Do you love learning new languages or you just love the Japanses language and you are looking for an app or website that will help you learn faster, then you should try out the 5 Best Apps to Learn Japanese.

5 Best Apps to Learn Japanese

1. Learn Japanese!

If you’re new to Japanese, this program will help you learn the distinct hiragana characters, as well as katakana and some fundamental grammar. This software teaches both how to write and how to pronounce the letters.

You can go over all of the lessons anytime you want, and the app keeps note of what you’re missing so you can go over it again. It’s fantastic for brushing up on the various Japanese writing systems or learning them from start if you’re a newbie.

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2. Memrise

This program is jam-packed with materials and makes learning Japanese characters and phrases enjoyable. This software is unusual in that it includes recordings of local speakers so you can learn how words are spoken and used in regular conversation.

There are a variety of courses offered, ranging from beginning to advanced. There are also other forms of learning exercises that might assist you in learning more quickly. You can also monitor your progress and create objectives using the app, so you can see how far you’ve gone and what you still need to improve on.

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3. Shirabe Jisho

When learning a new language, having a dictionary on hand is essential. One of the greatest English to Japanese dictionaries for iOS is Shirabe Jisho. This software might be quite useful if you come across an unusual term or just want to improve your vocabulary.

You may look for terms in either English or Japanese and discover a match with meanings, Kanji, and usages. This software is really important to have at any stage in your language learning journey, and it is very simple to use in any setting.

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4. Bunpo

Bunpo is a Japanese language software that offers classes ranging from beginner to proficient. Each lesson begins with a brief explanation of the idea and then moves on to some learning tasks.

Bunpo also keeps note of any information you’re having trouble with and lets you go back over it whenever you like. Some features cost a membership premium, however all of the courses are free. It’s a fantastic approach to learn the language, regardless of your prior knowledge.



Busuu, no. 5

This is another another app that offers Japanese language training. There are a variety of them to choose from, ranging from beginner to advanced. You may also use Busuu to design a customised study plan to help you remain on track with your studies.



Busuu’s conversation function is a unique tool that may truly help you learn Japanese. This allows you to communicate with speakers of your target language. The proficient speaker might correct your writing at this time. This is an excellent strategy for ensuring that the language sticks and for better cementing notions that may seem to be too abstract.


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