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10 Countries With The Most Population In The World


It is very important to know the statistics of the world’s population with us getting closer to the absolute limits of the planet.
Asia currently holds has around 4.4 billion in population, in the estimate, that’s over 60% of the world’s population.

Several projections and predictions have estimated that Nigeria’s population could grow to levels with China by the year 2100 because of the high mortality rate in the country. By that time, the world’s population has been predicted to reach its peak, at around 10 or 11 billion people, with India having the highest population density.

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Ten countries in the world with the largest population in the as of right now are China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, and Mexico. Here are the population estimates of these countries;

1. China – 1,394,510,000

2. India – 1,343,330,000

3. United States – 328,677,000

4. Indonesia – 268,074,600

5. Brazil – 210,233,000

6. Pakistan – 203,643,000

7. Nigeria – 195,875,237

8. Bangladesh – 166,032,000

9. Russia – 146,793,744

10. Mexico – 130,759,074

Much of the population density in the US is due to the high immigration rate over the last decades. Currently, population growth is below 1%, and the birth rate is 1.86 births per woman as of 2014, which is below the natural level of replacement fertility rate of 2.1.

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This is higher than many developed European countries, where the populations have been getting progressively older.

Meanwhile, Russia has a population of over 145 million inhabitants as of December 2015. Although most of its territory is located in Asia. Meanwhile, the bulk of the Russian populace resides on the European continent.

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