The Sims franchise as a whole has become a cultural phenomenon. There are four main entries in the series, as well as dozens of minor expansion packs, item packs, and kits. Despite all of these official modifications, there is still a lot of material to be discovered through player-created mods.

1. Slice of Life

The Slice of Life modpack isn’t just one mod; it’s a collection of mods that alter the game’s gameplay by introducing more commonplace events. The base Slice of Life pack is the only mod requirement. After that, you can choose which of the remaining options you want to use.

2. Emotional Inertia

If you spend enough time playing The Sims 4, you’ll learn how to instantly lift a poor mood with only a few clicks. Managing your Sims’ emotions becomes a job rather than an absorbing feature, but with roBurky’s Emotional Inertia patch, these feelings become more genuine — and hence more difficult to control.

This mod increases the resistance of your Sims’ moods to change while also making them more meaningful. You’ll need to put a little more effort into the activities that make your Sim happy, such as hanging out with friends or eating a favorite dish, to keep them in a good mood.

3. Wonderful Whims

The Sims have always felt a touch too simple when it comes to dating, especially in Sims 4. Wonderful Whims alters this component of the game by making it easier for your Sim to become pregnant, which adds a more realistic level of danger to dating and sleeping around. The game Wonderful Whims includes the necessity for birth control.

This mod, on the other hand, allows you to adjust your Sims’ dating tastes, who they’re attracted to, and much more. It, like many other modifications in similar genre, makes the game feel more realistic than the default version.

4. Height Slider

Not every mod impacts gameplay; in fact, many modifications are focused on the creativity elements of the game. The Height Slider mod enables you create Sims of varying heights, enhancing the already-existing Create-a-Sim functionality that exists within the game.

If you’ve ever wanted to construct an extremely tiny Sim or an exceedingly tall Sim, our Height Slider mod can make it feasible. In addition, this specific Height Slider hack works without making your Sims’ animations strange-looking.


5. Playable Pets

Long-time Sims fans might recall The Sims 3’s Pets expansion. Those features aren’t available in The Sims 4, however the Playable Pets patch restores some of the greatest features from the long-forgotten expansion.

Playable Pets, on the other hand, doesn’t provide you a lot of power and is one of the most basic modifications available. It does, however, allow you to play with dogs and cats once more. Isn’t that, after all, what you want?


6. Life Tragedies

For the most part, the Sims live in a kind of a paradise. A cold could make them unhappy for a few days, but it won’t send them six feet under. The Life Tragedies mod allows for far more dangerous illnesses. Your Sim may contract pneumonia, be struck by a car, and suffer other misfortunes.

It is absolutely possible for your Sim to die after installing this mod. This isn’t a mod for everyone. Be careful that things may go extremely dark: armed robbery, abduction, and more. If any of these are sensitive themes for you, it would be wise to keep clear.

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