Countries You Can Work And Study As An International Student


If you have the intention of studying outside Nigeria and you want to study in a country where you can combine both your studies and work together, you have arrived at the right place. Working part-time while studying abroad is a great way of making an extra income that can go a long way in helping with your basic needs. There are many countries in the world that allows international student to work part-time while studying, these countries are outlined below;

1. France
France provides international students with the opportunity to work and study at the same time. In France, having a part-time job as an international student while studying doesn’t mean you cannot have access to scholarships too. The working hours allowed a year for students in France is 964 hours. If you are an international student in France and like to work part-time, you need to get a student residence permit if your home country is outside the EU.

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2. Canada
Canada is one of the go-to countries for international students willing to study abroad mainly because of the ability of students to stay back and work after the end of their program with certain terms and conditions. If you do not have a work permit and you intend to work off-campus as an international student, you can do that but you are only allowed to work 20 hours a week but they need to give their employer a study permit for that to happen.

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3. Australia
As an international student in Australia, asides from you being able to work and study, your family members there with you that are also named in your student’s visa application can also work for up to 20 hours weekly.

4. Spain
International students in Spain can work up to 20 hours weekly with a work permit and fulltime for 3 months during vacations. Before working in a company in Spain, it has to be in line with your course of study at school.

5. Germany
In Germany, things are a little different. For an international student willing to work full time, yearly, Germany allows students to work for 120 days and work for 240 days yearly if working on a part-time basis.

Other countries where working and schooling is possible are;
The United Kingdom
South Korea
New Zealand
The United States of America

Please do not just put all hopes on getting a job once you are granted a visa to these countries. Having a strong backing from family members back at home is very important until you get your feet strong in your new place of study.

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