When your insecure partner feels like snooping on you, they most probably check your phone’s popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and iMessage. This might spell an awkward moment for you and make you think it’s hard to continually hide private chats from your insecure partner.

Luckily however, there are ways you can send secret messages without getting worried that your partner will find out when checking your phone. It’s for this reason that secret messaging apps which look like games come to the fore as lifesavers.

To probably trick your partner or snoopy friend into thinking they are games, some secret messaging apps have app icons that simulate those of typical games. If you’re using one of such apps, you can rest assured that you partner’s chances of seeing your secret messages are extremely slim.

What Are the Top 10 Cheating Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games?

Calculator Pro+

Calculator Pro+ is probably one of the most creative options among secret messaging apps. The app’s major strength perhaps lies in the fact that it’s a calculator-styled secret messaging app. While it functions as a calculator, Calculator Pro+ is primarily intended to help users send and receive messages secretly. Though a typical calculator isn’t considered a game, Calculator Pro+ still tops our list of the 10 best secret messaging apps that look like games.

Armed with an app like Calculator Pro+, it’s pretty easy for anyone to cheat on their partner without getting caught. This is because each time somebody picks up your phone and tries to open the app, “Calculator” is the app name they’ll find for it. Aside from the fact that the app icon simulates the typical calculator icon, one incredible thing about Calculator Pro+ is its calculator-like home screen. When anyone opens the app, they’ll observe that it displays a digital calculator that they can use for calculating.

What anyone opening the app sees on the surface is a calculator but deep within this app, there exists a messaging system. To gain access to this deep-lying messaging system, you need to input your PIN –the 4-digit passcode set by you at the time of launching Calculator Pro+. Put simply, your 4-digit PIN herein acts as the gateway into the secret messaging app behind this calculator.

There’s no denying that Calculator Pro+ is a great and safe-to-use app for anyone who wants to cheat on their partner. Except they have prior knowledge of Calculator Pro+, anybody opening the app on your phone would think it’s merely a calculator, since it actually works like one.

The messaging aspect of Calculator Pro+ works very much like a typical messenger. Interestingly, messaging app functionality –including sending text, sharing audios/images, and even making calls –is possible with this secret messaging app.

Calculator Pro+ supports a couple of features that allow for an exciting messaging experience. One of them is the ability to send messages to other users of the app. There’s also the “private contacts” option to which you can migrate the existing phone contacts that you intend to send secret messages via Calculator Pro+.

Aside from its ability to automatically back up your chats, Calculator Pro+ supports app icon hiding. This way, people don’t get to see the app icon not to mention opening the app on your phone. Advisably, ensure you’re using a 4-digit PIN that you can always remember.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me is one of the best secret messaging apps out there, courtesy of the amazing privacy it offers. The app adopts end-to-end encryption, which makes it difficult for anyone to recover Wickr Me’s “self-destroying” messages. Herein, “self-destroying” is simply the ability of Wickr Me to make messages disappear depending on the timer set for them by you.

Wickr Me’s strong encryption –perhaps through the Shredder feature –is an especially striking ability, which means even if your techy partner, friend or relative tries to recover Wickr Me’s deleted messages, they’re unlikely to succeed.

Courtesy of Wickr Me’s full messaging potential, you’ll be able to use the app for sharing photos/videos, sending text messages, making voice calls, and sharing voice messages.

As part of Wickr Me’s strong encryption, the app replaces each of its encrypted messages with a key. This way, it’ll be impossible for a hacker or your tech-savvy friend to decrypt a whole conversation even if that person incredibly decrypts an encrypted Wickr Me message.

Where privacy and security are what you consider most important, Wickr Me is likely your best bet among secret messaging apps. Meanwhile, the app lets you create a Wickr Me account simply by defining a username and a password. This way, you can save yourself the security risk associated with using your email address or phone number for the account creation.

Wickr Me is a pretty game-like messaging app with an app icon that’s really different from that of a typical messaging app.

NetSfere Secure Messaging

NetSfere Secure Messaging is another game-like secret messaging app that might just aid somebody’s cheating escapades. While this secret messaging app measures up to par in terms of privacy and security, it’s definitely one of the most versatile options among apps of its kind.

This messaging app encourages corporate users of the app to easily comply with relevant regulations including HIPAA, FINRA and GDPR. It’s with this capability that NetSfere Secure Messaging exactly bills itself as an app that can meet the private messaging needs of companies and organizations.

NetSfere Secure Messaging further boasts certain features that are actually missing in various other apps of its kind. While the app lets you set up both group chatting and one-to-one messaging secretly, one of its striking extra features is allowing users to send emergency broadcasts.


Confide is one of the most trusted options among game-like secret messaging apps. Probably, Confide’s game-like app icon is where the app first deludes somebody trying to snoop on you.

Notwithstanding what the app icon looks like, Confide is, in reality, an application designed for private messaging. Frankly, Confide’s functionality trumps that of a typical secret messaging app, thanks to the staggering degree of safety offered. With Confide, you’ll be able to send messages that recipients can hardly screenshot. This is possible through Confide’s built-in anti-screenshot feature –a specialized technology you can find only in select secret messaging apps.

Without any doubt, there’s the anti-screenshot technology in certain other secret messaging apps, but why Confide stands out from the stack is that its own version of the technology is advanced; Confide’s anti-screenshot feature makes it hard for others to use a camera –or a different phone –to capture your messages, since it’s only one line of the message they can snap at once.

Aside from securing your messages via the end-to-end encryption mode, Confide does prevent people from seeing your name alongside your messages. They’ll find it hard to substantiate that those messages were sent by you since your name is not attached to any of them.

Confide’s message encryption and security is so strong that it makes it hard for a third party to pry into your messages. Also, the app self-destroys messages such that even your recipient doesn’t get to see them again after having read them. Whether it’s in a one-to-one chat or group conversation, your message within the Confide app is fully secured. Plus, your other files –docs, voice notes, images, videos, etc. –on the Confide app are guaranteed this sort of security.

If you ever hope to enjoy a couple of other features –perhaps including “unsending” a message –you need to opt for the app’s paid-for package known as Confide Plus. Some of the other features in Confide Plus are support for the incognito mode and the ability to send a limitless number of attachments. The incognito mode especially prevents you from being seen by somebody looking for you or stalking on you within the app.

Summarily, Confide is a comprehensive secret messaging app with all the features anyone might crave in order to safely send messages that their partner or a third party cannot hack into.

Hide My Text

One of the exciting things about game-like secret apps is that some, if not most, of them have icons that simulate those of typical game apps. Hide My Text, for example, has a horse-like app icon that might trick others into the impression that it’s a “horse” game.

Hide My Text adopts a style quite unique in the sense that your message (that you intend to send within the app) gets automatically encrypted, thereby making it hard for a third party to make out what you’ve typed. When you type a string of words meant to be sent to somebody within the app, the words will be automatically transformed into something others cannot read or decipher. What makes this work is that Hide My Text lets you represent each letter with a cipher –a kind of code that you can assign.

To enable your recipient to decipher your message, all you need to do is sharing your ciphers with them. This way, it’s only you and that recipient who can decrypt messages encrypted by either of you. It’s noteworthy that Hide My Text lets you add an encrypted message within your normal chat, hence enabling the hidden (encrypted) message to appear alongside the non-encrypted messages in the chat. Just ensure you duly encrypt every message you don’t want a third party to understand when reading your chat.

If you assign “xgf” as the cipher for the letter “B”, what a third party can see for each “B” in your hidden message is “xgf”. With that noted, you can create a different cipher for every other letter. When a third party is perusing the encrypted message within your normal chat with non-encrypted messages, they might think you made a typo, whereas you intentionally hid (encrypted) that part of the chat.

Now that you have a clear idea of how Hide My Text works, you might want to give the app a shot. Assuredly, Hide My Text is one of the best game-like secret messaging apps especially for somebody looking to send well-encrypted messages to a friend they’re cheating with.


Kubool is one of the messaging apps we consider useful for sending secret messages. Somebody who sees Kubool’s app icon on your phone might think it’s for a game app, as the icon is totally different from that of a typical messenger/chat app.

If you’d like to take your use of secret messaging to an “anonymous level” whereby you don’t get to know the identity of the person who messaged you, Kubool could be the ideal fit for you. How Kubool makes this possible is by letting you create an account and obtain important credentials; a username and a unique profile link; and then share the username or profile link to the people from whom you intend to receive anonymous messages.

While such people could be your friends, relatives or social media followers, your Kubool username or profile link (depending on your choice) is all people need to message you anonymously. Let’s say you include your Kubool profile link in your Instagram bio or Facebook profile, it will be a lot easy for your Instagram followers or Facebook friends to anonymously message you through that link.

Kubool is definitely a handy messaging app to use especially if you’ve got a huge social media following and you intend to receive honest criticism from your followers without them revealing their identities. In another instance, Kubool could be the best avenue to secretly receive love messages from an unidentified person crushing on you.

Even if your partner gains access into Kubool on your phone and sees the love message somebody sent you, they might still find it hard to establish that you’re cheating on them. The bottom line here is that the message is anonymous and so, it’s easy for you to claim not to know who the sender is.

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