Basic Science Examination Questions and Answers for Junior School Students


Basic Science Examination Questions and Answers for Junior School Students

These Basic Science questions have been compiled to serve as a reference material to aid teachers set tests and examination questions without much stress.
School pupils/tutors will find it very helpful  in revision and exam preparation.

Class: JSS 3    Subject: Basic science

Instruction: Answer all question in this section

  1. Heredity refers to the transmission of characteristics or traits from parents to the progeny or offspring. (true or false)
  2. A nuclear family includes a couple with their own children. (true or false)
  3. Extended family includes other blood relatives. (true or false)
  4. A recessive gene is not manifested when the dominant gene is present. (true or false)
  5. Desertification means the setting in of desert. (true or false)
  6. Erosion is not the washing or blowing away of soil or rock. (true or false)
  7. Forest does not protect land from erosion and flooding. (true or false)
  8. Drug is not a substance that changes the way the body works. (true or false)
  9. ____ is a substance that change the way the body works (a) water (b) drug (c) perfume
  10. Drug cannot be beneficial to the body or cause harm to the body. (true or false)
  11. ____ is a government agency that responsible for implementing health policies (a) COREN (b) NAN (c) NAFDAC
  12. The atmosphere is not the layer of air surrounding the earth surface. (true or false)
  13. NAFDAC is not mainly concerned about the sale and use of fake prescription drugs. (true or false)
  14. In writing the full meaning of NDLEA the last letter “A” stands for _____ (a) assistant (b) age (c) agency
  15. In writing the full meaning of NAFDAC the letter “F” stands for ___ (a) fine (b) freedom (c) food

Section B

  1. What is heredity?
  2. Explain the term “drug”
  3. What is the full meaning of NAFDAC and NDLEA
  4. Drug abuse can be prevented through _______
  5. Explain the term desertification

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