Yahoo Yahoo Plus? How to do Yahoo plus in Nigeria and make money


Yahoo Yahoo plus simply involve integrating spiritual activities or concoction into the yahoo fraud business.

Practically, this Cybercrime pandemic is largely perpetrated by young and vibrant youths and especially those  in tertiary institutions, and are socially tagged yahoo yahoo or yahoo boys.

While most young people condemn such a fraudulent scheme on grounds of morality, some Yahoo boys in Nigeria give reasons to justify their immoral acts.

Yahoo boys rely solely on their computer dexterity and tendencies to victimize unsuspecting persons in cyberspace. Most notable among this crimes recently is fake bank alerts generation solely for defrauding innocent people.

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If you haven’t heard of the notoriously propagated yahoo yahoo plus business in Nigeria and beyond  then you’ve probably crawled out of a cave to read this and you should crawled back because this planet  isn’t safe for you….lol

If you’ve tried everything possible to become a yahoo boy  via legit means but found out that it is extremely difficult than it was envisage.This short guide will explicitly explain everything you need to know and why you should avoid the yahoo plus journey.

Have you tried all the formats you thought you have without any success and you are tired already. It now seems that no white man wants to fall for your  devious schemes and tricks and you are frustrated already. Whether you are in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or anywhere in Europe, the yahoo plus style works for everybody if you do it the right way.

The journey towards becoming a yahoo plus nigga isn’t an easy one and you should be  well informed and prepared for the task ahead. In a more conventional way, it can be likened to Money ritual or joining an occult society for the sole aim of making money.

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Practically, I must say, the Yahoo yahoo plus is  a  process of combination in cybercrime which involves the conjugation and  combination of  certain spiritual  atomic elements with internet surfing to boost cybercrime success rates. This article  carefully examines Yahoo Yahoo Plus? How to do Yahoo plus in Nigeria and make money  as well as its direct connection with cybercrime, and interesting things you need to know before embarking on this journey.

Still want to become a yahoo plus  star boy?, Lets dive into it as fast as we can!

With the use of yahoo plus, you can command  international clients and initiate any reaction and the product will be positive and at the same time, your clients will  dance to your music without hesitation. However, the truth is that it doesn’t really work that way as  you’ve been informed.

Yahoo Yahoo plus is diabolical  and has a strong connection with spirituality in all dimension, and it is a modern symbolism of blood  or ritual money. There is no reasonable yahoo guy that will tell you he is into yahoo plus without shedding human blood in one form or the other. It is  basically a synonym for rituals, and nobody in his/ her right frame of mind and sense should  embrace it.


Furthermore,  the yahoo business has frustrated a lot of people and they no longer care about what they do anymore to earn  and make a living. They are now looking for any means to make money.

Here is a detailed process to do Yahoo Plus for Beginners and make money?

Yahoo Plus Rituals 2019/2020 Unknown Facts You Should Be Aware Of

This part will show you a step by step process to run your yahoo plus business and start making money.  Most Yahoo boys  belief strongly that they can draw greedy people’s attention by beguiling such people with unusual opportunities and when that doesn’t happens they result to yahoo plus.

So if becoming a yahoo yahoo plus boy is your ultimate calling, these are the few things you need to know;


  • Identify a Good and reliable Native Doctor

This is the most  intricate part of trying to become a yahoo yahoo plus guy. There are so many scam native doctors who would want to scam you  of your already possessed hard earn money when they don’t even have powers.

  • Decide on your class of  Yahoo plus

There are several options to choose when it comes to Yahoo plus. So you have to be careful before choosing. Depending on the class  of yahoo plus you’ve decided to belong to, the prices to pay differs accordingly. So get your min ready..

  • Avoid Certain Things

After joining yahoo plus, be ready to avoid certain things such as women, avoid eating food prepared by women, spending money unnecessary and especially within your family members and also avoid eye contact with your victims who might have run mad.

  • Be ready for the consequence.
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This point is self explanatory because every beginning has an end. According to newtons third law of motion, to very action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The end is always disastrous and calamitous.

Yahoo  Yahoo Plus Rituals : Interesting Fact You Did Not Know Before Joining

. Be ready to feed on Human Faeces.

From human poo to animal food: How Kenya turns toilet waste into ...

Yahoo plus boys eat faeces with bread as  breakfast, lunch and probably dinner in their respective closet. It was reported that a lady overheard her ex-boyfriend discussing with a friend on call, narrating this experience which was one of the things he had to do to get money. Suddenly when she tried running away or disassociating herself from his yahoo plus boyfriend, she was eventually paralyzed and subjected to chronic madness

2. Be prepared to Bark like a dog Once in a Month.

This is  basically part of the money ritual process towards becoming a rich yahoo plus gee; it involves the person involve  barking unusually like a dog. There is a video of a yahoo boy barking like a dog, in front of his friends while they laughed and hailed him saying ‘owo de’ meaning money is coming. Sadly, he eventually died after few weeks because his expected period for barking elapsed without his knowledge.

3.Oshole’, the  ultimate Power of Compulsion.

Sadly, Most Yahoo boys in Nigeria do not enjoy the pleasure of living peacefully in a specific residence. They relocate too often for the fear of being caught. In a bit to avert this menace, they engage in different form of ritual and one of them is the popular Oshole…This ritual enables a yahoo boy to command his victims to do as he says. The victims can also be law enforcement agents trying to apprehend them. The victims will not be able to object, disagree in any way  and this is the most commonly used means.

4. Practically cleaning women private part with towel or handkerchief after sleeping with her

This is very popular among yahoo plus men and boys in Nigeria. Sadly, the victims cannot even trace the origin of their predicament because there are handsomely compensated . The smoothness and ease in the accomplishment of this task by yahoo plus boys is due to the hunger and lost for monies by ladies and women in our society today and especially in this period of covid-19 crisis and pandemic every where in the world ravaging economy’s.

This ritual involving cleaning  of women private part with towel or handkerchief after sleeping with them literally and emphatically involves using females; wiping the moisture or soft portion off their private parts after sleeping with them and the material is used for the ritual.

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6. Becoming Mad for a Certain Period during the ritual process

Like I said  earlier, this point is self explanatory because every beginning has an end.The end is always calamitous. This ritual involves the yahoo boy in person to pretend to be mad for a certain period and after that, money starts coming in.

What Are Those Basic Requirements for Starting a Yahoo Yahoo Plus Boy Career?

Laptop –It cannot be overemphasized that you need a laptop to become a real Yahoo boy in Nigeria  and by extension yahoo plus but again, you don’t lay your hands on just any laptop and expect to make success with it. Jut get an apple laptop for this sort of business because of it security capabilities.

Foreign Phone Number –This is just one of the most essential requirements for saving your face in case your fraud escapade backfires. It would be very ridiculous that you use a (Nigerian) phone number which can easily reveal your identity.

VPN –Since the online sphere is where you’ll be operating as a Yahoo boy, you definitely need a reliable layer of security. Therefore, a VPN guarantees you some level of security as your “maga” doesn’t get to see your IP address and certain other sensitive information about you.


We hope this article is informative enough for people who have been surfing and romancing the Internet for  basic steps  on how to start and join the  Yahoo plus gang or business  career in Nigeria. Whereas we’ve identified and explained carefully all the fundamental prerequisite involve to do  Yahoo Yahoo Plus in Nigeria and abroad? How you do Yahoo plus in Nigeria and make money  is your choice and be ready to face the consequence.

Obviously, as highlighted above, yahoo plus  is directly proportional to cybercrime, and must be avoided at all cost if you must safe your life and that of your future generation.

Do you have any experience? lets hear your story via he comment section

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