5 Reasons Your Scholarship Application Got Denied


A scholarship is a good way a student avoids debts that may be incurred from school fees and other payments regarding the school of your choosing. Apart from that, there are bragging rights that come with having a scholarship., the self-esteem of the student under a scholarship is greatly increased and also in the future, employers can see that as great quality.
Applying for a scholarship takes time, effort, and lots of research. Imagine after putting in all there of these together only to get your scholarship application rejected, that can be very heartbreaking. In order to get yourself well prepared and to avoid getting your application rejected, here are some of the reasons your initial application was rejected.

1. You Were Not Qualified For That Scholarship
Before applying for any scholarship, carefully go through the criteria to know if you meet them. Each scholarship program has its criteria which may change on a yearly basis. Look for important requirements like age, CGPA, country of origin, course of study, academic qualification, etc. So go through each requirement to avoid wasting time and effort applying for that scholarship.

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2. Your Statement of Intent/ Essay Was Not As Good
This is another important aspect that gets overlooked by some people applying for a scholarship. Some applicants go as far as passing a plagiarized essay as their own forgetting that there are ways plagiarism can be checked. Double and triple check your essays for grammar or spelling errors.

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3. You Probably Missed The Application Deadline
Before applying for any scholarship program, one important thing to look out for is the deadline and work with the deadline. Some applicants get carried away with the process of application thereby forgetting they must have missed the deadline. You can set a timetable to follow on how to complete the application, you can also set a constant reminder on your phone to avoid story that touch. Do not submit your application a day or a week before the deadline.

4. The Way You Write You May Not Be Accepted
If you write in slangs if you write too informal or too formal if you shorten words, ie instead of ALRIGHT, you replace it with “AIIT”, basically, if you bring in your the writing style you display with your pals, chances are your application will be declined. Make sure you give a professional to go through your application over and over. Correct every mistake before you apply.

5. When You Submit An Unkept Form
Most applicants ignore this mistake. The best way to avoid this from happening is to keep your form, academic records, other relevant documents that are to be attached to the form far away from anything that can spill on them and far away from dirty hands. Submit a stain-free document. A messy, torn document sends a wrong message about the applicant.
Keep these in mind next time whenever you are applying for any scholarship program.

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