give access to their data to law officers or officials whenever they want.

Thanks to these solutions all information can be found and verified digitally. By that, we mean identity, age, medical records, vaccination records, driving license, or even degrees and so. With that life is much easier.

How it can be used in practice?

A citizen needs to prove his identity in many circumstances. One of them is driving license control. If someone doesn’t have a paper document, there is a problem for both a police officer and a controlled person. A digital driving license allows having this document all the time, simply on the phone. A trustworthy ecosystem allows a police officer to verify it in a fast and secure way.

Another good example is the obligation to register the birth of a child. It’s hard to find a time for a newborn’s parents. But they need to go to the office. It also slows down the work of officials, because they need to take documents and enter them into the system. This is a waste of precious time.

It is simple to notice, that digitalization is the future of governments. It will improve their work and also the level of public services for citizens.

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