Hotstar Mod APK Free Download Latest v11.4.9 September 2021 [Watch IPL For Free]

As we all know Hotstar is a very popular live streaming app in which you can watch your favourite movies sports TV shows news and many more. anyone cannot deny the fact that the Hotstar is best live streaming application when it comes to Indian cricket sports IPL and TV channels.

The users take subscription of Hotstar just because TV series of it is quite good. with Hotstar anyone can watch the latest American shows and Hollywood blockbuster movies without any delay cut and ad-free.

In this world of 2021 where web series and online movies have became one of the parts of our life we cannot deny the fact that we need entertainment in our busy schedule of life.

with Hotstar premium apk or Hotstar apk you can watch all of these absolutely for free. Hotstar premium mod APK works for everyone who has an Android smartphone and it does not cost a single rupees.

What is Hotstar mod APK ?

Hotstar mod APK modified version of original Hotstar app which comes with the unlock new version and ad-free version. all you need to do is installed the official version you have downloaded from the play store and install the Hotstar APK from here.

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When it comes to the streaming service of Hotstar it does offer content in eight different languages from three different countries such as the United States, India and Canada. Any user can stream from anywhere in the world with the help of a VPN dhan.

Countries mentioned above. When IPL does start the number of users of pasta in India raises up. Almost 80% of Indian matches get streamed on Android application and uses do easily watch every one of them with the help of the Hotstar mod version Som the apk file provided here.

Download Hotstar MOD APK

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Features of Hotstar mod APK

As we know Hotstar is one of the best options for an Android user to watch live cricket show. Here, we will describe one of the main features of Hotstar mod APK one by one which does help a user to watch anything on Hotstar. Following are the main features of Hotstar mod APK.

Black screen

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In the official Hotstar app it shows a black screen win you to mirror your smartphone to the smart TV. But here in this mod APK you can able to screen mirror the content.

Friendly user interface


The user interface of Hotstar premium APK is well organised so a user easily uses this. And this is one of my favourite feature of Hotstar mod APK.

Video Qualify

There are three different modes of video qualify in Hotstar to watch a video, which are low, medium and high. if you do not select any of it then with the internet connection is does automatically changes from low to high, high to low, or high to medium or medium low or medium to high.

News section


Here, you will see a news section, where you can see live news channels from different channelsfrom the countries India united states and Canada.



on Hotstar mod APK content is available in over 8 languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu Malayalam, Bengali, kannad and Marathi.

Exclusive movies


You can watch exclusive movies from around The world including Bollywood Hollywood Tollywood and other regions also.

VIP unlocked

Indore Hotstar mod APK which you download from here you get VIP unlocked which do have new features from Hotstar.

No advertisement

No Ads

There are no ads when you go for the premium subscription plan either it would be monthly or yearly.

Live TV shows

radio icon

As we know India to have a large number of channels which 2 stream live TV shows. all Star Network channels are available to stream anytime anywhere on this Hotstar mod APK.

How to install Hotstar mod APK on an Android device?

After knowing what Hotstar  APK is and how it is available absolutely for free. you would be interested to know the way by which you could install apk file of Hotstar mod on your Android device. these are the steps by which you can download it and your Android device.

  • Click on the link given here to download the apk file Hotstar mod.
  • Click on the ok button when it asks for to get downloaded in your device.
  • Click on the download section button.
  • Wait for sometime when it gets downloaded in your device.
  • Click on the downloaded APK file.
  • It will show some security settings needs to be activated.
  • Go to settings and allow unknown sources option or allow this source option.
  • Then go to the download location and find Hotstar mod APK file and click on install button after tapping on that Hotstar APK file.
  • It will take some time and when it gets installed open it right from there.
  • Sign up or login with your existing account details and you are done.
  • This is how you install Hotstar mod APK and use it absolutely for free in your Android phone.

FAQ ( frequently asked question )

Is Hotstar mod APK free for a user ?

YashHotstar mod APK is absolutely free for any user who is an Android user. If you are an Android user then click on the link given above and follow the steps given above and enjoy all the features of Hotstar mod APK.

Can we download Hotstar videos?

Yes, you can download videos of shows and movies on Hotstar after taking premium membership of head and watch it later.

Is Hotstar mod APK good for us or not?

It depends on the link from where you download the Hotstar mod APK. Free download Hotstar mod APK from here and use it then it is good for you as it is completely bug-free and totally safe to use.

Is Hotstar mod APK safe to use ?

Hotstar mod APK is safe to use if you download it from the link given here. We do update the new version of Hotstar mod APK every week. So you do not need to worry about it.

Last words

Here, in this article, we have learnt about what Hotstar is what the Hotstar mod APK file is. We got to know that Hotstar is a platform where we can stream live shows live sports and we can also watch Hotstar special on this Hotstar APK. Record to know about different features of Hotstar Premium APK.

And we learn the process by which we can download Hotstar mod APK in your Android device. If you have any queries related to Hotstar Mod APK, then do let us know in the comment section. We will try to figure it out as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this article, have a good day.

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