Journaling is one of the ways to boost your health and increase creativity and productivity. But journalism takes a lot of time and commitment, however, you can develop the journalism spirit by using any of the mentioned websites below.

1. Day One

Paid Features:

  • Cloud sync.
  • Unlimited photos and journals.
  • Voice-to-text transcription.


  • Multiple templates for different journaling styles.
  • Add metadata like location and time automatically.
  • Insert photos and videos into your journal.
  • Set multiple reminders to start journaling.
  • Biometric security measures and end-to-end encryption to keep your information private.
  • Automatic backups and easy exports.

Overall, Day One is one of the best journal apps out there.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Cost: Free version available with most necessary features. Premium version at $2.92 per month.

2. Grid Diary


  • Multiple customizable journals with many prompts and templates.
  • Grid layout with easy-to-use functionality.
  • Add tags and attachments, including photos.
  • PDF export options.

Paid Features:

  • Password lock for privacy.
  • Sync across devices.
  • Customizable reminders.

Grid Diary is available for download on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and the Mac App Store. Grid Diary is a user-friendly journaling app with a lot of great features for beginners. It gives you a grid of questions to answer, such as “What am I grateful for?” and “How can I make tomorrow better?” The prompts are completely configurable and can help you keep track of your everyday activities.

Except for syncing between devices and a password lock, Grid Diary’s free version has practically everything you might want in a journaling service. One disadvantage is that it lacks a separate place for freeform journaling. However, adding a new custom prompt along similar lines is pretty simple.

Cost: Free version available or premium at $2.99 billed monthly or $25.99 annually.

3. Penzu


  • Entries are kept as one file stored online.
  • Custom email reminders.
  • Lock your journal for total privacy.
  • 128-bit encryption.
  • Similar UI to a WordPress blog.

Paid Features:

With over 2 million users, Penzu is another popular journaling software. It has a similar freeform design to Day One. Penzu is available as a browser-based journal, as well as on the Play Store and App Store.

One of the major drawbacks of Penzu is that you must upgrade to the commercial edition if you want some of the most important capabilities for digital journaling. Changing the date of journal entries is one example. You also can’t pre-date journal entries if you’re importing them from another program.

If you prefer to keep your journal as a private blog, Penzu is a great option. It boasts a straightforward, user-friendly design and is an excellent overall pick.

Cost: Free version available. Paid version from $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

4. Five Minute Journal


  • Prompts based on positive psychology to instill gratefulness and positive mental health.
  • With the paid version, add photos to your post and receive a daily quote.
  • PDF export options.
  • Cloud sync your journal.

Paid Features:

  • Customize your prompts and goals.
  • Mood tracking and memory features.
  • Add images and videos to your prompts.
  • Free-writing section.
Five Minute Journal includes prompts to make journaling more enjoyable. The app will offer you reminders at the beginning and conclusion of the day, as well as questions like “What will I do to make today great?” “Today’s three fantastic things were…”, and “Today’s three amazing things were…” Positive psychology is used in the app to make the user feel grateful and have a sense of purpose.

The Five Minute Journal is more of a mood-improvement journal than a typical diary. There is a free-writing part in the subscription edition, but there is no method to just add journal entries in the free version.

Cost: $2.92 per month billed annually at $34.99.

5. Daylio


  • Customizable reminders.
  • PDF export.
  • Set custom goals for your journaling experience.
  • A detailed monthly mood and activity chart.
  • Calendar view of entries.

Paid Features:

  • Remove the ads.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Unlimited, customizable goals.
  • Advanced statistics to track your mood and activities.
Daylio, which is available on both the Play Store and the Apple Store, is a unique take on journaling. You can’t write in Daylio, unlike the other options on this list, unless you want to add supplemental notes. Daylio, on the other hand, shows prompts such as how you’re feeling and what you did during the day. Daylio gives you an overall picture of your day after you select options from a list.

Daylio is a unique approach to journaling that does an amazing job and has earned rave reviews. However, if you want to keep a typical journal, Daylio isn’t the greatest option.

Cost: Free version available. The premium plan is $2.99 per month billed annually, or $4.49 per month billed monthly.

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