Since the pandemic stranded most of us to our couches for evenings over the past two years, our beloved television programs proved to be a great diversion. Fortunately enough, last year was another banner year for the industry. With shows ranging from Mare of Easttown to The White Lotus, different and unique genres offered a chance to be transported to a parallel universe. 

Even though most of our loved shows were rescheduled during 2021, the year produced some iconic series we could not get enough of. Likewise, 2022 also has many things coming that you can look forward to. As the year passes, there will be a fresh crop of TV series to keep an eye on.

Watch Your Favorite Shows for Free

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That is all fantastic. However, there is a significant drawback. You must incur a membership fee to access media using these entertainment platforms. Since the subscriptions are not cheap, they can punch a hole in your wallet. 

This is why we Jailbreak the FireStick. Jailbreaking a Firestick is simple, safe, and allows you to run a wide range of third-party software on your device. We shut off part of the data surveillance that the gadget reports back to Amazon during the initial setup. 

This will restrict Amazon from tracking your device’s activities, resulting in fewer targeted adverts. The second reason most users are after is that it allows you to download apps that are not available on Amazon’s app store. You can download third-party streaming software that provides you free access to all your favorite movies & TV shows by jailbreaking. Now that you have learned this let’s dive into our list of 5 seasons to watch in summer 2022. 

  • Stranger Things Season 4

One of the most widely-awaited series on Netflix this year will be the extraordinarily successful 1980s-set thriller about a bunch of kids on a sci-fi voyage in the little town of Hawkins.

The suspense for Stranger Things season 4 ends, with the show due to comeback in summer 2022. Preliminary teases of the upcoming episodes hint at a storyline that will take us beyond Hawkins.

  • The Summer I turned pretty 

The Summer I Turned Pretty is inspired by Jenny Han’s novel series. It follows Belly, whose dating life shifts after she reaches the age of sixteen. 

Belly is trapped in a love triangle involving two brothers in this coming-of-age narrative, and she experiences her first love and heartbreak together in the same summertime. Lola Tung, Christopher Briney, and Gavin Casalegno feature in the series. The official releasing date has yet to be declared.

Jenny Han remarked in an Amazon press statement, “The Summer I Turned Pretty is several years in development, and I am so happy to tell Belly’s tale in 2021.” “I believe it would have been well worth waiting for long-time readers. For those who are unfamiliar with the Summer show, I hope you will fall in love with the characters and this special area.”

  • Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Season 4 Part 1 of Ozark was aired on January 21, 2022. Netflix has had a great start to the year. However, we will have to queue for Ozark season 4 part 2 to be released. The first part of Season 4 was expected to be aired in late 2021, and that did not happen. With the first part of the season debuting in January, part 2 of the last season is likely to be released in late summer or fall of 2022.

Ozark is a fan favorite among Emmy voters; therefore, the first half will likely be available on Netflix by May 31, 2022. The second half will then air, most likely in late summertime or early autumn, to be eligible for 2023 Emmy nominations.

  • Virgin River Season 4 

Melinda “Mel” Monroe responds to an advertisement for a midwife and certified nurse in the rural Northern California community of Virgin River, believing it will be the ideal place to start over and put her painful experiences behind. 

However, she soon realizes that small-town life is not as simple as imagined. Before fully calling Virgin River home, she needs to learn to cure herself.

Season 3 of Virgin River debuted on Netflix on Friday, July 9, and was already among the most successful series in 2021. Seasons 4 and 5 of the program are confirmed. Netflix announced this in September 2021. 

The best part is that filming has wrapped, and Virgin River season 4 will most likely premiere on Netflix in the springtime of 2022. Netflix may delay the show until the summertime of 2022, but it could be completed sooner if filming runs perfectly.

  • Outer Banks Season 3 

Season 3 of Outer Banks is scheduled to premiere in 2022. Correspondingly, the previous two seasons were released in 2020 and 2021, so everything should be in place for a 2022 premiere, even in the late summertime or early autumn. 

Season 3 of Outer Banks is a fantastic summer series. July is ideal for releasing this show. Since the kids will no longer be in school, they can easily binge-watch. It is primarily positive sentiments with a lot of drama.  We love everything about summertime.


In 2022, Netflix and other streaming platforms are releasing a slew of new content, whether a second season or a brand-new series. Keep a watch for the most recent series that have been confirmed for release on Netflix and make your summer enjoyable with them. 

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