You’re definitely aware of Notion templates and the customization options they provide if you use Notion at all. Your Notion workspace has the potential to become an all-in-one project management solution with the proper combination of templates.

However, below are the 6 Best Places to Find Free Notion Templates

6 Best Places to Find Free Notion Templates

1. Notion Picks

The official site should be your first stop if you’re seeking for good Notion templates. Notion provides a vast range of free templates, such as habit trackers and meal planners.

The majority of these templates are created by members of the community, and Notion just curates and showcases the best in its template gallery. The Notion templates are sorted into many categories to make it easy to choose the right one for the purpose.


2. Notion Wizard

Notion Wizard is a website dedicated to Notion advice. There are walkthroughs, how-to guides, and, of course, some nice templates to be found here. If you want to get the most out of Notion, this site is a godsend.

All popular alternatives, such as the Kanban board and the daily notebook template, are available here for free. Even if you aren’t using Notion for work, features like the grocery list and weekly schedule template might be useful.


3. Red Gregory

Red Gregory is a site dedicated to Notion, featuring a large library of free Notion templates. It is, by far, the greatest collection of templates available on the internet, with over 200 to choose from.

The templates are grouped into numerous categories and classified by their date of addition to make it easier for you to locate the best option for you. From a simple to-do list to intricate budget managers, you’ll find the ideal template for practically any use situation.


4. Nick Lafferty

While sites like Red Gregory provide a wealth of possibilities, you may not always have the time to check them all out and discover something that works. Sometimes all you need are a few fantastic templates with a track record.

In such circumstances, Nick Lafferty’s blog is a valuable resource. Nick Lafferty’s website is centered on enhancing productivity, and he provides a number of free productivity tools for everyone to download. A handpicked set of 32 Notion templates focused toward increasing productivity is one of them.

The Eisenhower Matrix and the Productivity System, as well as the popular Bullet journal and Meal planner templates, are among the outstanding Notion templates in this collection.


5. RadReads

Another Notion site, RadReads, has a fantastically curated collection of the most useful Notion templates. Unlike other compilations, RadReads also tells you what each of those templates is for, sparing you the trouble of trying them out separately.

If these 11 free Notion templates aren’t enough for you, the list concludes with links to a variety of additional blogs with lovely templates, like Marie Poulin’s or William Nutt’s.


6. Notion Pages

Notion Pages mimics the official Notion Picks’ more visual presentation by presenting the templates in a gallery on the top page. The templates can be accessed with a single click and come with a brief description that explains what they’re for.

While there aren’t as many as in Notion’s official gallery, there are still a lot of wonderful templates on this site, as well as an advanced tips section with some sound advice from Notion veterans.


Some of the greatest Notion templates can be found on the websites mentioned in this post, and they can be integrated with various workflows to improve performance.

There is a template for anything, whether you are a student who uses Notion as a mood board or a business looking for an easy-to-use CRM solution.

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